MW Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934 – Old Friends Meet Once More

Atop the cold pond, Jiang Baoyun and Jiang Lanjian’s match was reaching its superheated phase.

Each move condensed the essence of their swordsmanship. The surrounding martial artists cheered out loud, their voices reaching into the heavens.

But at this moment, the surrounding noise served to sharply contrast Lin Ming’s deepest feelings.


Metal rang against metal. Jiang Lanjian’s sword was knocked out of his hand.

A blue sword spun out. Sword energy wildly surged, reaching a thousand feet high.

“99 moves, just one away from my goal!” Jiang Lanjian looked at Jiang Baoyun with suspicion. “You shouldn’t have been intentionally doing that, right…”

Jiang Baoyun shook his head. “Nine through nine, all returns to one. My dance of 99 sword moves just then was a single samsara…”

The sword moves...

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