MW Chapter 1938A

Chapter 1938A – Live Without Regret

If a mortal were to vomit so much blood, they would have long exhausted themselves of any blood in their body.

But this masked person seemed as if he could continue spewing blood. Then, there was only a single explanation for this, and that was that his body was regenerating blood at an unimaginable speed.

Zhu Yan could tell from Lin Ming’s chin and hands that he was an extremely young person. Yet his strength had reached impossibly high boundaries. Could even a Revolving Core master accomplish what he did?

“You… are you alright?”

Zhu Yan reluctantly said after some hesitation.

Lin Ming turned to Zhu Yan. He was no longer vomiting blood, however this wasn’t because his body had recovered but because of that bout of pain just then, his mortal body was now weak to the extreme and could no longer continue producing blood.

“Benefactor, you rescued all of our lives. I will...

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