MW Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924 – Astral Vault God King

Primeval Universe, within the infinite deeps…

In the space that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was hidden in, over 20 saint Empyreans in full battle attire had laid down a Good Fortune Grand Array.

In addition, there were many World Kings and Holy Lords. They were distributed at the edges of the Good Fortune Grand Array, supporting it.

The saint Empyreans had grim complexions.

This was because the Divine Realm’s red-robed Saint General had led the dregs of his defeated forces back here.

The golden crown Empyrean had perished and the red-robed Saint General had been forced to burn his blood essence, causing his cultivation to drop. To the saints, this was an unprecedented disastrous loss.

But as these defeated troops came to the Primeval Universe, only then did they learn that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, before issuing his order, had been severely wounded by the joint efforts of Lin Ming and the ancient races and was now recovering.

This left them all dumbstruck.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was an outstanding existence even amongst True Divinities. Even with the ancient race Empyreans and Lin Ming added together, how could they possibly have wounded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?

“His Majesty Saint Sovereign, he…”

The red-robed Saint General was embittered. He had originally angrily come back, wanting to report the situation to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign so that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would mobilize his full army to trample over the Divine Realm.

But what he learned was actually something almost unbelievable.

“His Majesty has closed up in seclusion – no one may see him!”

The Empyreans responsible for protecting these grounds said. The red-robed Saint General gulped, feeling his head aching.

The saint race was at least 10 times more powerful than the primal god race, so how did that battle turn out with such a strange result?

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was in seclusion, the red-robed Saint General could only wait.

He faintly guessed that this period of seclusion would not be short. It would be at least two to three years.

At this time, a terrifying pressure arrived, like a galactic storm sweeping through the cosmos.

Underneath this tremendous pressure, all Holy Lords and World Kings were forced to their knees.

Although the saint race Empyreans weren’t suppressed to such a miserable degree, they still felt their hearts race with fear. Without a doubt, this sort of pressure could only belong to a True Divinity!

All of the saint martial artists rapidly bowed towards the void.

They felt a vast sea of astral essence swell towards them. This was proof that the one arriving was a saint race True Divinity!

At this time, the void trembled. A massive face appeared in the space a million miles away. This face seemed to be carved from metal, solemn and mighty, possessing an astonishing character!

As the saint martial artists saw this giant face, they shivered.

Astral Vault God King!

In the saint race’s seven Heavens there was more than one True Divinity.

Generally speaking, the True Divinities of the saints were extremely mysterious. They seldom appeared and even the common people didn’t know how many True Divinities were in the saint race or what their titles were.

“Astral Vault God King, one of the hidden God Kings of the saint world. It is said that he is a hundred million years older than His Majesty Saint Sovereign!”

“Astral Vault God King, he… shouldn’t have come to… harm the Saint Sovereign, right…”

Several peak Empyreans subordinate to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign gulped as they thought of this.

According to rumors, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was on ill terms with Astral Vault God King. It was said that they might have fought before, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was some sort of personal grudge between them.

Now that Astral Vault God King had arrived, if he really came to take revenge then the Empyreans stationed here would only be able to stare helplessly on as he attacked the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“Your Majesty Astral Vault…”

Several Empyreans greeted in awe.

“Out of my way!”

Astral Vault God King shouted out loud and these Empyreans were swept away as if they were caught in a storm. They could barely steady themselves as they felt completely helpless in their fear.

They were subordinates of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. It wasn’t likely that Astral Vault God King had any good impressions of them.

Astral Vault God King slowly flew forwards to the space distortion that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had hidden in and sneered.

With a mere thought, a massive metal hand stretched out from space. This hand casually moved and easily tore open the space distortion that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had closed up in. Then, Astral Vault God King stepped inside!

The many Empyreans could only watch. They were unable to do anything nor did they dare to do anything. All they could do was fervently hope that there would be no battle.

If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was truly pushed to the edge then he would detonate Famine’s body. If so, then all the Empyreans here would perish in the aftermath!


Within the endless darkness, two shadows faced each other. One was Astral Vault God King and the other was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Within the void, Astral Vault God King’s form was incomparably massive, like a structure formed from metal. He was completely without hair, not even eyelashes. His skull resembled polished crystal, translucent enough that one could faintly see his brain within. His appearance was extremely unique.

