MW Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925 – World Annihilation Crisis

Four months later, Mount Potala –

This was the most glorious and oldest Empyrean Holy Land in the current history of humanity. Within Mount Potala, one could deeply feel the inside story of this land. The houses, the winding corridors, the paintings, and even the tiles; everything was deeply marked by history.

3.6 billion years ago, the True Divinity leader of humanity, Divine Seal, had died. Most Empyreans had died in the battle and their Empyrean influences were destroyed with them, forever fading away into the sands of time.

However, Mount Potala had remained fully intact. Within their library pavilions they collected numerous ancient texts on martial arts. All of this played a vital role in the continued development of humanity’s martial arts civilization.

At this time, when humanity teetered on the edge of extinction, the many rulers and elites of humanity gathered once more at Mount Potala to face the upcoming storm.

Within Mount Potala, in a secret chamber of a buddhist temple.

This chamber...

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