MW Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919 – Reunion


After being struck by the joint attack of the saint Empyreans, the Ark of Hope was sent tumbling away. The protective shield covering the ship had been cracked open like an eggshell, with alarming fissures in the runes.

Some of the energy from the saint Empyreans’ attacks was already able to pierce through the protective shield and crash into the Ark of Hope.

“Lin Ming, who did you say is coming?”

Diwuhen grabbed Lin Ming’s shoulder. In such a critical situation he didn’t know whether the people Lin Ming spoke of were friends or enemies.

“The Divine Realm… human martial artists!”

Lin Ming said. At this time, within his mind, the Thousand Mile Heartlink was still reverberating with Xiao Moxian’s worried voice.

“Divine Realm! Humans!”

The ancient race powerhouses were stunned upon hearing this. The Divine Realm was separated from the Primeval Universe by another Heaven. Even if the great calamity descended and the God Lamenting Wall became extremely weak, it would be difficult for their races to meet. Even so, the two races had just the tiniest connection between them.

Empyrean Primordius was a human and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had died in the Divine Realm.

Humanity was once a peak race...

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