MW Chapter 1929A

Chapter 1929A – A Beautiful Trap

Within the void, a terrifying storm brewed. Lin Ming felt countless sharp knives cut into his body as a web of pain radiated throughout him.

At this time, Lin Ming could already confirm that there was a problem with the Asura Command as he used it to transmit him to the Asura Road!

Perhaps it was because he had poured too much strength in or perhaps it was because of some inexplicable relationship with the three emperor jades he had gathered, but in short, this transmission space channel was completely different from what he had experienced in the past.

The last time he had entered the Asura Road, the space storm then wasn’t even a tenth as intense as it was now.

If a martial artist weaker than himself was sucked into this space storm they would have already become ground meat.


With a solid thumping sound, Lin Ming felt as if he had struck something hard, nearly fainting in the process.

In the next moment, a cool breeze passed over his skin. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in a bleak and desolate gray world.

Gloomy clouds floated high in the skies and the light here was dim.

Scattered rocks covered the ground. These rocks were all of similar size and shape and they also looked somewhat familiar. As Lin Ming looked closer, he could see that they weren’t rocks but shattered stone tablets.

The writings on the stone tablets had long worn away and were incomparably strange.

As Lin Ming stepped through this desolate land, he felt as if his entire being was fiercely suppressed.

Where was he?

Lin Ming had no idea where he could be. He spread out his divine sense but couldn’t find the edges of this world.

He took out the Asura Command and looked at it. Then, he sucked in a light breath of air.

That plain-looking Asura Command had cracked in half; it was unable to be used again.

What had happened?

An absurd feeling appeared in Lin Ming’s mind, as if the world he was in was the true world and everything he had experienced before had been nothing but an illusion.

From the examination of the Seven Profound Martial House, the great tournament of the Seven Profound Valleys, his arrival at the Holy Demon Continent, the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the invasion of the saints, it was like all of that had been nothing but a dream…

These sorts of bewildering thoughts left Lin Ming flustered.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s mind shook. He felt a weak sense gently and swiftly pass over him before vanishing.

This was… Soaring Feather God King’s divine sense!

Such a real and deadly killing intent caused Lin Ming to calm down. The strange dream-like feeling of before also disappeared.

Composing himself, Lin Ming looked within himself and saw that the True Divinity mark that Soaring Feather God King left within him was still there. He could even feel the spiritual connection between him and Soaring Feather God King, with the exception that this connection was much weaker than before.

As if he and Soaring Feather God King were in two different worlds.

Perhaps after another period of time, she would find him…

Thinking of this, Lin Ming wryly smiled.

He didn’t know how much time he had left to live.

If there was some accident with the transmission, then was this still the Asura Road? If so, where was it in the Asura Road?

Could it be that this was… deep within the Great Desolate?

Lin Ming thought of the Great Desolate in the Asura Road. It was said to be a natural wall that existed between the inner Asura Road and outer Asura Road.

Rumors said that the Asura Road’s Great Desolate was endless and not even a peak Empyrean dared to enter its depths. However, as to what was within those depths, that remained a riddle.

Even so, perhaps even the depths of the Great Desolate couldn’t stop a True Divinity.

In this universe there didn’t seem to be anything that could block the path of a True Divinity. Even the God Lamenting Wall could be broken through if a True Divinity paid a great price…

Soaring Feather God King’s mark hadn’t weakened at all. In this completely strange and unknown world, Lin Ming had no idea what he could do.

He began to aimlessly search through this world, hoping to discover some favorable turn.

However, this seemed to be an endlessly barren world. There wasn’t even a strand of grass or a little bug.

In this boundless world, Lin Ming walked alone. Weak light fell down from above, casting long shadows on the ground.

His tiny figure appeared increasingly desolate on this gloomy world.

In that moment, Lin Ming truly felt an unprecedented solitude.

He suddenly missed Xiao Moxian, missed his own child, missed Mu Qianyu, missed Qin Xingxuan, missed his parents.

He walked forwards. The True Divinity mark that Soaring Feather God King left on him was like a life-sucking curse. From time to time it was strong, from time to time it weakened, but it never left him.

