MW Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932 – Sword Mountain

The sun and moon passed by; spring left and fall came.

In this wilderness, Lin Ming seemed to have fallen into an eternal sleep.

His body was covered with fallen leaves and then dust. Layer after layer, he was covered.

This immortal fairyland was originally nothing but an illusion. Now that Sheng Mei left, the illusion also vanished.

Not too far away from Lin Ming, wild animals frequently emerged from the untamed forests.

There were starving corrupt wolves that wanted to eat Lin Ming as their meal, but as they approached they were actually frightened by the aura of the demonic tree beside him, and scurried away with their tails between their legs.

Year after year, Lin Ming lay here, an empty shell.

He could feel his fires of life dimming and his cultivation slowly falling.

With the disappearance of his source soul force, his life force collapsed.

He felt that he couldn’t live for much longer.

The Sky Spill Planet was the world that gave birth to him, and now this world would also become his grave…

He didn’t know how humanity was doing. Had they founded their own base in the wild lands and begun developing the new generations?

Empyrean Divine Dream, did she manage to escape being hunted by the saints?

Three Lives Old Man, did he live his life without regrets?

There was also Empyrean Vast Universe… relatively speaking, he wasn’t too strong and he wasn’t too old. Still, he stubbornly followed Empyrean Divine Dream to venture into that battle with nine chances of death and one chance of survival. Was he fortunate enough to escape alive?

Lin Ming lightly sighed. At this time he no longer possessed the qualifications to care about these things. He was an infinitely gifted talent of the heavens, and was even recognized as someone who was destined to become an extreme True Divinity, perhaps even reaching the boundary of the Asura Road Master.

But in the end, his cultivation had only reached the peak Holy Lord realm; he hadn’t even managed to step into the World King realm. For all the praise and admiration he received, he was nothing but a joke.

On this day, Lin Ming struggled to slowly stand up. A thick crust of soil and green grass had grown over his body.

He felt that he didn’t have much life force remaining, but he didn’t want to return to dirt here.

In the final moments of his life, he wanted to visit some places of the Sky Spill Planet and see some sights.

Then, he could tranquilly wait for death to arrive.

He walked away.

He departed this wild land.

He didn’t fly and he didn’t tear through space, even though he could easily accomplish this with his current remaining cultivation.

He only used his own feet. One footprint at a time, he measured this land with each step he took.

His pace was slow but persistent.

He spread out his sense and found the direction he wished to go in.

He climbed over mountains, waded through rivers, swam across seas…

The seas of the Sky Spill Continent were vast. He broke into the rough waves, swimming along with whales as large as mountains. He saw thick bolts of lightning cut through the sky, shattering open the waters. He saw rainbows appear after the rain, stretching through the horizon.

All of these scenes he saw in the deep sea would have left mortals sighing in praise, their minds opened and expanded.

However, Lin Ming was quiet as he saw all of this.

Finally, he crossed this sea. He had already used his sense to investigate his surroundings and knew that this sea was called the South Sea.

The Xuan Wuji that he fought in the past had come from the South Sea Demon Region.

He crossed the South Sea and drew closer to his destination. He wanted to go to Green Mulberry City, return to the place where he lived in his youth and see his past there…

This was his life’s final wish.

He took out a wood spirit jade mask from his spatial ring. The one he chose was the mask he once wore in the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom.

He knew that in the South Horizon Region and Sky Fortune Kingdom, there were many people who had seen his portrait. He didn’t want to be recognized by anyone, because he could guess that by this time, the Divine Realm would have fallen into the hands of the enemy.

Although the flames of war had yet to reach the Sky Spill Planet, this was only temporary. If the saints learned that he was at the Sky Spill Planet then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Lin Ming might not care about his own life, but this would bring a grave catastrophe upon the Sky Spill Planet.

All the people on this planet would die along with him.

He wore the mask and continued forwards, one step at a time.

Then, in front of him, a mountain appeared.

This mountain was majestically high and its sides were steep and dangerous. It was like a divine sword that had been stabbed into the ground.

Lin Ming looked at this mountain. He was silent for a moment before he started to climb up.

“Hey, brother, do not crawl up this mountain, you cannot climb it.”

As Lin Ming began ascending the mountain he suddenly heard people speak up behind him. He turned and saw a young man and woman.

