MW Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920 – The Might of Divine Dream

“Hahaha!” Before Empyrean Divine Dream spoke, Skyrend Godlord was already wildly cackling. “Do you really think we’re cattle to be butchered by you? Do you think I wouldn’t kill off you saint dogs and wait for the pack of you to bite us instead? Today, none of you are leaving here!”

Skyrend Godlord was already enraged. For all these years he had been holding in his anger, his vexation growing more and more. The red-robed Saint General had caused innumerable troubles for him, constantly taunting him with the prospect of an all-out war, so how could he not be angry about this?

“You don’t think any of us are leaving? You sure like to shamelessly boast!” The several peak Empyreans of the saint army began to laugh.

“Since you all want to die a bit earlier then let me fulfill your wish. I’ve always wanted to experience your strength, in particular you, Divine Dream. I heard that you are a peerless talent of your era and are considered the spiritual leader of humanity. Then, let me see just what capital you have today!”

The red-robed Saint General licked his lips, his eyes filled with a plundering aggression as if he could pierce through the dense fog surrounding Divine Dream and see her appearance.

Facing such rude behavior, Empyrean Divine Dream simply stretched out her right hand. On the ends of her fingertips, tiny ice crystals seemed to gather, forming an ice lotus that quietly bloomed.

As this ice lotus appeared, a hazy and mystical atmosphere followed it, as if there was some vague sound from the heavens reverberating through the world.

From a single node, in an instant it swept through the world.

Space dimmed, becoming mystical. Hallucinogenic lights filled the world. A rainbow of light ripples spread out, dazzling the senses.

Divine dream space!

This whole space extended to infinity, seeming to contain some horrifying depth in its magnificence.

The red-robed Saint General frowned. He was directly enveloped in this space.

He was impressed. He was well aware that this woman across from him was considered the person closest to True Divinity within the human race. If it wasn’t for the inheritance of the Divine Realm True Divinities being severed long ago, if it wasn’t for the fact that she chose to take the extinct path of dual cultivating energy and divine, if she hadn’t needed to rely on herself for all this time, then she might have already become a True Divinity!

The red-robed Saint General gripped his fists, explosive sounds echoing out from his joints. With loud crackles, his body grew larger and taller. Golden beams of light shot out from his pupils and he emitted waves of mystical strength. This was the saint race’s bloodline body metamorphosis.

The red-robed Saint General didn’t underestimate his opponent. From the start he gave it everything he had!

With his bloodline, after using body metamorphosis his golden eyes would be able to penetrate through all illusions. It was a top technique of the saint race.

In the middle of the divine dream space, countless celestial bodies floated about. Innumerable divine mountains hovered in space.

In the midst of that endless fog, every mountain had a ghost of Divine Dream sitting in meditation atop it. Every ghost emitted a vast pressure, the eyes like stars that aimed towards the red-robed Saint General.

Every ray of light transformed into God Beasts in space. They were covered with scales, possessing an ancient and distant will as they roared out loud, sweeping towards the red-robed Saint General.

These God Beasts and all other illusions were formed from the dream, but they were incredibly lifelike. They truly possessed the power of Empyreans and the strength of God Beasts.

Reality was a dream, dream was a reality.

Within the divine dream space force field, everything Empyrean Divine Dream thought of could turn into reality!

On the side of the humans, all martial artists watched with wide eyes. This was the first time they had seen Empyrean Divine Dream fight!

The god race had long heard of Divine Dream’s fame, but as to just how strong she was, they didn’t know.

Today, they would finally see it!

“An illusion attack?”

The Saint General coldly sneered. His golden eyes burst out with a golden light that could pierce through all. A trillion golden symbols smashed into the surrounding world, but in the blink of an eye they were all crushed by the infinite mystical strength surrounding everything.

His golden pupils that could see through all of existence actually couldn’t see through anything in this world. His vision was completely sucked in by Divine Dream’s incarnations and those God Beast illusions!

In an instant, the red-robed Saint General’s complexion greatly changed.

“This… how is this possible!? Could this space be the real world and not an illusion!?”

The red-robed Saint General felt goosebumps rise all over his body. To transform the real world with but a thought, was that even possible?


A dragon-shaped God Beast swept towards the red-robed Saint General. The sharp claws only gently grasped outwards to easily tear open the void, creating a whirlwind of death.

The red-robed Saint General tossed his head back and roared out loud. His fist was as hard as a star, possessing the momentum to crush apart planets. In a single breath he punched out countless fist phantoms, slaughtering the God Beasts around him!

Every fist strike caused a God Beast to suffer heavy wounds, or even be crushed.

These God Beasts were overall slightly weaker than a lower Empyrean, but their bodies were actually incredibly tough. As every God Beast broke apart, the red-robed Saint General was also struck in return, causing his blood to tumble!

Moreover, he soon realized that the shattered God Beasts were actually rapidly reforming, a continuous stream with no end!

The red-robed Saint General was consuming a considerable amount of strength. As for Empyrean Divine Dream, she was at the center of the divine dream space and hadn’t even moved her fingers. Her eyes were slightly closed. A dim white holy light covered her, like falling snow. Her posture was as if she were leisurely standing around.

Empyrean Divine Dream seemed as if she hadn’t used any strength at all. In fact, it looked as if this battle was not involved with her in any way, as if she had never attacked to begin with.

