MW Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930 – Soul Source

Sheng Mei slowly melted into Lin Ming. He drowned in her incomparably warm and soft touch.

Lin Ming gradually lost himself. This demonic fruit from the Dark Abyss contained an irresistible power. Whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, neither of them could resist it.

Soon, they each forgot their hostilities.

Like lovers who had been long separated and met once again, they were inseparable once more.

Sheng Mei’s voice began to soften. Her breathing also quickened.

She was like a cat as she bit on Lin Ming’s shoulder. Her noble and indifferent persona was completely discarded at this moment. She recklessly grasped around, tangling herself with Lin Ming.

But before this all began, she had already revolved a secret technique of the Holy Scripture to absorb Lin Ming’s Eternal Soul.


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