Chapter 194 - Sacred Flame’s Flame Essence

Chapter 194 Sacred Flame’s Flame Essence.


Chapter 194 – Sacred Flame’s Flame Essence

As Chi Guda died, the several thousand Fire Worm soldiers were completely cowed. Lin Ming stood within the army, but there wasn’t a single one among them that dared to move against him.

An ordinary soldier usually had a second-grade martial talent. They could practice for several years, but their cultivation still wouldn’t have surpassed the Second Stage of Body Transformation. A middle-level officer could reach Viscera Training or even Altering Muscle, while a high-ranking officer could achieve Bone Forging. However, in front of Lin Ming, they would all fall at the first blow.

Besides Chi Guda, the only ones whose strength was at the Pulse Condensation Period were the Left General and the Right General.

The Left General had already been sent to capture the people that had fled. Only the Right General was left, his entire body covered in a sheen of cold sweat. With the atmosphere now, he didn’t even dare to breathe. He feared that Lin Ming would suddenly come to kill him, and he wouldn’t even be able to escape death.

In front of Lin Ming, the several bodyguards could only been considered as decorations. It could be said that with Lin Ming’s strength, even these thousands of soldiers...

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