Chapter 192 - Lost Vermillion Bird

Chapter 192 Lost Vermillion Bird.


Chapter 192 – Lost Vermillion Bird

“Believe it or not, what is your choice?” Lin Ming wickedly smiled. His pupils had turned entirely into the black swirling vortexes like before, slowly spinning around. They simply did not look like human eyes.

Seeing those fathomless eyes, the soldier felt a trembling from the depths of his soul. Lin Ming had said that his soul would be annihilated and he would not be able to enter the cycle of Samsara and reincarnation. The soldier was afraid he wasn’t lying. He did not fear death, because he believed that once a human died, they would be reincarnated. 18 years from now, he would still be a man.

But to be annihilated forever and not enter Samsara? That was something he was afraid of.

That could be considered the truest form of death, a complete destruction. It must be the highest level of punishment even among demons.

He thought that Lin Ming might be lying, but the he recalled that soul-tearing pain from a moment ago, as if a part of his soul was being pulled out.

Along with the countless lifetimes of memories that he had seen of his Samsara, the soldier didn’t dare to make this bet. If what he said was really true…

Moreover, he had already lost all of his martial arts. Even if he died and didn’t say anything, what good would come of that?

Thinking this, the soldier began to hesitate.


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