MW Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922 – Absolute Victory

“Good! Well done! The shames of today will be avenged in the future! Just wait for my saint race’s Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to kill his way into the Divine Realm and exterminate your entire race!”

Some saint race Empyreans boastfully blustered. So what if the human Empyreans were stronger? No matter how fierce Emperor Shakya was he was only 10-20% stronger than a normal peak Empyrean, and no matter how overwhelming Divine Dream was, even if she could suppress several peak Empyreans together, if she were to meet the True Divinity level Good Fortune Saint Sovereign then she wouldn’t be his match at all.

“Heh! You still want to run? Keep on dreaming!”

Skyrend Godlord immediately saw through the saint army’s plan of escaping. He roared out loud and waved his sleeves. A clear and holy energy shot out, as if a great universe existed within it. A wave of swallowing power swept towards the group of saint Empyreans.

“A world dancing within the palm.”

Great Limitless Buddha spread out his palms and relics shined in his hands, their brilliance spreading through the cosmos.

Wherever this buddhic light covered, loud Buddhist chants resounded like the eight guardians of Buddhism, devas and yakshas, a trillion arhats… all of them appearing together.

For a time, the surrounding space for a million miles was covered by this seething spiritual light.

On this side of the battlefield, the light of blood shined bright and the smell of death filled the air. Arcs of red lightning and strands of Buddhist chants intersected, collided, causing massive tracts of space to collapse and crack apart beneath the savage impact of energy.

The Heavenly Dao Laws collided and distorted, even muddling space.

A potent strength destroyed all.

However, the saint race Empyreans wouldn’t just sit there and wait for death. They counterattacked, resisting the human race together. Many saint Empyreans took out their out Empyrean spirit treasures. Divine light flashed and astral essence turbulently flowed out.

There were saint Empyreans whose fists smashed open the void, like meteors passing through space.

In terms of quantity, the saint Empyreans had the advantage. When they combined their strength together they were able to rival the human Empyreans!

But the many World Kings and Holy Lords weren’t as lucky.

Saint race spirit ships were swept into energy storms, instantly blowing up. The martial artists onboard were ejected into the vacuum of space, half of them immediately killed!

“Form the array!”

A saint race Empyrean shouted out loud. In a battle between Empyreans, the strength of World Kings and Holy Lords was almost negligible. But if their strength was gathered together through a spirit ship’s grand array formation then their fused strength could not be underestimated.

At the very least, escaping wouldn’t be a problem.

The saint race Empyreans were already steadily taking steps to retreat! And once they fled the battlefield it would be hard for humanity to catch up to them.

“Focus your efforts and kill their elites!”

Empyrean Divine Dream said. Her divine dream space covered two saint Empyreans – they were the Saint General and the golden crown Empyrean!

Among the saint army, these were the two strongest individuals.

Divine Dream’s intentions were clear: she wanted to cut down these two individuals!

Emperor Shakya joined in. He gave up his assault on the other Empyreans and hurtled towards these two peak Empyreans!

In the seven universes of the saint race there were many Empyreans. But, peak Empyreans were still extremely rare, and every death of a peak Empyrean was still an enormous loss to the saints.

Moreover, these two people were the main commanders in the saint race army’s invasion of the Divine Realm!

“Damn it!”

The gold crown Empyrean was incensed as he discovered that Divine Dream had locked onto him!

He howled. His skin and flesh cracked open, revealing white tendons.

These tendons were extremely tenacious; they were a part of his supernatural bloodline powers. As he attached these tendons to his blood lance, the lance hummed and shivered, causing the surrounding space to vibrate and mystical runes to circle around it.

Light gathered, forming an incomparably black divine light.

The lance thrust out. The space around the black light cracked planets, able to pierce through the void and twist the Laws of the heavens and earth.


With this strike, the saint race Empyrean’s body shivered. He had clearly consumed a great deal of energy.

