MW Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926 – Feather

From the moment the meeting was convened, the atmosphere was somber and dignified.

In the Divine Realm there were still many human elites who had yet to be gathered. If the Empyreans were to collectively evacuate the Divine Realm at this time then those elites remaining as well as their descendants would be slaughtered!

“We must speed up the evacuation…”

An Empyrean suggested. In truth, the so-called ‘speeding up’ of the evacuation was simply raising the threshold. They would only bring the most outstanding inheritances and geniuses. Ordinary geniuses would be left behind to fight for themselves.

“That doesn’t make sense… there are some peak talents in the innermost depths of the Divine Realm, even in some medium and small worlds. They are too far away for us to reach. Even if we raised the threshold they still wouldn’t be able to catch up in time.”

Another Empyrean argued. Concerning the invasion of the saints, everyone had their own opinions.

But during this time, Divine Dream remained silent.

A considerable number of people looked towards Divine Dream, waiting for her to express her intentions. By this time Divine Dream had long become the true and unanimous leader of humanity.

It could be said that every decision she made concerned the future of the human race.

At this time, Divine Dream’s expression was earnest but her breathing wasn’t uneven at all. She was as composed and tranquil as a placid lake.

She opened her mouth. Her voice was slow and unhurried, but each syllable she spoke was filled with a potent power.

“We will meet them head-on!”


Empyrean Divine Dream’s words shocked all the Empyreans and young elites present.

Meet the saints head-on?

The saints had a True Divinity powerhouse leading their armies to war – wasn’t fighting them the same as fighting a hopeless battle?

“How can we possibly do that?”

A red-robed Empyrean stood up to oppose.

“I didn’t say that we must win… the Divine Realm is the homeland of humanity and we are the protectors of the human race as well as gods to countless trillions of quadrillions of lives. Just because the saints have invaded doesn’t mean we can abandon all our subjects like this. Even if it is for the future of humanity, I cannot accept such an excuse. There must be some people staying behind in order to stand responsible for humanity…

“Moreover, we have to fight because we must delay for more time to evacuate. Half of the elites still haven’t evacuated and we will not discard them.”

As Divine Dream spoke to here she stood up. “I will remain… and meet the saints myself. Among you all, those who voluntarily choose to stay behind may do so. The others will leave the Divine Realm and go to the wild universe!”

As Divine Dream spoke many people were panic-stricken. Divine Dream wanted to stay in the Divine Realm?

No! Absolutely not!

This was because to the current human race, Divine Dream’s role was even more important than Lin Ming’s!

Whether it was fighting their way into the wilds of the 33 Heavens or returning to the Divine Realm in the future, none of this could be done without Divine Dream!

At this time, Three Lives Old Man stood up and slowly shook his head. “Divine Dream… It’s enough that I stay behind. I do not have much time remaining and for me to go to the wild universe is just a waste. I have already decided to stay in the Divine Realm and leave behind a lasting memory for the saints.”

Although Three Lives Old Man seemed on the verge of death, he was still an existence that had lived for 300 million years. No one dared to underestimate him nor did anyone know what cards he had hidden up his sleeves.

In particular, during the war against the saints, Three Lives Old Man had long since decided to martyr himself. A desperate and reckless peak Empyrean was a force that even a True Divinity couldn’t ignore.

After Three Lives Old Man spoke, another Empyrean stood up. “Although my human race has declined, our pride hasn’t. Even if we are to be defeated we will be defeated with dignity. I will also stay behind.”

“I… will also remain!”

Another old Empyrean stood up.

Without exception, all of these Empyreans were in the waning years of their lives; their cultivations had already started to drop.

The future of humanity belonged to the young.

Going to the wild universe was the same as beginning from zero. These old Empyreans didn’t have that much time to wait.

One after another, elderly Empyreans stood up and decided to stay behind.

Even old Empyreans of the ancient races planned to stay in the Divine Realm. Only Empyreans in their prime like Diwuhen and To Bagui would go to the wild universe and help develop the land there. These Empyreans were the hope of the ancient races.

At the same time, these old Empyreans also wanted to stop Empyrean Divine Dream. No matter what, she couldn’t be allowed to stay in the Divine Realm to die; that would be far too great a loss. Humanity still needed her leadership.

Divine Dream shook her head. “I am staying behind but not to die. I am confident that I can survive and eventually leave. And the other Empyreans that stay behind don’t necessarily need to sacrifice themselves…”

Divine Dream’s words left the other Empyreans shocked.

She was planning on leading the human Empyreans to resist a True Divinity, yet she still had the means to withdraw?

“If it is the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign then my chances are much slimmer. But, the other True Divinities aren’t necessarily invincible. Don’t forget, we have the Ark of Hope!”

Divine Dream added.

With the Ark of Hope, escape was indeed a possibility!

At this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred.

Just as he was about to speak, Divine Dream looked straight towards him and directly shot down whatever plan he was going to propose. “Do not even mention it, you must leave! Moreover, you must leave now!”

“I…” Lin Ming originally wanted to say that the Ark of Hope could display the strongest might in his hands, but Divine Dream was firm in her decision.

“Lin Ming, as long as you live then you will be the greatest threat to the saints. In this battle to delay for time, you are not needed. Rather, your appearance will cause the saints to try and kill you no matter what price they have to pay, causing the exact opposite of the effect that we want.”

Divine Dream’s words were approved by the many Empyreans present. Lin Ming had to leave. Staying was not worth the cost.

Lin Ming agreed.

After Divine Dream made her decision, the meeting ended.

The Ark of Hope remained at Mount Potala. Lin Ming and other young elites were led to the back mountains of Mount Potala by some younger Empyreans. Here, there was a crowd of spirit ships, spirit boats, and divine palaces. There were even soaring spirit birds and other mounts.

After a short period of time, Lin Ming and the others would board a spirit ship and travel to the wild universe.

Many people hugged and gave their farewells.

“Hey boy, the human race is going to depend on you. When you go to the wild universe make sure you slaughter your way until you shake up the world!”

Vast Universe lightly punched Lin Ming’s chest. Lin Ming was a young elite who had emerged from the First Martial Meeting that was managed by Vast Universe and Divine Dream; he could be called a part of their lineage.

Lin Ming had all sorts of feelings running through his mind. He didn’t speak, only nodding and deeply bowing to Empyrean Vast Universe.

Empyrean Vast Universe didn’t leave; he chose to remain with Divine Dream.

He was Divine Dream’s old comrade-in-arms as well as an old friend. He was also in his prime, but he steadfastly chose to remain because he believed in Divine Dream and because he also believed in himself.

He didn’t intend to die in battle, but he did want to fight for a little bit more time for humanity.

Only like this could he give an answer to the countless human lives of the Divine Realm.

This parting could be called a parting of life and death.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stepped onto the spirit ship, not turning back to look.

But as Lin Ming stepped onto the spirit ship, there was something that occurred which no one noticed. A spirit bird flying in the skies came to a halt above the spirit ship. It spun around, and then a single feather fell off this bird, slowly fluttering downwards.

This feather was common and indistinguishable from an ordinary feather. But as it fell atop the spirit ship, it slowly stuck to the surface and then melted into the hull, vanishing from sight…


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