MW Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925 – World Annihilation Crisis

Four months later, Mount Potala –

This was the most glorious and oldest Empyrean Holy Land in the current history of humanity. Within Mount Potala, one could deeply feel the inside story of this land. The houses, the winding corridors, the paintings, and even the tiles; everything was deeply marked by history.

3.6 billion years ago, the True Divinity leader of humanity, Divine Seal, had died. Most Empyreans had died in the battle and their Empyrean influences were destroyed with them, forever fading away into the sands of time.

However, Mount Potala had remained fully intact. Within their library pavilions they collected numerous ancient texts on martial arts. All of this played a vital role in the continued development of humanity’s martial arts civilization.

At this time, when humanity teetered on the edge of extinction, the many rulers and elites of humanity gathered once more at Mount Potala to face the upcoming storm.

Within Mount Potala, in a secret chamber of a buddhist temple.

This chamber was extremely peaceful. Wafts of incense smoke curled through the air. The walls were decorated with sculptures of towering golden arhats. Between these arhats, eight thick columns supported the ceiling. Each column was carved with a golden dragon that emitted a magnificent atmosphere.

These were the infamous eight celestial dragon columns of Mount Potala. This chamber was one of Mount Potala’s treasures, where eminent monks would come to calmly meditate. Now, Lin Ming was sitting on a cushion within this chamber.

In front of him was an old man in plain and humble clothing.

This old man’s face was withered and his eye sockets were deeply inset. His skin was dark and gray and there was only a light smattering of hair atop his head. His hair was not silver or white, but dry and yellow, like dying grass. As he sat in front of Lin Ming, his entire body brimmed with a faint death energy, as if he were already dead.

“Lin Ming… I’ve taught you everything I can… this is the entirety of my life’s secret techniques… I hope that it will be useful to you…”

The old man slowly spoke. This old man was Dragon Fang’s honorable master – Three Lives Old Man.

Out of all the Empyreans of humanity, Three Lives Old Man was unique and unconventional. Although he hadn’t been able to break into True Divinity, he had still managed to use all sorts of arcane techniques to live for 300 million years. He had experienced an incredible span of time and could be called a living history book of the human race.

When Lin Ming returned to the Divine Realm, Divine Dream had convened all peak young elites of the Divine Realm, including Jun Bluemoon, Hang Chi, Dragon Fang, and Xiao Moxian, and began their training.

In this training they were allowed to freely choose from all the secret techniques of human Empyreans – without any hidden at all!

Whatever they wanted to learn they could learn. In particular, Lin Ming was looked after and taken as a priority by all the Empyreans. A revered Empyrean didn’t hesitate to consume his own cultivation to help Lin Ming straighten his meridians and eliminate the small problems that had accumulated from Lin Ming developing his foundation so quickly.

But as for the Empyrean technique that Lin Ming finally chose, it was… Three Lives Pupils!

This was also the only secret technique he chose.

The other transcendent divine mights were indeed fierce, but to Lin Ming who studied the Asura Heavenly Dao, they weren’t too valuable. Only the Three Lives Pupils would be useful to him. It was an auxiliary technique that could be used to directly increase Lin Ming’s combat prowess. Lin Ming would be able to fuse it with his own daevic eye so that they mutually complemented each other. It was as if this secret technique was tailor-made for Lin Ming all along.

On the thick cushion, Three Lives Old Man’s eyes were still closed. “You have opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace and that has made you even more suitable to inherit my secret technique than Dragon Fang. I have barely been managing to maintain a sad existence for 300 million years, and for me to have a direct descendant in Dragon Fang and a half descendant in you, I am glad I can see my own inheritances carried forwards in such a wondrous manner. When I die I can do so in peace…”

As Three Lives Old Man spoke, Lin Ming deeply bowed. He solemnly said, “I thank Senior for the kindness of your guidance.”

Three Lives Old Man shook his head. He quietly said, “I should be the one thanking you, and perhaps all of humanity should thank you…”

With Lin Ming’s return, not only did he bring back the method to salvation for the human race, but he even brought back a jade slip copy of the Holy Scripture’s golden pages.

These golden page duplicates came from Sheng Mei. As a Beyond Divinity level cultivation method, even a duplicate was able to provide a tremendous inspiration to human Empyreans.

