MW Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940 – Understanding Life and Death

Lin Ming didn’t walk the same path of cultivation.

In the past when Lin Ming was at the Revolving Core realm he had gone to the Holy Demon Continent and the Eternal Demon Abyss to adventure. Then, he returned to the Sky Spill Continent to strike down Xuan Wuji before making a trip to the four Divine Kingdoms. After absorbing all sorts of resources, he managed to break into Life Destruction.

That sort of cultivation method was the best possible given Lin Ming’s circumstances at the time.

But to the present Lin Ming, all of that was meaningless.

All the previous cultivation methods of his past weren’t of much value to Lin Ming currently.

Lin Ming’s only hope for revival was the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra.

The Great Dao was boundless and limitless. According to Jiang Baoyun’s words, if there was a highest martial arts peak in this world then it would likely be the fusion of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra, as well as the triumvirate of essence, energy, and divine.

Lin Ming’s life source was ruined and conventional cultivation methods had no significance to him.

His only possible path out was to search the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra for a turning point to reverse the Heavenly Dao.

However, he only had 20 some years left to live.

Day after day, year after year.


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