MW Chapter 1936B

Chapter 1936B – A Snowy Night

The group set up a bonfire. They sat around the warm edges eating dried meats and drinking water. The entire time, they remained vigilant against Lin Ming.

The little boy in Zhu Yan’s arms was quiet from beginning to end. His large eyes blinked as he stared at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming noticed that this little boy had a thread of red silk hanging around his neck and adorned with a common-looking bronze medal. This bronze medal had a unique flower petal design on it.

Zhu Yan seemed to realize something. Unhurriedly, he slipped the bronze medal into the boy’s collar…

After eating, Zhu Yan sat in rest with his eyes closed. But, his attention was focused on Lin Ming the entire time.

He didn’t know why, but the more he looked at this person, the stranger the feeling that tickled his mind. He just couldn’t identify what it was.

Lin Ming was also looking at Zhu Yan. Over 130 years had passed and the endless changes of mortal life had been and gone. Recalling the proud and arrogant youth of the past, Lin Ming found it hard to imagine that such a person had undergone such a dramatic transformation.

Lin Ming had heard their words when they were outside the cave just then. It was clear that they were searching for children from...

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