MW Chapter 1918

Chapter 1918 – Return (B)

“Seal the array and block them in, don’t give them a single crevice to escape from!”

In space, dozens of saint Empyreans assembled together. In addition there were many ordinary World Kings and Great World Kings. These World Kings and even more Holy Lords gathered on spirit ships that were able to combine all of their strength. They brought their energies together to reinforce the massive array net, sealing off all directions of escape for the Ark of Hope.

With its nearly depleted energy reserves, the Ark of Hope simply didn’t have any chances of breaking through.

In the Ark of Hope, all of the ancient race Empyreans were solemn and quiet. In the face of death, no one felt fear. Instead, they silently waited for the final great battle.

“The Asura Primal God Cannon, can we still use it?”

Diwuhen looked at Lin Ming. As he saw Lin Ming’s pale face, Diwuhen couldn’t bear to say these words. He knew that Lin Ming had consumed far too much strength.

Lin Ming fell deep in thought. To open the Asura Primal God Cannon with the ancient race Empyreans in their current conditions as well as using the remaining energy reserves of the Ark of Hope, he feared that even if he recklessly burned his soul he still wouldn’t be able to activate it.

Even if they somehow managed to operate the god cannon, the blast would only be able to kill several saint race Empyreans; it wouldn’t be able to change the momentum of the battle.

They had been forced into a dead end.

Looking out of the porthole, every inch of Lin Ming’s flesh and blood and bones shivered in pain, on the verge of collapse.

In the Primeval Universe, he had banded together with the numerous ancient race powerhouses, undergoing many hardships together. They had sacrificed themselves in order to heavily wound the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and find a chance of salvation somewhere in the dark. Yet, was everything going to end here?

Just a single step away!

If they could return to the Divine Realm they would be able to find humanity, find life!

“I understand.” Diwuhen grimly nodded. “If that’s the case, there’s nothing else to say.

“Perhaps we cannot protect the bloodlines of the ancient remnant races, but at the least we can protect our glory.

“Perhaps we cannot change the flow of history, but at the least we will use our blood to carve our names in the river of history!”

As Diwuhen spoke, a blazing fighting spirit lit up in the hearts of the ancient race martial artists.

“Us ancient race martial artists, since when did we fear death!?”

“I would rather die with honor than live on dishonorably!”

The ancient race martial artists all strengthened their resolves. And at this time, outside of the Ark of Hope the saint race army also began to move.

“Everyone, this battle is of the utmost importance. Even if success is assured, we cannot underestimate them. Attack together and make sure not a single one of them escapes!”

The one speaking was a saint Empyrean wearing a gold crown. His expression was cold and ruthless, his eyes shining with killing intent.

“Activate the grand array and destroy that spirit ship’s protective shield!” The red-robed saint Empyrean waved his hand. He was the high commander of the saint race army assigned to invade the Divine Realm. The military seal was in his possession and his title was the Saint General, given supreme authority over this army!

He had long received a warning from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This pack of powerhouses that had fled the Primeval Universe didn’t have much strength left; they would collapse at the first blow. Their only hope was that mysterious spirit ship.

But at this moment the spirit ship’s protective shield was nearly nonexistent. It wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

As the red-robed saint Empyrean’s voice fell, several peak Empyreans suddenly took the initiative, their bodies becoming dim.

Divine lights from all sorts of astral essence surged within the void, rapidly expanding into a sea of gold. In an instant, all of the heaven and earth origin energy in the surrounding space for millions of miles was swallowed up.

The saint race Empyreans’ attacks were as dazzling as stars. Countless star-like runes came smashing downwards, colliding with the Ark of Hope.

In that heaven-shaking explosion, the Ark of Hope was like a tiny boat in a raging storm, sent tumbling around in the waves!

Within the Ark of Hope, the collision from the energy palm strikes of the saint Empyreans caused everyone within to stumble about. Several exhausted Empyreans nearly toppled over.

Lin Ming violently shook, only managing to stabilize himself after some time.

The several Empyreans driving the Ark of Hope were deathly pale. They were all anxious as they stared at the protective shield outside the spirit ship. That strike just now was the joint attack of dozens of Empyreans, and the power behind it approached that of a True Divinity. The Ark of Hope’s protective shield wouldn’t be able to withstand several more strikes.

After their protective shield shattered, they would have to engage the saint race Empyreans in a battle to the death!

“If we have any remaining god decrees then use them all!” Diwuhen decisively said as he looked towards the starry space outside.

