MW Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 – Soaring Feather God King

In the boundless starry space, Lin Ming took out Primordius Heavenly Palace from his inner world.

This was an Empyrean spirit treasure left behind by Empyrean Primordius that had saved his life several times before. And at this moment when Lin Ming distracted a saint True Divinity by himself, all he had accompanying him was Primordius Palace.

Lin Ming only had a peak Holy Lord cultivation but he was actually being chased down by a True Divinity; this was the same as being sentenced to death.

But Lin Ming hadn’t given up the fight just yet. In truth he had already come up with an escape plan, but the caveat was that the chances of success were so low it was depressing.

Lin Ming didn’t immediately start his plan. Rather, he controlled Primordius Heavenly Palace and began a great void shift.

He wanted to go as far away from Epoch as possible to avoid drawing them into his disaster.

The lives on board that spirit ship were all extremely important to Lin Ming. Not only were they the hopes of humanity, but they were also his friends, his wife, his child…

He couldn’t allow anything to happen to Epoch.

He flew deep into the starry space. And at this time, his heart suddenly shook and his complexion changed. Just then, a voice echoed in his mind!

It was a woman’s voice, one that was faint and cold…

“You, it seems you left your companions?”

This mysterious woman slowly spoke. Lin Ming was startled and he reflexively grit his teeth. He didn’t reply. He knew that the one speaking was the True Divinity who was hunting him down.

This other party was a woman!

Lin Ming began to panic. His current position was at most several billion miles away from Epoch. If this grim reaper woman chose to kill him and then chase after Epoch, she could definitely overtake them.

The consequences would be inconceivable!

“It seems you are worried?” The woman’s tone held a hint of curiosity. “Are you worried about the lives of your companions? I’m quite surprised… your own life is in a precarious state and yet you still have the mind to worry about others. You left the spirit ship on your own initiative, is it because you want to sacrifice yourself to guarantee that your companions will live on?

“It is difficult for me to understand why you made this decision, but I still admire your courage in making such a choice at this time. In order to show my respect, I will tell you my name – I am called Soaring Feather.”

Soaring Feather…

Soaring Feather God King?

Lin Ming had never heard of this name before. There was only a small number of True Divinities in the 33 Heavens, but few people could state the exact number of them. Most True Divinities were in a semi-reclusive state and were all powerful and mystical existences.

“You can rest assured that I have no interest in killing the others. The reason I am here today is because I was entrusted with this task by someone else, and that task was only to kill you. Once you die, I will naturally leave.”

The woman’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s ears.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred, “Someone entrusted you with this task?”

“Yes… I owe a favor. I just never thought that they would want me to repay it by hunting down and killing a Holy Lord. Really, this is just unbelievable…”

“I see…” Lin Ming sighed. Not every saint True Divinity wanted to crush humanity into the ground.

At the very least, Epoch wouldn’t be destroyed.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had actually commanded the assistance of two True Divinities, one to lead the armies into the Divine Realm and the other to kill him. To have the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign consider him such a serious threat, Lin Ming was left speechless.

A peak Holy Lord being hunted down by a True Divinity was simply the most ludicrous joke in the world.

Lin Ming slowed down and finally came to a stop.

Lin Ming flew out from Primordius Heavenly Palace and put it away. Then, he took out a token from his spatial ring.

This token was extremely ancient and numerous strange lines and runes were carved into its surface.

“Asura Command?”

This mysterious woman was already near enough to Lin Ming that she could see his every action and movement. Moreover, she also knew of the tokens that the Asura Road Master had left behind in the past.

Lin Ming’s plan was to flee into the Asura Road.

Then… he would enter Tragic Death Valley!

It was still a long time until the final trial started once more. If Lin Ming wanted to evade this mysterious woman then there was only a single route open to him – to fly into Tragic Death Valley!

Tragic Death Valley was a death zone. Even if a peak Empyrean entered they would still be trapped inside.

But could a True Divinity also be trapped?

Lin Ming didn’t know if Tragic Death Valley could hold a True Divinity. After all, 10 billion years had passed and the force field must have weakened.