The blood lance was like a black hole, swallowing light and energy wherever it went, constantly expanding as it continued forwards with an overwhelming momentum.

As the divine dream space was struck by this attack from a peak Empyrean consuming their blood essence, it was nearly punctured!

But at the same time, Emperor Shakya’s eyes glittered with a cold light. His main body as well as those six martial intent avatars plunged into the golden buddha diagram.

Like seven supreme buddhas, they floated like seven stars within the buddha diagram. Endless golden light emitted from their bodies, resonating with the buddha diagram and evolving into six incomparably realistic scenes.

In the fathoms of hell, seas of blood boiled over. Mountains of bones piled high into the skies as hungry ghosts scavenged through the ground, howling with deathly hunger. In the heavens, goddesses fluttered about, the sounds of celestial dragons reaching through the horizon.

Above these six images, a grand golden Buddhist temple stood tall.

Countless ancient buddhas sat atop a mountain of lotus thrones, their ancient mudras flooding this world.

Emperor Shakya had evolved a great world of the six paths of samsara!

Emperor Shakya’s strike contained the true meaning of the six paths of samsara, the seven layers of martial intents, as well as the supreme treasure of Buddhism, the Wheel of Samsara. Together, they formed a strange and singular harmony that emitted a vast might.

This was one of Emperor Shakya’s manifestations after comprehending the true meaning of Buddhist martial intents to their pinnacle.

The true meaning of the six paths of samsara were like grinding pans of the Great Dao that ruthlessly grinded down upon the black hole blood lance.

The buddhas arrived, their light like a tide, their sound like thunder.

The rays of buddhic light were blinding and thicker than a mountain. As they flowed down from up high, the void tore apart and even planets exploded.

This buddhic light finally fell upon the gold crown Empyrean.


The saint Empyrean violently shook. Wherever his body was covered in this buddhic light it would explode, causing him to vomit mouthfuls of blood.

And at this time, Divine Dream also attacked!

Within the divine dream space, countless towering trees appeared that blocked out the void for 10,000 miles, bringing with them a premonition of certain death.

The golden crown Empyrean was pierced through the chest by one of these ancient trees, causing him to spit out even more blood.


The golden crown Empyrean cried out in suffering, his face twisted and fierce.


The death of the rabbit is also the sorrow of the fox. As the red-robed Saint General saw that it was impossible for his companion to escape, he howled in anger and indignation, wildly burning his bloodline!

The red-robed Saint General no longer cared about consequences. As a saint race Empyrean, his bloodline was his foundation. By burning his bloodline in this manner, it was possible he would even drop cultivation boundaries!

But at the same time, the strength he gained from burning his blood was terrifying to the extreme; it would be similar to half the strength from an ordinary True Divinity.

His body turned into a beam of divine light that directly tore open the divine dream space and fled deep into the cosmos!

But behind him…

With a loud cracking noise, the thunder-like sounds that Emperor Shakya cast out materialized into substantialized sonic waves that rolled out in all directions without end.

The golden crown Empyrean whose body was pierced through by the heaven-towering tree began to crack apart.

He cried out in pain, his entire body dripping with blood. Each drop of blood was amazingly bright. As it splashed out into space it whistled like meteors, containing a potent power.

His body was struck in the thunderous rumble. More and more trees pierced through his body. Finally, his entire body burst apart, turning into a sea of blood fog!

The golden crown Empyrean was one of the commanders of the saints’ army within the Divine Realm. But today, he had perished here!

As for the other commander, the red-robed Saint General, he didn’t hesitate in suffering heavy losses, even possibly dropping cultivation boundaries, to flee the battlefield.

In this battle, of the saint army’s two high commanders, one was heavily wounded and the other had died. This could be called a total victory for humanity!

The divine dream space gradually faded away. Empyrean Divine Dream’s sacred and holy figure began to slowly reappear. Her body was bathed in a haze of profound spirit power, without a trace of the mortal world around her.

“We’re leaving!”

