MW Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924 – Astral Vault God King

Primeval Universe, within the infinite deeps…

In the space that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was hidden in, over 20 saint Empyreans in full battle attire had laid down a Good Fortune Grand Array.

In addition, there were many World Kings and Holy Lords. They were distributed at the edges of the Good Fortune Grand Array, supporting it.

The saint Empyreans had grim complexions.

This was because the Divine Realm’s red-robed Saint General had led the dregs of his defeated forces back here.

The golden crown Empyrean had perished and the red-robed Saint General had been forced to burn his blood essence, causing his cultivation to drop. To the saints, this was an unprecedented disastrous loss.

But as these defeated troops came to the Primeval Universe, only then did they learn that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, before issuing his order, had been severely wounded by the joint efforts of Lin Ming and the ancient races and was now recovering.

This left them all dumbstruck.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was an outstanding existence...

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