MW Chapter 1938B

Chapter 1938B – Live Without Regret

The two people were silent for a long time.

Then, Lin Ming looked at Zhu Yan and asked, “The nation has already fallen, so why are you still loyal to the old dynasty? You should know that once the destiny of a dynasty has come to its end, wanting to revive it is an extremely difficult matter.”

Lin Ming felt sad for Zhu Yan. Ever since ancient times, once an old dynasty was destroyed and replaced, it rarely ever managed to stage a comeback. Even if they somehow managed to establish some semblance of political power, they would last at most 10-20 years while lingering around in a pitiful state.

Zhu Yan’s future was uncertain and perilous. Even if he tried his best until the last beat of his heart, he might not be able to produce any results.

Zhu Yan was silent. He looked at the skies. His old eyes seemed to flash with a sense of loss, as if he were recalling days gone by.

 Slowly, he said, “I am loyal to...

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