“Good Fortune!”

Astral Vault God King’s voice was as cold as metal as it filled the space distortion. “How did you end up like this? Weren’t you always a skilled one? You called me and Soaring Feather here, is it to beg for help?”

Astral Vault God King’s voice had a mocking tone to it. The reason he came here was unexpectedly at the request of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign looked at Astral Vault God King, no expression on his face. He only icily said, “And Soaring Feather?”

Astral Vault God King raised his right hand and twiddled a feather between his fingers. He lazily said, “She didn’t feel the need to come and see you herself, but if we speak she will naturally be able to hear us.”

“Is that so… I see.” Soaring Feather didn’t accept his invitation but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t care. In the seven Heavens of the saint race, the truth was that there were three True Divinities.

Soaring Feather God King was the only woman amongst them and her whereabouts were always a mystery. She had gone into seclusion long ago and many peak Empyreans didn’t even know that there was such a True Divinity amongst the saints.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign looked at Astral Vault God King and unhurriedly said, “The reason I called you here today is because I want you, as well as Soaring Feather, to lead the armies to trample over the Divine Realm and exterminate humanity!”

Although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was injured, his voice was filled with energy that shook the void.

Astral Vault God King’s eyes widened for a moment. Then, he began laughing. “Hahahaha! Did I hear wrongly? You want me and Soaring Feather to exterminate humanity? Why? You don’t need to mention something as mundane as the interests of our race to trick me. Although there are advantages to the saints in exterminating humanity, it’s nothing at all to me. Did you think I wouldn’t know that the reason you want to exterminate humanity is to accomplish your own goals? Why would Soaring Feather and I deign to help you?”

Astral Vault God King aggressively said. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fell silent. Then, he stretched out his hands. Above his palm, a black bead traced with red lines slowly revolved – this was the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

Seeing the Grandmist Spirit Bead, Astral Vault God King’s eyes began to shine. This Spirit Bead was inestimably valuable to a body transformation system martial artist!


“If you and Soaring Feather assist me then I will lend you this bead for one million years! But I have a requirement: when you destroy humanity, you must make sure you kill Lin Ming!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s voice was filled with killing intent. The reason he had hurriedly summoned the other two True Divinities of the saint race here to have them attack the Divine Realm was because he had a deep foreboding feeling in his heart.

He felt that Lin Ming had brought something important back to humanity. If he couldn’t eliminate humanity here then the troubles would never end. Once the wildfires burnt down the fields, the new grass would grow once more.

In particular Lin Ming! His continued existence filled the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign with unease.

He was an unknown factor. At the mere peak Holy Lord realm he was able to have such a great impact on the war of the saints against the human race and ancient races. If he was allowed to grow up then he would certainly become a scourge upon the saints.

Before this, he had taken Lin Ming lightly because of his cultivation. Now he was willing to do anything within his power to kill him!

“Grandmist Spirit Bead…”

As the Astral Vault God King looked at this red and black bead, his eyes revealed a deep greed.

“What about it? Do you want to take it forever?” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly sneered but didn’t take away the Grandmist Spirit Bead. He only glared at Astral Vault God King, saying, “You want to work together with Soaring Feather to take my life while I am injured and steal away the Grandmist Spirit Bead?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign laid bare the thoughts within Astral Vault God King’s heart. Astral Vault God King only lightly smiled, not responding.

“You can give it a try! But I have ways to make you regret it!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign spoke, the massive body of Famine began to wriggle underneath him, causing innumerable fountains of blood to gush out.

Astral Vault God King’s pupils narrowed. He looked at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, suspicion growing in his heart.

He didn’t know what hidden cards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had, but he was certain that there must be some secret on him.

He even suspected that this concerned the abyssals.

In any case, even if he joined together with Soaring Feather to attack the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, he didn’t have full confidence that they would win. This was a purely instinctual feeling.

To reach the cultivation of the True Divinity realm, that meant one’s destiny had accumulated to the peak. Like this, a martial artist would be able to develop vague premonitions in their hearts. Although it wasn’t accurate every time, it was extremely valuable for reference.

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