MW Chapter 1929B

Chapter 1929B – A Beautiful Trap

This divine tree didn’t have many leaves. Only a single old branch stretched out, twisting like a powerful dragon.

On this branch were two strange fruits.

These two fruits had runes of the Great Dao condensed on them. They seemed like hundred million year old dao fruits that had gathered the essence of the world, causing a person to drool upon seeing them and immediately want to eat them.

Lin Ming was stunned for a long time. This was a heaven and earth divine medicine that had been born from this strange world?

He hesitated for a moment and then reached out a hand, wanting to pick the fruits. But the moment he reached out a hand, one of the two fruits spontaneously flew into his hand.

As if these fruits were fated to be with Lin Ming.

“What fruit is this?”

Lin Ming didn’t know what this was, but he was sure that these fruits were no minor matter. They were absolutely pure treasures of the world. If he had to describe their grade, then they were at least at the peak True Divinity level, or even… higher!

Could this be something planted by the Asura Road Master in the past?

Lin Ming suddenly thought. Since he used the Asura Command to come here, it wouldn’t be strange if this fruit tree was related to the Asura Road Master.


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