“This is her world, her battlefield… if I can’t break apart this world then her strength will be endless. I will suffer certain defeat!”

The red-robed Saint General’s heart shook, immediately believing he understood the basic mysteries behind this world.

To turn the dreamland into reality, this was the so-called divine dream space, Divine Dream’s unique ability!

As long as they were within the divine dream space then Divine Dream stood in an invincible position!

“Your thoughts aren’t wrong…”

Empyrean Divine Dream suddenly said. With a single glance she had been able to see through the red-robed Saint General’s heart. Her awe-inspiring voice contained a thick killing intent.

The red-robed Saint General turned cold; how was this possible!?

They were both peak Empyreans, so how could Divine Dream know what thoughts were in his mind?

As he looked at Empyrean Divine Dream, all of his confidence faded away.

Even his thoughts had been seen through. This was too terrifying!

“What you think of in your heart is your dream. In my divine dream space, all your dreams are open before me. There are no secrets you can keep…”

Empyrean Divine Dream icily said, seeming as if she could drown the red-robed Saint General in ice.

Divine dream space. As its name suggested it was a boundless dreamland and originally possessed an unfathomable effect on the mind.

The red-robed Saint General was placed within the divine dream space. In his shock his mind had fallen to illusion and thus it was naturally easy for Empyrean Divine Dream to pry into his thoughts.

This was a terrifying force field!

Facing Empyrean Divine Dream, the red-robed Saint General felt tiny and exposed, like a naked baby.

If even his thoughts were seen through, how could he fight?

“Is she really only an Empyrean?”

The red-robed Saint General immediately thought, his heart beginning to waver.

And at this time Empyrean Divine Dream naturally detected the flaw in the red-robed Saint General’s mind. She waved her hand and the entire divine dream space rapidly darkened, all light vanishing.

Or, it was more accurate to say that everything vanished, turning into dim chaos.


A single word seemed to transmit from boundless celestial temples.

Infinite strength contracted, instantly turning into a massive star-sized ‘suppress’ character in the divine dream space.

With a loud rumble, even space and time seemed suppressed by this symbol.

When the red-robed Saint General saw this symbol, he felt as if the force of innumerable stars was pressing down on his limbs with an amazing force, firmly keeping him locked down.

He couldn’t move!

Realizing something was wrong with his body, the red-robed Saint General felt the coming of an inexplicable horror.

Empyrean Divine Dream’s Laws suppressed not his body, but his soul and mind, making him unable to move. If he were to be struck by that ‘suppress’ symbol which gathered all of the power within the divine dream space, then it was likely he would disintegrate to nothing, with even his soul destroyed!

“Damn! Move for me!”

The red-robed Saint General howled. He grit his teeth and burnt his blood essence!

Every wisp of blood essence pierced through the void, resonating with the world. It was like countless divine wheels spinning around and roaring, wanting to crush apart the mystical strength all around them.

As he burned his blood essence, the red-robed Saint General’s formidable strength erupted to its limits. The mystical strength binding him down began to shake and loosen!

Ka ka ka!

The seal was nearly demolished by the red-robed Saint General!

Without a change of expression, without even opening her eyes, Empyrean Divine Dream floated forwards, a lofty beauty that emitted a holy brilliance.

A jade white finger slowly stretched out, casually drawing another ‘suppress’ character in the void!

This ‘suppress’ character rapidly expanded in space, quickly turning into another star-sized symbol that came pressing down on the Saint General.


The void shook. The ‘suppress’ character crashed onto the red-robed Saint General’s body. The universe seemed to collapse as everything fell into endless darkness.

The red-robed Saint General seemed to be struck by millions of planets, all of them colliding with him. His bones shattered and his flesh burned. He exhausted all of his strength to stop this ‘suppress’ character.

“I am not willing! How can I be killed by the likes of you in a place like this!!”

The Saint General screamed, his eyes frightening. Boundless and majestic golden energy gushed out from his pores. Like countless small golden dragons roaring, the erupting aura shocked the heart.

He knew that if he really fell into the endless darkness behind him and the world contracted onto him, he would die without a grave.

But no matter how hard he struggled he couldn’t rid himself of the ‘suppress’ character atop his head.

This simple symbol contained an inexhaustible strength that left one drowning in hopelessness.

Then at this time – rumble rumble rumble!

A crazy power surged forth and the divine dream space shivered. From the saint race army, the golden crown Empyrean had attacked.

The flesh of his right hand had turned into a blood red lance that pierced through the void.

This lance was 10,000 feet long and incredibly sharp and dense, impossible to withstand. A boundless blood vitality flooded out in all directions, so potent that it even squeezed out the mystical strength exuded by the stars.

He came from one of the special clans within the saint race. His supernatural bloodline power was this blood red lance. It was known as the strongest lance amongst the saints, able to penetrate everything.

He watched as the red-robed Saint General was soon to be defeated by Divine Dream and had no choice but to help.

When martial artists dueled, others butting their way in or launching sneak attacks wasn’t honorable at all. But at this time how could he care about such things?

But as the golden crown Empyrean attacked, his eyes as he looked at Empyrean Divine Dream were filled with bewilderment. Was she an Empyrean or a True Divinity?


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