MW Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917 – Return (A)

The Primeval Universe was one of the 33 Heavens. It was an incomparably vast space, but the Ark of Hope only used several days to quickly reach its end.

As long as they could pass through the God Lamenting Wall here, the other side would be one of the saints’ universes.

Currently, the ancient remnant races were racing against death. This was because even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had managed to lock onto their position, it would still take time to pass on the information.

As long as the ancient remnant races could arrive at the Divine Realm before the armies of the saints intercepted them, then it would be their victory.

“Break through!”

Diwuhen ordered without hesitation. Within the void, the Ark of Hope accelerated without end, turning into a beam of divine light that crossed millions of miles instantly, directly impacting into the God Lamenting Wall.

Because of the great calamity from 3.6 billion years ago, the God Lamenting Wall separating the Primeval Universe and the saints’ universe had become extremely weak, nearly disappearing. If a peak empyrean were to strike it, piercing a hole through the God Lamenting Wall wouldn’t be difficult at all.

And the Ark of Hope’s full speed impact was even beyond the all-out strike of a peak Empyrean.


The Ark of Hope collided with the God of Lamenting. It was like an arrow shooting into an elastic curtain. The God Lamenting Wall stretched forwards, forming a massive cone on the other side.

The Ark of Hope quickly slowed down. The God Lamenting Wall violently shook. Finally, the wall tore open and the Ark of Hope succeeded in passing into the saints’ universe from the Primeval Universe.

The moment that they passed through the God Lamenting Wall, the ancient race powerhouses all felt their hearts gripped and went on full alert. They were afraid that behind the God Lamenting Wall, all that awaited them was the trap of the saint race.

But at this time, in this unknown saint race universe, all that existed was quiet space. Stars shined in the far off distance without the shadow of anyone present.

Everything was peaceful to the point of being eerie.

A restless feeling swelled within Diwuhen’s heart. But now was not the time to hesitate. He loudly proclaimed, “Full speed ahead!”

The primal god race was currently a worn out force filled with nothing but tired soldiers. But, the Ark of Hope didn’t slow down in the least. It passed through space, rapidly activating the great void shift.

Time and time again, the Ark of Hope crossed through this saint race universe.

The ancient races had a magnificent and gloriously long history. They possessed a star chart of the 33 Heavens, a grand map that broadly described the universes of the 33 Heavens.

It also marked where the universes of the 33 Heavens connected with each other and the main races that dwelled within them.

Although this star chart’s information was vague, it had an inestimable function for this moment. It could show them the general direction to take, otherwise the ancient races wouldn’t know just where to go to find the Divine Realm.

To Bagui looked at the star chart and said, “The universe we’re at is called Saint Strife Heaven. Its size is 70% that of the Primeval Universe and within the saints’ seven Heavens, it is one with a relatively low number of masters and is comparatively lacking in resources. According to what we know, this Saint Strife Heaven is one of the safer Heavens and there are no True Divinities here. There is a chance we can simply pass directly through and safely arrive at the Divine Realm!”

Even for a True Divinity, wanting to travel through the universe to catch up would require time. Even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wanted to send out news of their arrival it would still require time. Their successful escape wasn’t a hopeless prospect by any means.

Moreover, according to information obtained by the primal god race, the True Divinities of the saint race were in a heated struggle against each other. This was because the situation involved ownership of all the resources within the Primeval Realm Ruins.

Amongst the saint race True Divinities, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was the strongest. He had established the largest influence of the saint race and became the Saint Sovereign of the saint race, commanding all seven Heavens of the saints. He wrested away almost 80% of the saint race’s total resources, including the Primeval Realm Ruins and the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Finally, he even managed to subdue Famine’s body, making that soulless body into his avatar.

All advantages were taken by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

In this situation, the other True Divinities were certainly discontent.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had launched a great war focused on the primal god race. This war was to plunder the resources of the primeval ruins, and most of these resources would be taken by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

As for the war against the Divine Realm, this was also because of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s ambitions. The other saint race True Divinities weren’t necessarily willing to serve as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s spear.

Amongst all the bad news, this was the only piece of good news.

As they continued passing through space, Diwuhen looked at the star chart, beads of sweat seeping out of his forehead.

“Three more great void shifts and we should arrive at the God Lamenting Wall beside the Divine Realm. There we will be able to pass through the God Lamenting Wall and enter the Divine Realm!”

Diwuhen said. But as he spoke his complexion suddenly changed. In that moment he could feel the Ark of Hope suddenly slow down as if it had fallen into a swamp!

