MW Chapter 1929B

Chapter 1929B – A Beautiful Trap

This divine tree didn’t have many leaves. Only a single old branch stretched out, twisting like a powerful dragon.

On this branch were two strange fruits.

These two fruits had runes of the Great Dao condensed on them. They seemed like hundred million year old dao fruits that had gathered the essence of the world, causing a person to drool upon seeing them and immediately want to eat them.

Lin Ming was stunned for a long time. This was a heaven and earth divine medicine that had been born from this strange world?

He hesitated for a moment and then reached out a hand, wanting to pick the fruits. But the moment he reached out a hand, one of the two fruits spontaneously flew into his hand.

As if these fruits were fated to be with Lin Ming.

“What fruit is this?”

Lin Ming didn’t know what this was, but he was sure that these fruits were no minor matter. They were absolutely pure treasures of the world. If he had to describe their grade, then they were at least at the peak True Divinity level, or even… higher!

Could this be something planted by the Asura Road Master in the past?

Lin Ming suddenly thought. Since he used the Asura Command to come here, it wouldn’t be strange if this fruit tree was related to the Asura Road Master.

But the question was, if this really was a divine tree planted by the Asura Road Master then wouldn’t it have been growing here for 10 billion years?

Was there a life form that could live longer than 10 billion years?

Lin Ming looked at the fruit in his hand. The Great Dao runes condensed on the fruits could not be fake. He hesitated and then took a bite.

At this time he couldn’t bother with considering how to use this fruit for alchemy, nor could he consider his own strength and whether or not his body could withstand eating such a dao fruit.

He was already in a desperate state!

He fervently hoped for a favorable turn; he deeply desired to increase his strength.

The peel of the fruit was very thin and the flesh was completely transparent, just like jelly. As he took a bite it melted in his mouth, extremely sweet to the point that it left one intoxicated.

Lin Ming vowed that he had never eaten something so delicious before. He had never been a gluttonous person, but as he ate this fruit he wished he could swallow it down.

After a dozen some breaths of time, Lin Ming finished eating this fruit.

He even licked clean his fingers and lips.

Afterwards, he waited for the strength of the fruit to erupt within him. Generally speaking, the higher rank a heavenly material was the more terrifying a strength it would erupt with. If a martial artist couldn’t withstand this then their body would explode and they would die.

He planned to digest this fruit and then pick the second fruit.

But, after waiting for an incense stick of time, there was no strength erupting within him.

Instead, Lin Ming felt an unprecedented level of comfort.

Heat flowed through him, spreading to every inch of his body, flooding his meridians, flesh, and blood. It even rose into his spiritual sea, causing him to feel intoxicated and tipsy.

His body grew increasingly hot. His mind became dizzy as if he had drunk alcohol. His entire body was comfortable.

He wanted to lie down on the ground and sleep.

Beneath this divine tree, the thick and fragrant grass formed a natural bed.

Just as Lin Ming thought of this, his heart chilled. A creeping feeling came over him.

He turned to see that just three feet away, at some unknown time, a woman had appeared!

It was like she had been standing there for a long time already, and because Lin Ming had eaten the fruit he simply hadn’t been able to detect her.

This woman had black hair and her face was wrapped in a dark veil, making one unable to see her appearance. Her eyes were as deep as the night skies, so profound that one could be lost in them with a single glance…


Lin Ming wanted to focus his gaze on this woman’s face, but as he did he simply wasn’t able to maintain the brief moment of soberness he just gained. A burning rush of heat and dizziness blazed up his body once more, slowing his reactions and even limiting his divine sense to within three feet of his body, making it impossible to discern who this woman was.

Soaring Feather God King?

Lin Ming immediately thought. He wanted to trace his spatial ring but he found that his arms didn’t obey him.

What was going on…

Lin Ming had a deep foreboding feeling. This woman seemed to be the woman he just saw. Had she purposefully lured him here to eat that fruit?

From what Lin Ming had seen, this fruit should have been a dao fruit that gathered a hundred million years of the world’s essence; it shouldn’t be a poison.

Moreover… looking at it broadly, even if this dao fruit was a poison it was inevitably an extremely precious poison. Just why waste it on him? This black-clothed woman was obviously much stronger than he was, so if she was able to easily kill him, why use poison?

All sorts of mysteries crossed through Lin Ming’s mind. He felt his consciousness become increasingly blurry, circling all around him. He staggered around, and because he was unable to stand he slumped towards the black-clothed woman.

Complex emotions revealed themselves in her eyes.

She stood there like a fairy lost in the world, but she didn’t avoid Lin Ming.

Just as Lin Ming was about to fall into her arms, at the final moment he held onto her shoulders, using her to support himself. For a time, Lin Ming’s face was mere inches away from hers.

At such a close distance Lin Ming could smell the fragrance wafting off her body and see her two pupils that were like spring lakes. Lin Ming’s heart shook.

“You are… Sheng Mei??”

Lin Ming was stunned. At such a close distance, he recognized that this woman was actually Sheng Mei?

This familiar aura and these familiar eyes, he could not be mistaken! And Soaring Feather God King shouldn’t be so bored as to try and trick him by changing her appearance into that of Sheng Mei.

The black-clothed woman lightly sighed. She took off her veil, revealing her peerless looks, a face that could shame the moon and dim the world.

Lin Ming had never seen Sheng Mei at such a close distance before.

Her skin was flawless perfection and seemed to faintly radiate the brilliance of the moon. Her eyes were bright and deep, as if they contained undying stars.

She was the goddess of the spiritas, a woman unparalleled in the world.

