MW Chapter 1918

Chapter 1918 – Return (B)

“Seal the array and block them in, don’t give them a single crevice to escape from!”

In space, dozens of saint Empyreans assembled together. In addition there were many ordinary World Kings and Great World Kings. These World Kings and even more Holy Lords gathered on spirit ships that were able to combine all of their strength. They brought their energies together to reinforce the massive array net, sealing off all directions of escape for the Ark of Hope.

With its nearly depleted energy reserves, the Ark of Hope simply didn’t have any chances of breaking through.

In the Ark of Hope, all of the ancient race Empyreans were solemn and quiet. In the face of death, no one felt fear. Instead, they silently waited for the final great battle.

“The Asura Primal God Cannon, can we still use it?”

Diwuhen looked at Lin Ming. As he saw Lin Ming’s pale face, Diwuhen couldn’t bear to say these words. He knew that Lin Ming had consumed far too much strength.

Lin Ming fell deep in thought. To open the Asura Primal God Cannon with...

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