MW Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919 – Reunion


After being struck by the joint attack of the saint Empyreans, the Ark of Hope was sent tumbling away. The protective shield covering the ship had been cracked open like an eggshell, with alarming fissures in the runes.

Some of the energy from the saint Empyreans’ attacks was already able to pierce through the protective shield and crash into the Ark of Hope.

“Lin Ming, who did you say is coming?”

Diwuhen grabbed Lin Ming’s shoulder. In such a critical situation he didn’t know whether the people Lin Ming spoke of were friends or enemies.

“The Divine Realm… human martial artists!”

Lin Ming said. At this time, within his mind, the Thousand Mile Heartlink was still reverberating with Xiao Moxian’s worried voice.

“Divine Realm! Humans!”

The ancient race powerhouses were stunned upon hearing this. The Divine Realm was separated from the Primeval Universe by another Heaven. Even if the great calamity descended and the God Lamenting Wall became extremely weak, it would be difficult for their races to meet. Even so, the two races had just the tiniest connection between them.

Empyrean Primordius was a human and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had died in the Divine Realm.

Humanity was once a peak race of the 33 Heavens, but after the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago their inheritances had been severed and their True Divinities had died out. Even most of their Empyreans perished in the conflict and they had become a waning race.

Just what would humanity of the present era be like?

As the ancient race martial artists were stunned, there was a loud detonation as the Ark of Hope’s protective shield finally shattered into pieces!

In the midst of the terrifying attack, a beam of energy shot out, causing brilliant fireworks to light up the dark space!

“It’s finally broken, heh!”

The gold crowned Empyrean and the Saint General both chuckled. They used their techniques, about to fatally strike down the many martial artists within the Ark of Hope. But at this time, Diwuhen threw out two god decrees without a hint of hesitation!


The god decrees cut through space like a divine arrow, exploding in the cosmos. They formed a dreadful shockwave that swept over a million miles of space.

The gold crown Empyrean savagely grinned.

“Using the same old tricks to delay for time, but you still won’t be able to change your fate of annihilation!”

The gold crown Empyrean avoided the god decrees’ energy storm and was about to attack once more. But at this time his complexion changed. He turned to see that behind him, just 10,000 miles away, ripple-like distortions began to appear in the pitch black space…

Within these ripples an exquisite white building slowly surfaced. This was a palace!

This white jade palace seemed insignificant compared to the massive spatial ripples around it, like a leaf of jade floating in the water.

But as the gold crown Empyrean looked at this white jade palace he felt something bizarre and weird. Looking at this palace, he felt as if all of existence were unreal and this palace was slowly fluttering towards him from some distant dream.

And following that, right behind this palace, spirit ships began to rush out en masse. These spirit ships were all massive constructions, each one emitting a vast and solemn atmosphere!

And amidst these spirit ships there was a golden great buddha!

This golden great buddha sat upon a lotus throne, its body a thousand miles long, stabilizing the surrounding void. Rays of buddhic light lingered around it, giving it a solemn and hallowed atmosphere. Buddhist chants hummed in the air, ignoring distances of space to resound in the ears of all like a great bell enlightening the mind, so loud that even the deaf could hear it!

Like this, the great buddha flew forwards in space like a giant sun, dazzling to the eyes.


The high commander of the saint race’s Divine Realm invasion force, the red-robed Saint General, narrowed his eye as he saw those spirit ships. After preparing for war in the Divine Realm for so many years he certainly recognized the influences of humanity.

The white jade palace originated from Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. As for the golden great buddha, it was from the most glorious and storied human Empyrean Holy Land – Mount Potala. This was Mount Potala’s supreme treasure for crossing through space!

“Humanity… these are human martial artists?”

Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the many other ancient race Empyreans had looks of surprise and disbelief twining together on their faces as they saw the forces of humanity arrive.

They had heard that humanity had long been on the decline. In the minds of the primal god race, the entire Divine Realm might be far more populous than the Primeval Universe, but the number of genuine masters probably wasn’t much higher. Thus, as they saw this sight before them today, all of them were filled with incredulity.

Whether it was that white jade palace or that golden great buddha, both gave off immeasurably deep feelings.

From a misty sea of white light around the white jade palace, a white-clothed woman stepped forth from the void. Millions of hazy white silk ribbons hung from her body, enveloping her in a faint fog. She was a genius of peerless talent and grace.

Looking at her was like looking at a goddess from a dream. Even though it was difficult to see her appearance, she actually gave off an inexplicable feeling, as if there was always a small voice in one’s head informing a person that she was beautiful to the extreme.

Her steps were calm and measured. She held a ribbon in her hand, as if she weren’t here to slaughter her enemies but simply taking a leisurely walk through the park, enjoying the sights.

Meanwhile, in the two eyes of the great golden buddha, there were two men in kasyas respectively sitting in the right eye and left eye.

The one in the right eye was an enlightened old monk. He held a monk’s staff, a khakkhara, in his hands, set horizontally above his lap. His eyes were closed as sutras were prayed from between his lips.

And in the left eye was a young monk. His face was sharp and polished. He was an incredibly handsome individual and he wore a crown atop his head. His eyes were as bright as the moon and his lips were red like cinnabar.