The most glaring example was the Asura Decrees that the Asura Road Master left behind. Those treasures hadn’t been able to kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Moreover… even if Tragic Death Valley could trap this True Divinity, it was unknown whether she knew of the situation of Tragic Death Valley. If she were to choose to follow him inside then it wouldn’t matter if he could emerge later, because he would simply be killed by her within the valley itself.

Drawing back, even if Soaring Feather didn’t chase after him, Lin Ming would become a turtle in a jar after entering Tragic Death Valley.

One year outside was equivalent to ten years within.

If Tragic Death Valley was blocked off by Soaring Feather, when would Lin Ming be forced to stay within until?

In closed door seclusion in the dark, it would be impossible to cultivate to the realm of a True Divinity. Once the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s wounds were healed and he slaughtered his way into the Asura Road, would Lin Ming, who would still be stranded in Tragic Death Valley, still have any way to live?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind.

Moreover, it was possible that Lin Ming would be overtaken by Soaring Feather before he entered Tragic Death Valley.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming bitterly realized just how slim his hopes of escape were.

Soaring Feather God King’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s spiritual sea once more. “You took out the Asura Command, do you plan on entering the Asura Road? That only means you will die that much faster.”

The Asura Road was not some forbidden land. As long as there was an Asura Command to serve as an entrance, anyone could enter.

And for a True Divinity that could make a connection through the God Lamenting Wall, wanting to enter the Asura Road was far easier.

If Lin Ming wished to flee into the Asura Road then Soaring Feather God King would chase after him.

Although the Asura Road was a vast world, it was far smaller than the Divine Realm. Once Soaring Feather God King and Lin Ming entered together, the distance between them would be shortened.

Lin Ming couldn’t be sure where in the Asura Road he would be transmitted, or how far he would be from Tragic Death Valley. He would have to determine just where he was to know where Tragic Death Valley was.

However, things were different for Soaring Feather God King. She had left a True Divinity mark on Lin Ming so she could chase straight towards him.

Before Lin Ming had figured everything out, Soaring Feather God King might have already reached him.

If so, then it was possible Lin Ming didn’t even have a chance to escape…

However, no matter how uncertain things were, this was the only choice Lin Ming could make. Otherwise, he could only choose to die.

With the Asura Command in his hands, Lin Ming began to pour his energy into it.

However, something was strange. According to Lin Ming’s previous experience he only needed an incense stick of time to enter the Asura Road.

But now, a quarter hour had passed and even though he had poured in a tremendous amount of energy, there was no response in the Asura Command.

Lin Ming frowned. He wildly poured in more energy, but the Asura Command only faintly shimmered, not opening any spatial channel at all.

“What is happening?”

Lin Ming muttered, nervous. Was there a problem with the Asura Command or was there a limit to the number of uses?

Would the heavens not even grant him this slim chance of survival?

“Transmit me, transmit me!”

Lin Ming poured in all of his energy, just like the time he operated the Asura Primal God Cannon. His body, energy, soul, every bit of his strength roared into the Asura Command.

He grit his teeth as his body was bathed in a brilliant divine light. Just as despair grew in his heart, at this time, the Asura Command shook and the void behind Lin Ming began to crack open.

Like a pair of large hands constantly pulling apart space, space fragments collapsed and scattered, revealing a pitch black space channel!

It was unknown just where this space channel went. Terrifying winds from space and time storms blew out from within. Lin Ming didn’t doubt that even a planet would be blown to pieces if it were placed within.

Lin Ming was immediately suspicious. Had there been some sort of mutation with the Asura Command?

However, now was not the time to hesitate. No matter what dangers were in the space channel it wouldn’t be worse than falling into the hands of that woman.

Lin Ming flew into the space channel. However, just as he approached it, a massive gravitational force like a black hole directly drew him in.

For a time, the world turned upside down. Lin Ming felt as if his entire body would be torn apart. Agonizing pain radiated throughout his whole body. This level of pain nearly caused him to faint!

He grit his teeth, using his powerful willpower to keep himself awake. He knew that to faint here would mean everything was over.


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