MW Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 – Emperor Shakya

Weng weng weng!

The blood red spear was unstoppable. It tore through the cosmos. During a bitter battle between peak Empyreans, another peak Empyrean had launched a sneak attack!


The divine dream space was torn open. The blood red spear pierced in, thrusting straight towards the point between Empyrean Divine Dream’s eyebrows!

The golden crown Empyrean was crimson with effort; he attacked without holding anything back!

Seeing the blood red spear shoot towards her, Empyrean Divine Dream floated backwards. Her beautiful eyes opened and a light melody began to bloom from between her cherry red lips.

Although the sound was faint, it was enchanting and wondrous.

In that moment the surrounding space seemed to have a marvelous reaction to this faint sound.

Within the pitch black space, starlight surged.

Immediately, heavenly sounds appeared like sunshine reviving the dark world, all of it flowing out from Empyrean Divine Dream’s body.

From the emptiness of space sublime luminescence shot out. True Phoenixes appeared, dancing in the universe.

All sorts of beautiful sights began appearing in the dark universe.

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted.

Dreamsoul Immortal Melody!

At the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming had personally experienced Frost Dream’s immortal melody. It was because of this that he had tied with her.

As this mysterious melody appeared, from within the peaceful world, infinite killing intent rose.

Underneath the hands of Empyrean Divine Dream, the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody was countless times more formidable that Frost Dream’s version.

In an infinitely fascinating illusion, divine mountains appeared, floating up and down in space. Towering spiritual trees reached into the skies, on equal ground with the heavens.

These divine mountains floated atop planets. The planets roared as they crashed into that blood red lance.

As for the True Phoenixes, they flapped their wings and flames swept through the world, surrounding the golden crown Empyrean.

Raging flames even burnt through the void, as if a sheet of black paper had been ignited.

The golden crown Empyrean trembled. Beneath the high heat, his flesh and blood seemed to be baking and burning. As the blood red lance was struck by those planets it began to crack apart.

It wasn’t just the primal god Empyreans that were shocked, but even the human Empyreans were left dumbfounded!

“Divine Dream, she seems to have made a breakthrough…”

Skyrend Godlord and Great Limitless Buddha had only ever heard rumors of Divine Dream’s prestige and strength. Neither of them had truly seen her fight.

In the Divine Realm, although Empyrean Divine Dream had used her divine dream space before, it had always been seen as ethereal and wonderful, filled with a mystical rhythm and an exquisite aesthetic sense. Never before had it been used in such a horrifying manner, ringing with killing intent!

The top human powerhouses could feel that from the start, Empyrean Divine Dream had been fighting with everything she had, without holding anything back.

With her own power she contended with two peak saint Empyreans. And, it was obvious that she had completely suppressed the both of them. This was a nearly unimaginable strength!

Skyrend Godlord and Great Limitless Buddha both felt they were far inferior to her.

“This woman, how could she be so fierce!!” Amongst the saint race Empyreans, another person moved. A great black bow appeared in his hands.

He stepped forth into the void. Blood shot out from his hands, forming into a blood arrow.

With a deep roar, the bowstring tightened again without end. All light in the surrounding space seemed to gather on the tip of the arrow, causing everything to tremble.

Endless strength gathered onto the arrow points, aimed straight towards the distant Empyrean Divine Dream.

The arrow point exuded a boundless shaking. Pitch black ripples appeared, spreading out in all directions.

This strength was mighty and forceful, giving off a feeling that it could even pierce through the cosmos, a completely irresistible attack.

All starlight for a million miles began to sway and distort. The essence of the starlight began to gather towards the arrow point.

More and more energy gathered. The arrow began to howl as black light appeared around it.


The blood red divine arrow that gathered the endless starlight pierced through space and vanished without a trace.

This all-annihilating arrow shot to the edge of the divine dream space.

Once the arrow arrived at its target, it would be three against one.

Three peak Empyreans to fight Divine Dream!

And at this time, light bloomed. A golden buddha diagram spanned through space. It was incomparably large and shined with an eternal light, bathing the surrounding space in a warming glow.

In the boundless buddha light, small buddhas appeared.

These buddhas sat cross-legged within the endless buddha light, reciting ancient texts.

The broad texts gathered together, shaking the world.

The great buddha diagram collided with the pitch black arrow.

Waves of ringing sounds echoed through the world.

A boundless explosive light submerged all.

