MW Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917 – Return (A)

The Primeval Universe was one of the 33 Heavens. It was an incomparably vast space, but the Ark of Hope only used several days to quickly reach its end.

As long as they could pass through the God Lamenting Wall here, the other side would be one of the saints’ universes.

Currently, the ancient remnant races were racing against death. This was because even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had managed to lock onto their position, it would still take time to pass on the information.

As long as the ancient remnant races could arrive at the Divine Realm before the armies of the saints intercepted them, then it would be their victory.

“Break through!”

Diwuhen ordered without hesitation. Within the void, the Ark of Hope accelerated without end, turning into a beam of divine light that crossed millions of miles instantly, directly impacting into the God Lamenting Wall.

Because of the great calamity from 3.6 billion years ago, the God Lamenting Wall separating the Primeval Universe and the saints’ universe had become extremely weak, nearly disappearing. If a peak empyrean were to...

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