MW Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926 – Feather

From the moment the meeting was convened, the atmosphere was somber and dignified.

In the Divine Realm there were still many human elites who had yet to be gathered. If the Empyreans were to collectively evacuate the Divine Realm at this time then those elites remaining as well as their descendants would be slaughtered!

“We must speed up the evacuation…”

An Empyrean suggested. In truth, the so-called ‘speeding up’ of the evacuation was simply raising the threshold. They would only bring the most outstanding inheritances and geniuses. Ordinary geniuses would be left behind to fight for themselves.

“That doesn’t make sense… there are some peak talents in the innermost depths of the Divine Realm, even in some medium and small worlds. They are too far away for us to reach. Even if we raised the threshold they still wouldn’t...

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