MW Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923 – Evacuate

“Senior Divine Dream, are you alright?”

Lin Ming was highly concerned about Divine Dream’s situation. In truth he understood that Divine Dream had yet to break into the True Divinity realm; she was just a tiny bit away.

If Divine Dream didn’t temporarily fuse together with Frost Dream and only fought with her true self, then although she could still suppress a peak Empyrean, wanting to prevent them from escaping and killing them was extremely difficult. Moreover, that golden crown Empyrean and red-robed Saint General were both outstanding saint Empyreans.

At this time, blue misty light began glowing around Frost Dream. This misty light gathered on her supple figure, turning into a blue dress.

Frost Dream stretched her body. Floating in the air, she reached back her hands and flipped out her hair. As her long hair fell back in waves, fragrant wind blew through the air, enchanting the senses.

“Miss Frost Dream.”

Lin Ming greeted.

Frost Dream nodded in return, responding with “Sir Lin,” before composing herself and remaining quiet.

Lin Ming then discovered that Frost Dream’s cultivation had reached the World King realm. Compared to himself, she was even faster.

However, this was normal. Frost Dream was Divine Dream’s avatar and had Divine Dream’s soul as her foundation....

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