Finally, that black arrow vanished, completely submerged by this buddhic light.

“To bully one with so many, do you really think there is no one in my human race?” A cold voice resounded in space. The one who had moved was Emperor Shakya!

His figure floated in the center of the giant golden buddha diagram. His handsome face was flooded with a chilling killing intent.

It was rumored that even though Emperor Shakya was young, his strength had already surpassed that of Great Limitless Buddha. He was the number one master of Mount Potala!

In his hand, a wisp of black light glowed before being erased, as if he were extinguishing a candle.

His aura was deep and unbreakable like a prison, unfathomably deep. The anger on his face was like a volcano soon to erupt.

Emperor Shakya had blocked that cosmos-shaking arrow, his actions shocking the saint Empyreans. In particular, the peak Empyrean who shot out the arrow had a dignified look in his eyes.

That arrow just now had been condensed from that peak Empyrean’s blood vitality and energy. He didn’t know how much strength Emperor Shakya had used to block it, but he had used at least 80% of his strength.

Emperor Shakya’s body emitted a blinding radiance, like a great sun rising in space, dazzling to the eyes.

His eyes opened and endless buddhic light swirled in his palms, forming a vast dharmic wheel.

In the center of this dharmic wheel, six masses of power appeared, each one containing the irresistible strength of a samsara.

In the center of each mass of power, the figure of Emperor Shakya appeared.

Whorl whorl whorl.

These figures of Emperor Shakya emitted light that distorted the void. Like a boundless vortex, this light covered the world.


The six Emperor Shakyas in the center of these six samsaras joined together with Emperor Shakya’s true body. They began to drag in the figure of the peak Empyrean with the pitch black bow.

This was a fierce battle!

“You are courting death!”

The saint Empyrean was enraged. He drew his bow and shot again and again.

Woosh! Woosh ! Woosh!

Pitch black shadows tore through the void, carrying with them a heaven-destroying momentum as millions of beams of black light appeared.

These black lights were from the peak saint Empyrean, shooting arrow after arrow.

Each arrow was infused with blood essence, easily able to pierce through a planet.

But those seemingly mighty black arrows were useless in front of Emperor Shakya.

Each arrow was stopped by the endless light of the golden buddha diagram, melting away.

Emperor Shakya’s six great avatars formed a buddha diagram with his main body. Within this buddha diagram, every Emperor Shakya was covered with a martial intent.

With the main body and the avatars added together there were seven martial intents – this was the basis of Emperor Shakya’s martial arts!

In the past, Emperor Shakya divided himself into a billion avatars, each avatar comprehending seven martial intents on their own and finally fusing them together. In terms of achievements in martial intents, Emperor Shakya had already reached the peak. It was impossible for anyone to surpass him in this aspect!

The seven layers of martial intents suddenly evolved into six samsaras. An incomparably powerful true meaning of the Great Dao swirled in space.

His fists were like planets, his pupils like suns. His vast and boundless aura locked in the surrounding world, suppressing all.

Inexhaustible buddhic light shot out from his body, brutally battling with the saint Empyrean before him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of explosions continued without end.

That saint Empyrean with astonishing archery skills was pushed back again and again by Emperor Shakya’s tide-like barrage. Explosions blew up in the void behind him.

As the peak saint Empyrean was forced backwards, the pressure on him increased with each step. His face became increasingly grim!

This saint Empyrean was still able to barely defend against Emperor Shakya. Although he wasn’t Emperor Shakya’s match, the difference wasn’t too great; he wouldn’t be immediately defeated.

But as he turned his head to see Divine Dream fighting the two saint Empyreans, he discovered that their situation was even worse than his own!

There were two of them, and the strength of those two was considered to be at the pinnacle of all saint Empyreans. Yet they were single-handedly beaten down by Divine Dream alone, with a chance that their lives would be ended.

It had to be known that once one reached the level of a peak Empyrean, it was difficult to die unless a True Divinity attacked.

“We should retreat!”

The bow-wielding Empyrean told the other peak Empyreans with a sound transmission. It was already impossible for them to win. Staying here would only mean more casualties.


As the red-robed Saint General desperately resisted the divine dream space’s symbol attack, he grit his teeth and sent out a sound transmission.

The saint race Empyreans all felt humiliated by this. For these past years they had domineeringly wandered through the Divine Realm, and even human Empyreans were afraid to fight them. Yet, today they were the ones being beaten up instead!

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