MW Chapter 1929A

Chapter 1929A – A Beautiful Trap

Within the void, a terrifying storm brewed. Lin Ming felt countless sharp knives cut into his body as a web of pain radiated throughout him.

At this time, Lin Ming could already confirm that there was a problem with the Asura Command as he used it to transmit him to the Asura Road!

Perhaps it was because he had poured too much strength in or perhaps it was because of some inexplicable relationship with the three emperor jades he had gathered, but in short, this transmission space channel was completely different from what he had experienced in the past.

The last time he had entered the Asura Road, the space storm then wasn’t even a tenth as intense as it was now.

If a martial artist weaker than himself was sucked into this space storm they would have already become ground meat.


With a solid thumping sound, Lin Ming felt as if he had struck something hard, nearly fainting in the process.

In the next moment,...

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