MW Chapter 1931A

Chapter 1931A – Love and Hate

Listening to Sheng Mei’s words, Lin Ming bitterly smiled. He was finally aware of the reason why the Soul Emperor had met with him after he left the ancient galactic battlefield at the Soul World, and why he had guided him.

At that time, Lin Ming had thought the Soul Emperor’s words were reasonable and true. He even thought that perhaps the Soul Emperor wanted to cultivate him to fight the saints.

Now it seemed his thoughts were far too naïve.

It was only afterwards when Sheng Mei handed him the copies of the golden pages and gave him some words of warning did he become a bit more wary.

But by then it was already too late.

Afterwards, Lin Ming went to the Primeval Universe and joined together with the ancient races to contend with the saints. All of this was within the schemes of the Soul Emperor.

And the reason that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had caught up to...

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