MW Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927 – Parting

The infinite universe, the vast and boundless space –

A massive spirit ship quietly sped through the starry space.

This spirit ship was named ‘Epoch’. The name signified humanity’s wish to usher in a new epoch, one where their people would rise to glory once more.

During this trip, Epoch would have to pass through over a dozen great worlds of the Divine Realm before finally arriving at a small world called the Bluesnow Realm.

This small world was hidden within a chaotic ocean of stars. Without accurate coordinates and a guide, it was basically impossible to find this land.

The end of the Bluesnow Realm pushed up against the God Lamenting Wall. And behind this God Lamenting Wall was another universe of the 33 Heavens – a wild universe.

Because the God Lamenting Wall separating the wild universes had never weakened, this universe hadn’t had an intelligent humanoid life form step foot in it for a long time.

Several months ago, 20 human Empyreans were sent to the Bluesnow Realm in order to join together and form a connection through the God Lamenting Wall using the Asura Decree and then maintain it.

Following that, the elites of humanity passed through this connection and entered the wild universe. They quickly sped towards the nearest lands, establishing their own bases to develop the area…

Epoch was an Empyrean level spirit treasure spirit ship. It was naturally far slower than the Ark of Hope, and from start to finish, it would require two months to reach its destination.

And during this long travel,...

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