The ancient race’s Asura Decrees and upper True Divinity god decrees had all been used up. All that remained were relatively ordinary god decrees. Although they were weaker, they were now the last attack methods the ancient races had.

Rumble rumble rumble!

In the void, the gold crown saint Empyrean flourished his hands. A wave of attacks roiled towards the Ark of Hope, smashing into it.

And beside him, the Saint General moved his hands in a circle, gathering an incredibly vast amount of strength. Large arcs of electricity appeared like thunder dragons.

It was clear that out of all the saint Empyreans present, these two were the strongest!

Beneath the terrifying barrage of attacks from these two people, the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves began to run dry.

Further out in space, numerous saint Empyreans coldly sneered, their contemptuous eyes locked onto the Ark of Hope.

The moment that the Ark of Hope’s protective shield shattered they could directly break into the spirit ship and slaughter the ancient race martial artists within.

But at this time, a strange humming sound rang through the air.

An overwhelming light flowed through space like a river of mercury, covering the space before them.

This light contained an incredibly spiritual divine aura. It shook the void, causing the heart to shake.

As it appeared, massive tracts of space were directly pierced through. It hurtled forwards like a tsunami, annihilating everything in its path.


Feeling this heart-racing divine aura, the red-robed Empyrean and the gold crown Empyrean both rapidly drew back.

But, there was still a saint Empyrean that couldn’t dodge in time and was engulfed by this golden light!


The gold crown Empyrean shouted out. The Empyrean who was swallowed by that light was his friend. But now that he wasn’t able to escape in time, his body had disintegrated away without even his bones remaining!

“Damnit!” The gold crown Empyrean’s eyes lit up with a fierce murderous intent. “God decree?”

These Empyreans had already obtained information about the ancient remnant races. They knew that the god decrees were left behind by True Divinities of the past, and their might was immeasurable. Even an Empyrean wouldn’t be able to withstand them!

“Humph, spread out! I want to see just how many god decrees you have…”

The red-robed saint narrowed his eyes as he issued this order. In any case, these refugees from the Primeval Universe were already caged into the inescapable array formation net. No matter what they tried they wouldn’t be able to escape.

And since those within the Ark of Hope still had god decrees, it would be safer to just be a bit more careful and slowly consume them.

At this time, the atmosphere within the Ark of Hope was dignified. The remaining god decrees were relatively weak and there were currently only four remaining. That single strike just now used up two other god decrees and yet they only managed to kill a middle Empyrean. There just wasn’t any meaning to that.

And if the saint army were to scatter then the effects of the god decrees would diminish even more. Using them again would be a waste.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Outside the spirit ship, the terrifying barrage rung against their protective shield like the merciless knell of a death god. Many array formation runes had collapsed and broken apart beneath the waves of impact.

The ancient race Empyreans could already hear the sound of the protective shield breaking apart.

Their hearts tightened. This was because they knew that the time to rush outside and kill until they themselves were killed was finally about to arrive.

Diwuhen and To Bagui each grasped two of the remaining four god decrees. They locked onto a target – the red-robed Empyrean, the Saint General!

They knew that in this situation, death was already certain. But what they wanted to do in the final moments before their deaths was to burn away their lives and detonate the god decrees, dragging this red-robed Saint General down to hell with them!

If they could kill the red-robed Saint General then that would also be an attack on the saints.


In the ongoing explosions, Diwuhen could hear the sound of the protective barrier breaking apart. He took a deep breath and tightly gripped his weapon. He was ready to hurtle into space and burn away every ounce of his life.

But at this moment, behind Diwuhen, Lin Ming suddenly felt his mind shake. He looked outside the porthole with disbelief in his eyes.

“Wait… wait!”

Lin Ming suddenly shouted. Many ancient race Empyreans were startled; they didn’t know just what Lin Ming had discovered.

“What is it?”

Diwuhen and To Bagui followed Lin Ming’s gaze. But outside the porthole all they could see was the vast deepness of space and nothing else.

They were puzzled. They were all looking at the same area, but did Lin Ming see some favorable turn for them?

“Someone is coming!”

Lin Ming’s complexion changed again and again, his eyes flickering with uncertainty.

His senses could not compare with Diwuhen’s or To Bagui’s, but in that moment he had heard a voice that no one else could. This voice had come from Xian Moxian and the Thousand Mile Heartlink!

Xiao Moxian had come!

Not just that, but there was also the martial artists of humanity! However… just how had they chosen this time to arrive?


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