MW Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935A – Revisiting Familiar Lands


Seeing Lin Ming quietly looking at his wine cup, Jiang Baoyun couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Ming looked up. “Thank you…”

Jiang Baoyun was startled. He didn’t know what Lin Ming was thanking him for, but this was unimportant. He openly smiled and said, “It seems that I have hit it off with a new friend. Today, none of us will rest without being drunk!”

Jiang Lanjian also echoed this sentiment. He laughed, “Haha, no drunk no sleep!”

Jiang Baoyun looked at Lin Ming and suddenly said, “Truthfully speaking, you look like someone I knew once, so that was why I invited you here to drink wine.”


Lin Ming fell silent, not speaking too much.

“Friend, you’re quite the special one.” Jiang Baoyun was stunned. Normally, one would ask just which person they reminded him of, but this masked...

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