MW Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930 – Soul Source

Sheng Mei slowly melted into Lin Ming. He drowned in her incomparably warm and soft touch.

Lin Ming gradually lost himself. This demonic fruit from the Dark Abyss contained an irresistible power. Whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, neither of them could resist it.

Soon, they each forgot their hostilities.

Like lovers who had been long separated and met once again, they were inseparable once more.

Sheng Mei’s voice began to soften. Her breathing also quickened.

She was like a cat as she bit on Lin Ming’s shoulder. Her noble and indifferent persona was completely discarded at this moment. She recklessly grasped around, tangling herself with Lin Ming.

But before this all began, she had already revolved a secret technique of the Holy Scripture to absorb Lin Ming’s Eternal Soul.

The soul was the foundation of a person.

The characteristics of the Eternal Soul were completely condensed into Lin Ming’s own soul and were closely integrated with his very being. Once it was taken away, the consequences would be unimaginable!

His life would wither and his strength would drop. Like this, let alone rising in cultivation, he simply wouldn’t have much longer to live.

But all of this didn’t occur as Sheng Mei envisioned. As Sheng Mei lost her consciousness and was under the complete control of her instincts, as she was tangled with Lin Ming, for some reason, a little bit of Lin Ming’s soul force remained within him…

Time slowly passed. The two were utterly intoxicated in each other.

Beneath the overbearing potency of that Dark Abyss fruit, not even a True Divinity could maintain their reasoning. With Lin Ming’s cultivation, he completely lost all brightness in his mind. He greedily stroked Sheng Mei’s soft body, his happiness reaching the peak.

Their souls blended together and even their inner worlds seemed to become one.

Between the two of them, they took from each other and gained from each other countless times.

Until they were both utterly exhausted.

A heavy sleepiness hit them. Like this, the two fell into a deep slumber…


At some unknown time, Lin Ming felt drops of water falling on his face. The cold feeling caused him to slowly regain consciousness.

His body felt utterly weak and a splitting headache tore through him. Even taking a simple breath was incredibly difficult.

A terrifying emptiness rushed through Lin Ming. His eyes popped open, as if he had lost the most important thing in his life.

Eternal Soul!

He panicked. He quickly inspected his spiritual world and nearly suffocated on himself. In the throes of passion, his source soul force had been greedily taken by Sheng Mei. There wasn’t much left!

Even his fires of life had become extremely weak.

For a time, Lin Ming was filled with utter disconsolateness.

Because he had eaten that abyssal fruit, his mind had been blurry and he hadn’t been able to clearly feel what was happening. But now that he was fully awake, he could feel the pinnacle of pain.

The soul was the most basic foundation of a martial artist. Even for martial artists that practiced the essence gathering system and body transformation system, although they didn’t cultivate the soul, their soul source was still extremely powerful!

This was because an essence gathering system martial artist had to control the energy of the world and a body transformation system martial artist had to control their formidable God Beast-like body, and to do this they needed the soul. In other words, the support of a martial artist’s will!

In addition, if a martial artist wanted to resist a spiritual attack, they also needed their soul.

A martial artist’s source soul force was similar to their fires of life; it was the basis of a martial artist’s life. Once they lost it, that meant their life was reaching its end.

Lin Ming humorlessly smiled. He turned to see Sheng Mei standing not too far away.

At this time, Sheng Mei had already dressed herself and had even wrapped her face in a veil. Her proud calmness and indifference had returned, as if she was completely unrelated to the passionate woman from before.

Lin Ming wanted to stand up, but because of his extreme weakness he wasn’t able to move.

Lin Ming looked at Sheng Mei and Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming. The two stared at each other, neither speaking for a long time.

The grass was cold and a mountain breeze blew past them. In this paradise surrounded by celestial mountains, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were like a fated pair, destined to love each other and kill each other. At the summit of this mountain, gazing at one another, this scene seemed to freeze into an eternal image.

Finally, Sheng Mei spoke. She no longer looked at Lin Ming but at the world beneath the mountain.

She whispered, “Hate me…”

Lin Ming bitterly smiled. “What reason do I have to hate you? If it wasn’t for you then I would have already been killed by Soaring Feather and would be nothing but an icy cold corpse. In fact, I could even say that without you I would never have left the Soul World and would already have died to the Great Brahmic God King…

“I only hate myself. I hate how useless I am. In this great calamity, I cannot even become a small wave. Let alone the destiny of humanity, I cannot even control my own destiny… really, how laughable I am.”

Lin Ming’s voice was deeply miserable and helpless.

He was well aware that when Soaring Feather God King chased after him, the reason he had come to this strange world was because of Sheng Mei.

However, Sheng Mei didn’t have this ability. Although she was powerful she could not conceal the truth from Soaring Feather. This was likely the work of the Soul Emperor manipulating things behind the scenes!

The Soul Emperor, just what was he planning?

Lin Ming didn’t know, or perhaps it could be said that he didn’t need to know.

With the loss of his source soul force, his fires of life would begin to weaken…

With his current condition, Lin Ming had no idea how he could stop any of this.

Lin Ming struggled to sit up. He leaned against the abyssal tree behind him and looked at Sheng Mei. A sad smile crossed his lips. “I thought I wanted to go to the Primeval Universe, but were you the one purposefully leading me in that direction?”

Sheng Mei sighed, shaking her head. “I really did wish to persuade you, but you did not listen. I had no other choice. The reason I led you to the Primeval Universe was because I wanted you to leave that place, but… he already discovered you, and he already desired to obtain your Eternal Soul…”

Lin Ming naturally knew that this so-called ‘he’ was the Soul Emperor.

“Why didn’t he do so at the start? Why did he wait until I went to the Primeval Universe, struggle with everything I had, wait until the moment I exhausted myself, nearly losing all hope, before he then moved against me?”

Lin Ming angrily said. His eyes were also beginning to turn red.

He loathed his own incompetence. Everything had been controlled by the Soul Emperor all along!

He… was too weak!

“This is because… when you were at the Soul World, your Eternal Soul was not perfect.” Sheng Mei’s voice was plaintive, a hint of sorrow and frustration in her eyes. “Do you not remember? He said to you that your life had been far too smooth. Although you experienced trials and tribulations, it was still insufficient. You had yet to experience true defeat and your spiritual journey was incomplete, thus your Eternal Soul was also unstable. He couldn’t do anything to you just yet…

“So, when you left the Soul World he plotted to use the hand of the saints to force you to the edge. Your soul, in your despair, in your helplessness, began to slowly transform as you endured these hardships. It became more and more stable, and this was something not even you discovered…

“If it wasn’t for this day where I ruined you, then after experiencing all this you would definitely have made more terrifying progress, perhaps even stepping Beyond Divinity, becoming an unprecedented existence in this universe. But… no one will give you this chance. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign won’t and neither will the Soul Emperor. If you want to blame something, then blame this era in which you were born…”

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