They held swords in their hands and were clearly mortal martial artists.

The man was in his twenties and the young woman seemed around 18-19 years old. Their cultivations were respectively at the Houtian realm and Pulse Condensation realm. According to the standards of the mortal world, for two youths to have such a cultivation absolutely meant they were elites.

They were stunned upon seeing Lin Ming’s mask, as if they didn’t expect such a strange person to appear. This person seemed eccentric and yet wore such a cold and heartless mask. It seemed that they had met a weirdo.

However, they still spoke politely to him. “I can see that you aren’t young, but your physical strength is quite good and you also cultivate the martial path. If you want to climb up Sword Mountain, could it be because you wish to seek out the Sword Immortal on this mountain and request to be his apprentice? If so, then I urge you to give up. I don’t mean to be rude, but with your cultivation it is impossible for you to climb this mountain, and even if you can, you will not succeed in becoming an apprentice. I heard that after a little more time, Sword Mountain’s Sword Immortal will be holding a gathering of swordsman, and at that time all sorts of masters from across the South Horizon Region will be arriving here. But even so, there are many people that cannot ascend the mountain. Because of our masters, we can go up once ourselves!”

As the young pair spoke, the young woman had a somewhat satisfied expression. It was clear they were fellow disciples and their master was also extremely famous in the South Horizon Region.

Lin Ming quietly turned back round. He continued to climb upwards. From start to finish, he didn’t say a single word.

His heart had already been burned to ash. The final wish of his life was to see places he had once lived at on the Sky Spill Planet; he didn’t want to come into contact with the people here.

To this world, he was only a traveler, a single stroke of the pen…

Seeing Lin Ming’s reaction, the youth’s mouth fell open. He was left dumbstruck.

But, the youth’s junior-apprentice sister stamped her feet and angrily said, “He really thinks our good intentions have evil meanings behind them. A person like this should get what they deserve!”

The senior-apprentice brother sighed. He spread his arms wide and said, “Looking at the strange mask he’s wearing and his character, he should be some bizarre character. Let’s wait another couple hours for Master to return. I wonder what gift he brought for the Sword Immortal…”

The young pair spoke, no longer bothering with Lin Ming.

They thought that Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to last much longer and would descend the mountain in distress, and then they would be at the base of the mountain where they could help him. But, what left them surprised was that Lin Ming climbed up the mountain and vanished without any news, as if he had truly succeeded in ascending to the top.

At this time, Lin Ming was indeed halfway up the mountainside. He could leap over such a mountain with a single step, but today he climbed up, and very slowly at that.

He could feel a rich sword energy coming from this mountain.

In Lin Ming’s eyes, this sword energy wasn’t strong at all.

But in the mortal world, in particular the South Horizon Region, this sword energy was considerably powerful. Even Lin Ming could feel a mighty and endless force from this sword energy, like surging seas and mountains.

This was a type of Concept, a Concept of the Sword.

The reason the young pair had said that the martial artists of the South Horizon Region couldn’t climb up this mountain was likely because of the sword intent here.

In the South Horizon Region, it was extremely rare for there to be such a sword-wielding talent.

However, Lin Ming didn’t have a single ounce of interest in this. He only passed by, his face still indifferent as he climbed this mountain.

But at this time, he heard a clear laugh. A blue beam of light tore through the blue skies and ripped apart the clouds.

High in the sky, the vague figure of a blue-clothed man appeared. This man seemed to be around 30 years old.

The man held dual swords and his eyebrows were straight and slanted. He was a dashing and heroic man.

Although this was only a glance, just what sort of eyesight did Lin Ming have? He could clearly see who this man was.

So it was him…

Lin Ming’s complexion faintly changed. After more than 130 years, even though this other person’s appearance had changed from the past, Lin Ming could still recognize him.

This person was the man he fought in the finals of the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting. His surname was Jiang, Jiang Baoyun.

Jiang Baoyun. So the Sword Immortal of Sword Mountain was actually him…

Lin Ming was surprised for a brief moment.

That’s right… in the entire South Horizon Region, Jiang Baoyun could have been considered an extraordinary young elite. At his age, being considered a Sword Immortal and possessing such a sword intent was also reasonable.


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