This was especially true for Divine Dream, who cultivated energy and divine. The profound comprehensions of the soul contained within the golden pages were perfectly suited to her!

So for these past days, Empyrean Divine Dream had gone into seclusion as she studied the golden pages thoroughly. In these short several months she had obtained incalculable inspirations. This was all in order to establish as solid a foundation as she could so she could step into the realm of True Divinity as soon as possible.

Gradually, the early steps in the evacuation work for humanity had been completed. The evacuation from the Divine Realm was occurring a step at a time!

Those that could leave were the elites of humanity.

“Brother Lin, take this cup of wine!”

A young man handed him a cup of wine. There was a little bit of emotion on his face as well as a little bit of disappointment in himself. This person was White King, a direct disciple of the Vast Universe Holy Lands. He didn’t have some life and death friendship with Lin Ming; they were only acquaintances that had met at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting and could be considered ordinary friends.

But due to the invasion of the saints, and in a situation where humanity could perish at any moment, even two strangers of the same race could be like brothers…

When parting approaching, the heart was always stirred. Lin Ming drank the wine.

“Brother Lin, you aren’t going?”

Lin Ming shook his head, “I’m not in a hurry…”

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring. This spatial ring contained the third emperor jade of fate. He wanted to go to the Asura Road and enter the seventh level of the final trial so he could obtain the highest completion percentage possible.

Using this, he wanted to struggle for an opportunity to turn the tides of war against the saints!

But currently, the final trial had yet to open…

White King walked away, leaving with the other elites of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. Elites from other Empyrean influences joined them. What awaited them was a journey into an unknown and wild universe. This would be an adventure filled with hardship and slaughter.

Lin Ming knew that White King was only part of the first group of people to leave. There would be a second group, third group, fourth group…

This would continue until all the elites had left, until all the Empyrean Heavenly Palaces became deserted lands.

Partings occurred everywhere.

Masters sent off their disciples, sect masters sent off their disciples…

Some people drank and bid farewell. Some hugged as tightly as they could.

For those who were left behind, those that were leaving were family members, friends, comrades in arms…

For those that were leaving, they would leave the universe they grew up in, their most beloved homeland, the land of their ancestors, their bloodline, the happiness and laughter, their pain and sorrow…

Lin Ming deeply sighed. He turned and left, no longer participating in these sad partings.

He had too many matters to attend to. Every breath of time, every hour, was extremely precious to him.

Time passed a day at a time. With every period of time, another group of people left. Lin Ming had no idea how many people had departed, but at this time, the situation suddenly changed!

A panic-stricken World King rushed into Mount Potala. He brought with him terrible news – the saints had begun their full invasion of the Divine Realm!

Many people were stunned. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had clearly been grievously wounded by Lin Ming and the ancient races, so how could he have recovered so quickly?

And if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t leading the troops, then if the saint armies were to invade the Divine Realm they were bound to suffer serious casualties!

“How is this possible?!”

Empyrean Vast Universe was completely shocked. Deep in his heart he didn’t want to believe such terrifying news. He hoped there had been some sort of mistake!

But following that, the bloodied and almost disabled World King was escorted away and another piece of news was brought in. That was… the human Empyreans guarding the great worlds closest to the saints had all died in battle!

The saints had truly begun their invasion!

Moreover, the scale of this invasion was even greater than the invasion of the Primeval Universe. After all, the Divine Realm battlefield was far broader and every army could be utilized to their limits!

At this time, humanity also learned that there was a True Divinity leading the invasion of the saints. His name was… Astral Vault God King!

Nobody had heard this name before, but just his status as a True Divinity was enough to cause all Empyreans present to feel a heavy pressure!

A great saint army led by a True Divinity, this was simply impossible to contend with!

“So it is another True Divinity of the saints that is leading their armies… the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign is really recovering from his wounds…” Empyrean Divine Dream sighed as she obtained the news. Even though Astral Vault God King was weaker than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, he still wasn’t something they could deal with.

Astral Vault God King had assembled the armies of the saint race and then took over military control for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. All of this had been done in a mere several months, but at this time, only half of humanity’s elites had been evacuated!

“Summon an emergency meeting!”

This meeting was convened hastily, but all human Empyreans, including some human elites that had yet to evacuate, rapidly arrived.

Humanity now ushered in the greatest crisis they had faced in history!


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