Her body was covered in mysteries, making one forever unable to see her goals.

But in the next moment, something incredibly surprising occurred. Sheng Mei stepped forwards and her arms twined beneath Lin Ming’s arms, tightly holding onto him.

For a time, a warm-jade like touch caressed his chest. The scent of a woman left the mind mesmerized. Never before had such a touch electrified Lin Ming so.

But Lin Ming hadn’t lost his mind. He instinctively wanted to push away Sheng Mei. Although he didn’t know what the spiritas were planning, he knew that Sheng Mei wasn’t an ally of humanity.

“You… you arranged for me to come here?”

Lin Ming suddenly realized this possibility. When there had been an accident with the Asura Command, the reason was not because of the emperor jades or because he had poured in too much energy, but because someone had deliberately manipulated it!

Sheng Mei didn’t speak. She held onto Lin Ming and looked at the mysterious fruit tree behind him. She reached out a hand and the remaining fruit flew into her grasp.

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s thoughts turned cold. “What fruit is this?”

“It comes from the Primeval Realm Ruins, a strange fruit of the Dark Abyss. In this world it is unique. The Great Dao of the world is condensed within it, and eating it has a great advantage to one’s cultivation and foundation. But, it possesses a devilish lure that no one can resist…”


Lin Ming trembled. The Dark Abyss!

He had heard this name before. The body of the abyssal that Empyrean Primordius seized as well as Famine both came from the Dark Abyss!

From such an evil and horrifying place, there was such a mysterious dao fruit?

This so called devilish lure was…

Lin Ming suddenly discovered it was becoming increasingly difficult to control his body. An inexplicable desire rose from his loins, racing through him.

In his chest, Sheng Mei’s body seemed to contain an infinite charm that caused him to slowly lose all reason.

“You made me eat… an aphrodisiac?”

Lin Ming didn’t dare to believe this. Just what was Sheng Mei planning?

He could confirm that Sheng Mei possessed an unimaginably powerful pure yin strength. Through her seven reincarnations her pure yin had never been taken. Instead, it had gathered and gathered, reaching an inconceivable level. If someone could take Sheng Mei’s pure yin then that would be an unimaginable advantage!

But Lin Ming didn’t believe that Sheng Mei would willingly offer him her pure yin.

Then just what was happening?

“Lin Ming, I’m sorry…”

Sheng Mei whispered into his hears. “You are too stubborn, too tenacious. If you chose to willingly leave with me for a hundred million years then you wouldn’t have been reduced to such a state… I’ve already told you, you cannot win against them…”

Sheng Mei’s voice was filled with regret. The scene she once portrayed had been the longing in her heart.

However, because of Lin Ming’s refusal, all those hopes had faded away.

“If you are destined to be destroyed, then you might as well… be destroyed by my hands…”

As Sheng Mei spoke to here her eyes began glistening with tears. She parted her red lips and sucked in a light breath. The mystical dao fruit in her hand broke apart, melting away into the sweetest juice that flowed into her mouth.

As she swallowed down this fruit, a burning heat also rose within her.

Lin Ming was no longer able to control his body. He tried everything he could to suppress the flames of desire within him, but he lacked any ability to do so.

This devilish enticement was too strong. Moreover, there was another point, and that was that the Sheng Mei in his chest was a perfect woman, an unrivalled beauty within the universe. Countless men had gone crazy for her!

“It’s useless. This fruit has condensed the Great Dao of the world and also contains a devilish lure. No one can resist it, whether that is you or me…”

The fruit’s potency had yet to fully stir within Sheng Mei. She was still awake as she and Lin Ming fell over onto the soft grass.

Then, she slowly removed her clothing.

The black clothes starkly contrasted against her flawless body that was as pale as white jade.

Her long and slender legs, her impeccable figure, her full curves, her proud and arrogant charisma, her gentle fingers, every part of her was like a perfect piece of artwork. The naked Sheng Mei blended into the surrounding scenery, creating one of the most beautiful images in the world.

Warm and dappled sunlight sprinkled onto Sheng Mei’s figure. With the demonic rhythm, her body blurred within this light, making her an immortal goddess.

She had never appeared naked in front of a man before, but at this moment she wasn’t shy at all.

She gently knelt down beside Lin Ming and poured herself atop his body. She held onto him and slowly kissed him.

In that moment, an indescribable feeling passed through Lin Ming. He desperately tried to shove her away, but his body wouldn’t listen to him. His arms crossed beneath her and gently held onto her.

His burning hot body revealed a fierce response.

“You… what you want is… my Eternal Soul?”

Lin Ming struggled to speak. The last bit of brightness in his mind was soon about to flicker out.

“If you already planned this then… why wait until today… you clearly could have taken away my Eternal Soul at the Soul World!”

Lin Ming panted. Because Sheng Mei was kissing him, his words were slurred.

Sheng Mei nibbled on Lin Ming’s ears. Her hot breath blew against his skin, containing a hot enticement. She gently said, “I don’t want to explain myself right now. After today, you and I will part forever and this will be the last time we ever see each other. This will also be my life’s most intimate and unforgettable time… I don’t want to answer your question because doing so will disturb us. I hope that our union can be perfect…”

As Sheng Mei spoke she placed her pale hands against his chest. Lin Ming’s clothing completely vanished, revealing his solid and muscular body.

Her eyes were wet with tears and she quietly said, “Lin Ming, between you and me, there shouldn’t have been such a result. Although nothing can reverse what is done, in the future when I am alone, suffering the long days as I walk to the ends of the universe, I will remember you, and I will remember the you that walked into my heart…

“I will cherish this memory for all of time…”


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