MW Chapter 1933

Chapter 1933 – How Can I Defy the Heavens?

Sword Mountain was extremely high. The skies above Sword Mountain were awash with light blue and clouds were scattered across; it resembled a beautiful watercolor painting.

Sword Mountain was also extremely cold. On the summit, snow fell year round. But strangely, there was a clear unfrozen spring that flowed out from Sword Mountain. Because of how steep Sword Mountain was, the spring eventually became a waterfall, falling down the skies like a dazzling white dragon that left one sighing in praise.

Lin Ming had ascended Sword Mountain. With his cultivation he could absolutely cross over without alarming anyone. However, he chose to stop here.

Stepping through the pure white snow, he could feel a lonely and cold sword intent. An inexplicable feeling crossed through his body.

After more than 100 years, when old friends met once more, although things may have remained the same, people will always have changed.

On Lin Ming’s road of martial arts, Jiang Baoyun couldn’t be considered an amazing rival. Compared to those favored children of heaven like the Good Fortune Saint Son and Sheng Mei, he was not worthy of mention at all.

But Lin Ming had a very deep impression of Jiang Baoyun. This was because of his daring pride and his ambition that seemed to reach into the clouds.

But what a pity, the limit of his birth had become Jiang Baoyun’s shackles! No matter how high his heart was, he would never be able to break free!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt pity for Jiang Baoyun. If he came from some respected great family from the Divine Realm then the result would have been utterly different. However, fate was unfair like this.

Lin Ming paced back and forth across the summit. Over the next several days, more and more people...

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