MW Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916 – The Lurking Danger

A True Divinity tracking mark was extremely difficult to erase. At the Fallen God Mountain Range when Lin Ming was grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms there, he had been marked by the Great Brahmic God King. If it weren’t for Sheng Mei arriving right on time then Lin Ming’s situation would have been dire indeed.

The saint race Empyreans took these crimson jade slips and probed them with their divine sense. They could faintly feel the direction of the Ark of Hope in their minds. It was a small yet brilliant mote of light that was speeding away at an unbelievable speed, rapidly increasing the distance from them.

“There it is!”

The saint race Empyreans’ eyes lit up. From just this alone, they dreaded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. When the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was severely wounded and his spirit mark was being attacked by the Asura Primal God Cannon and was nearly erased, he had still managed to return a strike and leave a tracking mark on the Ark of Hope. This level of ability was extraordinary.

90% of the Empyreans rushed away, chasing...

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