“What’s happening!?” To Bagui’s complexion also changed. He could feel that the Ark of Hope had entered a giant force field. The surrounding space was sealed!


The grand hall housing the Ark of Hope’s array formation suddenly shook like an earthquake passed through it. The martial artists managing the array formation were shaken off their positions.

Everyone was left panic-stricken. They looked out the porthole to see dozens of spirit ships before them. They had already been waiting there and had activated their array formations!

The Ark of Hope was a little fly that had landed on a spider’s web, unable to move!

And to create an array formation that could intercept the Ark of Hope, the strength of their opponents could be imagined!

“Saint race spirit ships!”

Diwuhen sucked in a breath of cold air. They had been ambushed!

“How could they be so quick!?”

A roaring bone race Empyrean clenched his fists, his voice filled with unwillingness. They were already so close to the Divine Realm! Just a little bit more and they would have been able to flee the Saint Strife Heaven. But now, all of their plans had fallen short!

“From the time that we escaped until now, only several days have passed. During the days we spent traveling through two universes of the 33 Heavens, we did so entirely within the Ark of Hope; it would be impossible for anyone to be faster than us. And logically speaking, even if our location was traced there shouldn’t have been anyone here who could have caught up and still had enough time to lay down these array formations… these people should have been transferred here from the Divine Realm…”

In a quiet corner, Lin Ming suddenly spoke up. Although his voice was calm and composed, his words couldn’t hide their tinge of weakness. In that battle against the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, Lin Ming had used up far too much energy. He had almost combusted his soul and had been forced to overdraw his mind and soul force.

“Transferred from the Divine Realm, huh…”

To Bagui muttered out loud. Lin Ming’s explanation was the most reasonable possibility. The saint races controlled seven Heavens, but in the end they still relied on Empyrean level spirit ships to travel. If they wanted to cross through a universe of the 33 Heavens, it would still require one or two months. In a short several days, wanting to summon so many martial artists to this area of a universe was easier said than done, much less not all Empyreans were commanded by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

However, if the martial artists that were sent to the Divine Realm were ordered to return and intercept the Ark of Hope, then that would be far easier.

“Ancient remnant races, I’ve been waiting for you for far too long!”

In the void, a loud and grand voice echoed outwards. A red-robed middle aged man slowly flew out from the middle of the saint race forces.

A faint smile hung on his face and he wore battle armor over his robes. His cultivation was at the peak Empyrean realm.

His eyes were like lightning. He casually swept over the Ark of Hope’s array formation and could see that its energy reserves were now down to 5%!

Although this was still a Beyond Divinity level spirit treasure, it was impossible for its true potential to be displayed.

“The background of these ancient remnant races is indeed deep. To think they could get their hands on such a supreme treasure. What a pity for them, but all of this will belong to the saints…”

The armored man diabolically grinned. Killing the ancient races and capturing Lin Ming alive, this would be a monumental merit. His fame and prestige amongst the saints would skyrocket and he would also obtain rich rewards from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

At this time, behind the middle-aged man, space began to distort with ripples.

One after another, saint race Empyreans appeared, their figures slowly appearing as they broke through space.

Their cultivations were amazing and their blood vitality was overwhelming. As they stood in space they were like planets blocking the world. Among them there were several individuals that emanated an aura as deep as an abyss, as if they were unfathomable beings.

These were also peak Empyreans, not much worse than the armored Empyrean who first appeared.

The ancient race powerhouses within the Ark of Hope all had grim expressions. They could feel a great crisis and pressure pushing down on them!

They had fled the tiger’s den just to enter the wolf’s lair!

And it just so happened that they had used up nearly all of their strength in order to escape the Primeval Universe. Moreover, they only had two peak Empyreans left in To Bagui and Diwuhen. What capital did they have to fight with these saint Empyreans in front of them?

“Must the heavens destroy my people?”

Diwuhen clenched his fists so hard that his hands shivered. The old God Sovereign had sacrificed himself, handing the future of their people to him.

But… in the end, this… was all that resulted…


Diwuhen’s nails dug so deep into his palms that blood began dripping.

At this time, the ancient race Empyreans began moving forwards, standing behind Diwuhen.

They faced the porthole and saw this force of saint Empyreans that was ten times stronger and had been biding their time here. For a time, a tragic desolateness spread in their hearts.

They were well aware that in this following battle, it was likely they would all be annihilated!

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