MW Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 – Emperor Shakya

Weng weng weng!

The blood red spear was unstoppable. It tore through the cosmos. During a bitter battle between peak Empyreans, another peak Empyrean had launched a sneak attack!


The divine dream space was torn open. The blood red spear pierced in, thrusting straight towards the point between Empyrean Divine Dream’s eyebrows!

The golden crown Empyrean was crimson with effort; he attacked without holding anything back!

Seeing the blood red spear shoot towards her, Empyrean Divine Dream floated backwards. Her beautiful eyes opened and a light melody began to bloom from between her cherry red lips.

Although the sound was faint, it was enchanting and wondrous.

In that moment the surrounding space seemed to have a marvelous reaction to this faint sound.

Within the pitch black space, starlight surged.

Immediately, heavenly sounds appeared like sunshine reviving the dark world, all of it flowing out from Empyrean Divine Dream’s body.

From the emptiness of space sublime luminescence shot out....

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