MW Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923 – Evacuate

“Senior Divine Dream, are you alright?”

Lin Ming was highly concerned about Divine Dream’s situation. In truth he understood that Divine Dream had yet to break into the True Divinity realm; she was just a tiny bit away.

If Divine Dream didn’t temporarily fuse together with Frost Dream and only fought with her true self, then although she could still suppress a peak Empyrean, wanting to prevent them from escaping and killing them was extremely difficult. Moreover, that golden crown Empyrean and red-robed Saint General were both outstanding saint Empyreans.

At this time, blue misty light began glowing around Frost Dream. This misty light gathered on her supple figure, turning into a blue dress.

Frost Dream stretched her body. Floating in the air, she reached back her hands and flipped out her hair. As her long hair fell back in waves, fragrant wind blew through the air, enchanting the senses.

“Miss Frost Dream.”

Lin Ming greeted.

Frost Dream nodded in return, responding with “Sir Lin,” before composing herself and remaining quiet.

Lin Ming then discovered that Frost Dream’s cultivation had reached the World King realm. Compared to himself, she was even faster.

However, this was normal. Frost Dream was Divine Dream’s avatar and had Divine Dream’s soul as her foundation. Frost Dream’s cultivation speed would naturally be exorbitantly fast, and with the invasion of the saints, Divine Dream must have also decided to speed up Frost Dream’s breakthroughs in order to quickly step into True Divinity.

“You’ve heard that it was a black-clothed woman who sent me a sound transmission saying that you were in the Primeval Universe? Do you know who that woman is?”

Divine Dream asked Lin Ming. She clearly had some understandings of the Primeval Universe.

“Junior believes that this woman was likely Soul Empress Sheng Mei.”

Lin Ming said, glancing at Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian was astonished, but as she thought about it, it could only be her. That woman had been shrouded in a black fog and was incomparably mysterious. Even so, Xiao Moxian was able to faintly feel the terrifying strength that lurked beneath the surface.

Out of all the woman Lin Ming knew, only Sheng Mei could know so much and have such abilities.

“Let us return first. Now isn’t the time to stay here. This is the saints’ universe; it is too dangerous.”

As Divine Dream spoke, the fleet turned around and flew towards the Divine Realm.

After several great void shifts, the fleet returned to the God Lamenting Wall. Because of the great calamity, the God Lamenting Wall connecting this saint race universe and the Divine Realm was extremely fragile. Skyrend Godlord was able to forcefully form a connection through it.

The fleet returned to the Divine Realm in glory and victory.

Looking at these familiar starry skies and feeling the familiar heaven and earth origin energy, Lin Ming bathed himself in the atmosphere.

The Divine Realm – he had finally returned!

During this trip he had been gone for over 20 years. He had been to the Soul World and Primeval Universe, risking his life several times and now finally returning safely.

Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, within a grand hall of white jade –

The human Empyreans and ancient race Empyreans had gathered together. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were also included.

“You are descendants of the ancient races from 10 billion years past?”

For many human Empyreans, this was the first time they learned of the status of these ancient race Empyreans. The fame and magnificence of the ancient races from 10 billion years ago was too far-reaching and resounding. It was only that in the present era, they had declined to a miserable state.

“Yes… we have been fighting with the saints for many years now. The reason we fled this time was Little Brother Lin’s suggestion. But during the process, we encountered the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and were almost annihilated…”

Once upon a time, being from the ancient races was Diwuhen’s pride. But now he felt that there just wasn’t anything to be proud of.

“What! You encountered the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!? Then you…!”

The human Empyreans were panic-stricken at hearing Diwuhen’s words. They had encountered the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and managed to survive somehow?

At this time, Divine Dream slowly said, “Everyone, quiet yourselves. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has been severely wounded by the joint efforts of the ancient race martial artists, Lin Ming, and Empyrean Primordius. He is currently recovering from his injuries, and moreover… the ancient races and Lin Ming have brought the path to salvation for us. Perhaps… it is finally time for our human race to experience a favorable turn…”

As Divine Dream slowly spoke, all of the human Empyreans present were dumbstruck.

The information contained in her words was far too great.

Heavily wound the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign? How had they done that? Moreover… how was this related to Empyrean Primordius who had perished 100,000 years ago?

The path to salvation? What was that?

As the human Empyreans were puzzled, Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming and said, “Why don’t you come up and explain it yourself.”

Whether it was the ancient races or the human race, Lin Ming was the greatest contributor to there being such a favorable turn!

To bring back the method to salvation from the Asura forbidden land, to renew the god decrees, to contend with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, Lin Ming’s function during all of this was irreplaceable.

Lin Ming nodded. At a brisk pace, without showing arrogance or beings subservient, he explained everything that had happened during his adventure through the Soul World and Primeval Universe. The only things he omitted were the strange words Sheng Mei had said to him.

The human Empyreans were dumbfounded upon hearing this.

They knew that Lin Ming had left by himself, headed towards the world of the spiritas to seek out a path to salvation for humanity. But, almost no one had thought he would succeed.

In the eyes of those people, his actions had been nothing more than a joke!

Just what cultivation did Lin Ming have? Before he left, he was only able to defeat a Great World King.

And what humanity faced was a terrifying and massive race that had multiple True Divinities and over a thousand Empyreans!

