MW Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932 – Sword Mountain

The sun and moon passed by; spring left and fall came.

In this wilderness, Lin Ming seemed to have fallen into an eternal sleep.

His body was covered with fallen leaves and then dust. Layer after layer, he was covered.

This immortal fairyland was originally nothing but an illusion. Now that Sheng Mei left, the illusion also vanished.

Not too far away from Lin Ming, wild animals frequently emerged from the untamed forests.

There were starving corrupt wolves that wanted to eat Lin Ming as their meal, but as they approached they were actually frightened by the aura of the demonic tree beside him, and scurried away with their tails between their legs.

Year after year, Lin Ming lay here, an empty shell.

He could feel his fires of life dimming and his cultivation slowly falling.

With the disappearance of his source soul force, his life force collapsed.

He felt that he couldn’t live for much longer.

The Sky Spill Planet was the world that gave birth to him, and now this world would...

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