MW Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939 – Dispersing Cultivation

After accompanying Zhu Yan to his destination, Lin Ming left.

Placed within the vast world, Zhu Yan might be some common and unnoticeable mortal. But because of some unknown and unpredictable karmic cycle, he had appeared twice in Lin Ming’s life, and these two times were both when Lin Ming had reached his lowest point…

Lin Ming’s heart had changed. This transformation wasn’t solely because of Zhu Yan.

During these years, where he had walked, what he had seen, what he had heard, what he had felt, all of these things marked themselves in Lin Ming’s mind, changing his mood and his outlook on life.

He didn’t seek a reversal of fate. Rather, he only wished to live a life without regret…

Lin Ming no longer roamed around. He estimated that he only had 30-40 years of life left.

He didn’t...

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