In the impending universal calamity, Lin Ming couldn’t even be called a small wave. Even the human Empyreans felt the situation was hopeless and had nearly succumbed to sitting down and waiting for death.

In such an atmosphere, Lin Ming had gone to seek out a road for humanity to take. Was that even possible?

But the actual result had left them all bewildered.

Lin Ming had truly found the method to salvation. It wasn’t a way to directly face the saints, but instead an escape route for humanity!

Just an escape route was not enough. In the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds and innumerable other worlds, there were countless great human influences. If all of these influences had to be notified and evacuated, that would be a mission of monumental proportions. If the saint race decided to launch their all-out invasion of the Divine Realm now then humanity would have no time to flee.

But… Lin Ming had joined together with the ancient races and had managed to wound the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, buying time for humanity in the process. This was just unbelievable!

Many human Empyreans looked at Lin Ming with amazement in their eyes. When Lin Ming left the Divine Realm to go to the Soul World and Primeval Universe, he could be said to have created a miracle.

He had done a great service for humanity and could nearly be compared to Empyrean Divine Seal of 3.6 billion years ago.

“Everyone should be clear on what the method is… that is, before the saints’ total invasion begins, we shall evacuate to one of the wild universes within the 33 Heavens… the Divine Realm has over a trillion quadrillion people and there are even more people in the lower realms. To evacuate them all is a completely impossible task. But, we can evacuate the elites and preserve our martial arts civilization and inheritances.

“In other words, for at least the next 100,000 years, the general human population will have to live beneath the oppression of the saints. As for the elites of humanity, they must face the wilderness of the 33 Heavens, suffering the difficulties to develop it and survive there! As for the future, whether we are eliminated or find a chance to breathe, all of that will depend on the next 100,000 years. In that group of elites who develop within the wilderness, we shall see whether or not we can raise proud children of heaven who can resist the saints.

“If we can, then we shall slaughter our way back to the Divine Realm and destroy the saints. If we cannot, then we can only wait to perish. After all, the God Lamenting Wall is not an absolute protection.”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s words caused the human Empyreans to fall silent.

Of the 33 Heavens, seven Heavens belonged to the spiritas, seven Heavens belonged to the saints, one Heaven was the Primeval Universe, and another Heaven was the Divine Realm.

In total this was 16 Heavens. Besides these 16 Heavens there were also 17 more. These 17 Heavens were death lands or wildernesses. Because of the great hundred race war from 10 billion years ago, these universes had slowly declined. Moreover, the God Lamenting Walls dividing these universes were extremely firm, unlike the walls dividing the Divine Realm and saint universes. The walls between the Divine Realm and saint universes would weaken in cycles until they finally completely vanished.

Thus, for all this time, these 17 Heavens had never had intelligent humanoid life forces exist within them.

If the human elites were to use the Asura Decree to penetrate through the God Lamenting Wall and go to these abandoned Heavens, it would undoubtedly mean a bitter and grueling journey.

Many people would die as they pioneered new lands. Even those that survived would have to face the greedy gazes of the saints, unsure whether they would live to see the next day.

Many human martial artists understood this. They knew just what it meant to escape into the wild universes…

Moreover, they had heavy hearts upon thinking about abandoning the common people of the Divine Realm. But there was nothing they could do about this. After all, the elites of humanity were the targets of the saints. If these elites were killed then that would be the same as wiping out humanity’s inheritances.

As for the common folk, the truth was that they held no value for the saints.

The atmosphere in the grand hall become much more gloomy.

Lin Ming had indeed discovered a path for humanity. But, this path was filled with thorns!

Empyrean Divine Dream slowly stood up.

“I, as well as all disciples of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, have already decided to leave the Divine Realm and develop ourselves in the wild universes. As for the rest of you, you can decide whether you wish to join me or stay in the Divine Realm. I understand that you have feelings for your homeland and to abandon the home you’ve known all your life is a difficult choice. But, sometimes, you have to abandon what you know…

“To leave means facing unknown perils and shouldering the burden of being humanity’s hopes and futures.

“To stay means living underneath the heel and oppression of the saints, struggling in battle…

“No matter what path you choose, your journey will be incredibly difficult. My only hope is that no matter when in the future, none of you will easily give up. This is because humanity truly stands on the precipice of life or death. 3.6 billion years ago, we were indeed defeated, but even then we still retained the Divine Realm. But if we are to be defeated again now then we truly will not have any road to escape to.”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s words were heavy and grim. All of the human Empyreans held their breath. For a time, the entire grand hall was silent, and even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

Everyone faintly realized this was an important meeting that concerned the future of humanity!

“I represent Mount Potala to say that we will leave the Divine Realm and follow Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.”

The first to speak was Great Limitless Buddha. The truth was that before this meeting began, he had already known of the situation. He was only making his stance clear here.

“I will also follow Empyrean Divine Dream.”

“Me too.”

Empyrean after Empyrean opened their mouth, all of them willing to follow Empyrean Divine Dream.

To abandon the Divine Realm was the only choice they could make in such a helpless situation.


Divine Dream took a deep breath. “If that’s the case then let us not delay. We will disperse now and assemble the various great influences to prepare the evacuation. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign may be heavily wounded but the most he will need is several years to recover… we must use this period of time to complete the evacuation mission and bring as many people as we can in the time limit.”

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