This young man wearing the kasya was one of humanity’s most talented Empyreans – Emperor Shakya!

And behind the great golden buddha was a magnificently built bright red divine warship. Atop the bow of this warship, a tall old man wielding a great sword arrogantly stood there. He wore red robes and his aura was aggressive and unfathomably deep.

In the negotiations between the saints and humanity, Lin Ming had once casually acquainted himself with this red-robed old man. He was a peak human Empyrean – Skyrend Godlord!

The four human Empyreans lined up, creating an array in the void. They formed a wall of energy that emitted a dreadful pressure, shocking the cosmos!

Even though both sides possessed peak Empyreans, the momentum of the saints was actually suppressed.

In particular, Divine Dream and Emperor Shakya. One yin, one yang, the two of them together nearly reached the realm of True Divinity!

“Empyrean Divine Dream, Senior Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Skyrend Godlord!”

As Lin Ming saw these four people he was ecstatic!

He had left the Divine Realm for dozens of years and had experienced hurdles and dangers, disregarding his own safety, risking his life and suffering countless hardships all the while. He had already felt constrained for a long time.

Now, when he was alone and without help, he saw the Empyreans of humanity arrive just in time!

“They are… humanity’s Empyreans?”

Diwuhen was shocked as he saw these people, especially Divine Dream and Emperor Shakya! In this great calamity the saints’ momentum had been overwhelming and unstoppable as they went to war in all directions, forcing other races to retreat again and again in defeat.

Some held the belief that the ancient remnant races were in the twilight of their years, soon to perish, and humanity’s destiny had already been exhausted. Although Diwuhen and To Bagui didn’t wish to acknowledge this, they also faintly had this idea in their hearts. But as they saw the sight before them, they actually discovered that humanity possessed mind-boggling peerless geniuses.

For contrast, even if the number one genius of the ancient remnant races, Smokeless, were to grow up, even she wouldn’t compare to Divine Dream and Emperor Shakya.

“Big Brother Lin!”

Lin Ming felt his breath leave him the moment he heard this familiar voice. He followed it to see that not too far behind Empyrean Divine Dream there was a young woman dressed in black. She was slim and elegant with skin as bright as porcelain. Her body was covered in a faint black fog and in the space around her, heaven and earth origin energy and starlight gathered, lingering about her.

The black-clothed woman’s belly was slightly raised. Exuding from it was a potent yet small life force. Even from such a distance, Lin Ming could feel that he shared the same roots as this life force.

This black-clothed woman was Xiao Moxian! Currently she was looking towards the Ark of Hope with worry on her face.

As for Lin Ming’s flesh and blood growing within her stomach, it had already been gestating for a long time. This was because for those of a God Beast bloodline, breeding a small life required a tremendously long period of time. But, once the child was born it would have a naturally gifted spiritual wisdom.

Lin Ming’s gaze pierced through the Ark of Hope’s porthole and looked right to Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian couldn’t see Lin Ming but she could clearly feel his existence.

For a time, all sorts of feelings swelled up within his heart. He felt that he owed Xiao Moxian far too much…

During this time Lin Ming was unable to show himself as they were surrounded by the saints.

“Xian’er, how did you know we were in a crisis?”

In the Ark of Hope, Lin Ming used the Thousand Mile Heartlink to speak to Xiao Moxian.

“A woman told us. She wore a black dress and was as ephemeral as fog. She showed us images of you struggling in the Primeval Universe. Although Empyrean Divine Dream was suspicious she still quickly gathered the human elites to race here. Luckily we managed to catch up in time…”

As Xian Moxian happily spoke, Lin Ming was stunned. A black-dressed woman as ephemeral as fog… could it be Soul Empress Sheng Mei?

Only she would know that he was bitterly engaged with the saints.

“Sheng Mei… she saved us?”

Lin Ming didn’t know what to feel. There were too many riddles concerning Sheng Mei.

Lin Ming looked towards Empyrean Divine Dream once more. He knew that for Divine Dream to act according to such uncertain news and gather the elites of humanity to rush here was actually an incredibly great risk!

If this was a trap then there was a chance they could all be annihilated…

Even so, Empyrean Divine Dream had relied on her own instinct and judgment to make such a bold and decisive decision. And the reason she took such a risk was mostly to rescue Lin Ming!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt inexplicably moved. Empyrean Primordius, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, the old God Sovereign, Divine Dream, even Empyrean Divine Seal from 3.6 billion years in the past, as well as the warriors of humanity and the ancient remnant races, all of these people were fighting beside him. He was not alone…


In the void, the red-robed Saint General stepped forwards. He looked at Empyrean Divine Dream and sneered, “Divine Dream… hehe! To think you would cross the God Lamenting Wall to challenge us. Are you planning to officially declare war with my saint race?”

Although the red-robed Saint General was the supreme commander of the saint race’s Divine Realm invasion force, the truth was that they had never actually truly struck at the Divine Realm.

Almost a hundred years ago, the saints sent the Good Fortune Saint Son to Mount Potala. There, the many Empyreans established a contract stating that the battlefield would be limited to the Bright Luster World, and those at the Empyrean level wouldn’t directly participate in the battles.

Humanity and the saints had existed in precarious peace.

But today, this temporary and false peace would be broken!

Let the curtains of the true war rise today!


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