MW Chapter 1935B

Chapter 1935B – Revisiting Familiar Lands

Lin Ming departed. His visit to Sword Mountain had left him with an inexplicable feeling.

Although during this period he did not perceive cultivation methods, enlighten himself on the Heavenly Dao, or even sit in meditation, Lin Ming knew that in truth, his heart had gone through an unprecedented baptism.

If the fires of his soul were still vibrant, then these feelings and sentiments would bring him unimaginable accomplishments in the future.

However, he still hadn’t found a way to restore his source soul force…

He crossed Sword Mountain, passing through a vast wilderness and then arriving at the Sky Fortune Kingdom.

The Sky Fortune Kingdom – the land where he was born and raised.

This land carried far too many memories for him.

Lin Ming stood on a mountain, looking down over the country. In the infinite vastness of the cosmos, this tiny nation was far...

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