MW Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937 – The Passing of Life

“Hey, you… are you okay…?” Zhu Yan and his group of seven or eight people were scared and a little apprehensive as they saw all the blood flowing out from between Lin Ming’s fingers.

This man had already bled so much; could he even remain alive for much longer?

“Big brother…”

The little girl looked up at Lin Ming, her eyes filling with tears. Lin Ming had led her here and yet he was injured so heavily.

“White Wing, Lotus Thorn, you two heat some hot water and prepare some towels. Let this brother rest for a while.” Zhu Yan said to a man and woman behind him.

He could faintly feel that Lin Ming’s wounds were far too deep and incurable.

“That’s right… Old Flame, since the little princess has been found, when should we depart?” As White Wing went to fetch some heated water, someone else suddenly asked this question. To remain in the territory of their enemies was far too dangerous a prospect.

“Yes, we should set off tonight…”

“Then this man…”

Thorn Lotus looked at Lin Ming, feeling the situation a bit tricky.

Lin Ming’s identity was unknown and he also had such heavy wounds. Looking at the present situation, this man wouldn’t be able to properly stand for some time. However, if they were fleeing these lands and had to take on the burden of Lin Ming,...

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