MW Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 – Soaring Feather God King

In the boundless starry space, Lin Ming took out Primordius Heavenly Palace from his inner world.

This was an Empyrean spirit treasure left behind by Empyrean Primordius that had saved his life several times before. And at this moment when Lin Ming distracted a saint True Divinity by himself, all he had accompanying him was Primordius Palace.

Lin Ming only had a peak Holy Lord cultivation but he was actually being chased down by a True Divinity; this was the same as being sentenced to death.

But Lin Ming hadn’t given up the fight just yet. In truth he had already come up with an escape plan, but the caveat was that the chances of success were so low it was depressing.

Lin Ming didn’t immediately start his plan. Rather, he controlled Primordius Heavenly Palace and began a great void shift.

He wanted to go as far away from Epoch as possible to avoid drawing them into his disaster.

The lives on board that spirit ship were all...

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