MW Chapter 1936A

Chapter 1936A – A Snowy Night

Lin Ming’s last stop in Green Mulberry City was the restaurant that his parents had managed for the Lin Family in the past.

However, the restaurant was no longer a restaurant. It was no longer open for business, but closed up against outsiders.

This restaurant was a treasure land of the Lin Family. Let alone eating a meal, one couldn’t even visit.

Even every new generation of the Sky Fortune Kingdom’s emperor would only be able to distantly pay their respects when they came to visit Green Mulberry City.

In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, the truth was that the Lin Family represented something similar to divine right. They were a force that stood above imperial authority and were insurmountable.

Seeing this restaurant that no one could even enter, Lin Ming seemed to lose interest in revisiting the familiar places.

In revisiting familiar places, he didn’t come to see the sights, but to recall memories.

When the Lin Family restaurant was no longer the same and instead had taken on a completely different significance, Lin Ming no longer wished to go in.

Because, from there, in the end these memories...

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