Lin Ming didn’t know just what was occurring outside. Did Empyrean Divine Dream manage to escape? Did Xiao Moxian and his child arrive in the wild universe safely?

In a different universe, would his wives and his child live well?

Humanity, was there still a chance for them to rise from the dirt?

Towards all of this, Lin Ming’s mind was filled with worries.

He had always been strong of will. For the past 150 some years, even in his most difficult times and even when he suffered the most, he had never given up.

He deeply loved life. He yearned to reach the peak of martial arts.

He blazed a path forwards, without fear. He fought for his family, friends, and for himself. He didn’t know how many rivals he had forced down, how many times he had turned the tides!

Xuan Wuji, Yang Yun, Tian Mingzi, Good Fortune Saint Son, powerful enemies were out-strategized by Lin Ming or overwhelmed by him. One after another, they suffered defeat beneath Lin Ming’s hands…

In Lin Ming’s life, he had rarely been defeated!

He had never been as lost and confused as he was today.

Perhaps no matter how strong a person was, they also had their fragile side.

No matter how outstanding a person was, there would always be a day when they fell into distress…

Lin Ming continued walking, walking, and walking. He discovered that this bleak world had no origin energy, and energy was even being drawn out from his own body.

He didn’t know how many days he walked for. Because energy was continuously absorbed by the surrounding wilderness, he felt exhausted.

This world was extremely strange!

He even seemed like a mortal, hunger and thirst pressing him from all sides.

He knew that this was the result of his energy being exhausted, otherwise he simply wouldn’t need food and water.

He sat down on a stone tablet. This stone tablet was cold and pieces of ice covered it.

He broke off a piece of ice and placed it in his mouth.

The melted ice brought with it the bitter taste of soil. The water moistened Lin Ming’s parched throat, causing him to feel something faintly familiar.

But at this time, on the far off horizon, Lin Ming saw someone’s shadow!

His mind shook as he saw this. He sprung up.

This person’s figure rapidly vanished. But, Lin Ming could confirm that he absolutely hadn’t misread.

Moreover, it seemed to be that of a woman!

Soaring Feather God King?

This thought passed through Lin Ming’s mind but he couldn’t confirm it.

Yet he didn’t hesitate. He headed straight towards this person’s shadow.

He didn’t wildly run nor did he fly. He walked forwards one step at a time, slowly drawing out the Black Dragon Spear.

No matter who she was, Lin Ming would face her. If it was Soaring Feather God King then he wouldn’t be able to escape anyways.

However, when he truly arrived at the horizon and saw what lay before him, he was startled.

Before him was a giant mirror that towered into the skies.

This mirror resembled the Cold Ice Mirror that Lin Ming had seen in the Asura forbidden zone. It seemed to contain an entirely different world.

The other world contained fresh flowers and trees, birds and animals. It stood in stark contrast to this bleak land.

And the surface of this mirror was the entrance to the other world.

“How come this is like the Cold Ice Mirror left behind by the Asura Road Master?”

Lin Ming wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence. He stepped through the mirror. Lush, fresh grass was thick beneath his feet and all sorts of spirit plants bloomed brightly.

A rainbow of spirit birds soared through the blue skies. Immortal apes shuttled back and forth in the verdant jungles. Bright sunlight fell from the skies, sparkling across gurgling spirit springs in bursts of auspicious light.

Lin Ming was dazed for a long time. Although the difference was only a single step, one side was a dead land and the other side was a paradise.

He had walked through the wilderness for far too long. As he stepped into this mirror world and felt the air that was thick with life, he felt as if everything that occurred was a lifetime ago.

Heaven and earth origin energy had returned. His body began to spontaneously absorb this rich heaven and earth origin energy, continuously restoring itself.

He greedily breathed in the air. He drank from the spirit springs and ate the spirit fruit until his strength was completely restored and slowly returned to its peak state.

He walked forwards. He wanted to see who this woman was.

He didn’t find a woman, but he did see a mountain.

From the top of this mountain, infinite origin energy fell down, as if it were the source of origin energy in this mirror world.

Lin Ming climbed up, slowly ascending the mountain.

At the summit of the mountain, he saw a divine tree.


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