MW Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922 – Absolute Victory

“Good! Well done! The shames of today will be avenged in the future! Just wait for my saint race’s Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to kill his way into the Divine Realm and exterminate your entire race!”

Some saint race Empyreans boastfully blustered. So what if the human Empyreans were stronger? No matter how fierce Emperor Shakya was he was only 10-20% stronger than a normal peak Empyrean, and no matter how overwhelming Divine Dream was, even if she could suppress several peak Empyreans together, if she were to meet the True Divinity level Good Fortune Saint Sovereign then she wouldn’t be his match at all.

“Heh! You still want to run? Keep on dreaming!”

Skyrend Godlord immediately saw through the saint army’s plan of escaping. He roared out loud and waved his sleeves. A clear and holy energy shot out, as if a great universe existed within it. A wave of swallowing power swept towards the group of saint Empyreans.

“A world dancing within the palm.”

Great Limitless Buddha spread out his palms and relics shined in his hands, their brilliance spreading through the cosmos.

Wherever this buddhic light covered, loud Buddhist chants resounded like the eight guardians of Buddhism, devas and yakshas, a trillion arhats… all of them appearing together.

For a time, the surrounding space for a million miles was covered by this seething spiritual...

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