Empyrean Divine Dream decisively issued a stern evacuation order. It was unwise to pursue a desperate foe. Moreover, this was the domain of the saints, and the human army shouldn’t enter too deeply otherwise it was possible for them to suffer annihilation.

At this time, the Ark of Hope flew forwards with extreme speed. In black clothes Lin Ming stepped out from the Ark of Hope. Behind him, Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the other ancient race Empyreans also emerged.

The ancient race Empyreans were overjoyed. They had seen life after death and had also experienced the strength of humanity. They felt as if this trip to the Divine Realm was worth the difficulties!

“Junior Lin Ming greets Senior Divine Dream!”

Lin Ming bowed in the void. At this time he felt extreme gratefulness. In order to rescue him, Divine Dream had accepted the potential risk of utter extermination to arrive here with the elites of humanity.

This was a kindness he would mark down in his mind.

“It’s good that you are safe…”

Empyrean Divine Dream said with a long breath. It was only now Lin Ming realized that even though Divine Dream seemed light and indifferent all this time, the truth was that she was slightly pale beneath the fog that shrouded her face.

“Senior Divine Dream?”

Lin Ming asked, concerned. But Empyrean Divine Dream only waved her hand to indicate that she was fine. At this time, Xiao Moxian had rushed forth like a gust of wind to throw herself into Lin Ming’s arms.

“Big Brother Lin!”

Since Lin Ming’s great battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, over 20 years had passed. Xiao Moxian had been pregnant all this time as she waited for Lin Ming’s return, but during this period she never heard any news about him. This distress she felt during this time could be imagined.

Lin Ming held onto Xiao Moxian, lightly stroking her luxurious black hair. He softly said in her ear, “I’m fine…”

The two people supported each other. But at this time, Empyrean Divine Dream waved her hand and the surrounding scenery instantly changed. Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Empyrean Divine Dream immediately arrived in the white jade palace.


Lin Ming was startled. He thought that Empyrean Divine Dream would first meet with Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the others, but she had instead chosen to directly return to the palace instead.

As soon as they entered the palace, Divine Dream shuddered and a bright white light began shining from within her body. This white light shined bright, moving outwards until it finally separated from Divine Dream’s body.

Slowly, the white light condensed into the figure of a person, a young girl…

In space, she held onto her knees. Her body was naked but her thick waterfall of icy blue hair covered her curves. Only her beautiful face and perfect arms and legs showed on the outside. There was not the slightest flaw in her jade-like skin and the tone of her muscles.

At this time, the young girl’s eyebrows were pressed together, as if she were in pain. Ths sight was enough to rouse the sympathy of anyone.

This young girl was none other than Frost Dream, the one Lin Ming had fought at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting!

“This is…”

Lin Ming was shocked. He had already heard that Frost Dream was Divine Dream’s plan in order to break into the True Divinity realm. Divine Dream had severed her primordial spirit, reincarnating that portion of her soul in order to create an avatar.

It was said that once Frost Dream became a peak Empyrean, Divine Dream would fuse together with her, and together they would break into the realm of True Divinity, even becoming an outstanding existence amongst True Divinities.

But now, there was still a massive disparity between Frost Dream and a peak Empyrean, yet Empyrean Divine Dream had fused with her?

Was it for that battle just now?

Lin Ming suddenly recalled the battle. Although Empyrean Divine Dream seemed light and unperturbed the entire time and her steps were also calm, the truth was that she had consumed a considerable amount of strength. In order to ensure absolute victory. Empyrean Divine Dream had chosen to temporarily fuse with Frost Dream in order to be in the strongest state possible for a short period of time!

This state was highly taxing on Empyrean Divine Dream. Thus, her face was pale and she instantly separated from Frost Dream as soon as the battle finished.

Because of many reasons, this sight couldn’t be seen by outsiders. So, Empyrean Divine Dream didn’t greet the ancient race powerhouses first and had instead immediately brought Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian into Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.


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