MW Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916 – The Lurking Danger

A True Divinity tracking mark was extremely difficult to erase. At the Fallen God Mountain Range when Lin Ming was grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms there, he had been marked by the Great Brahmic God King. If it weren’t for Sheng Mei arriving right on time then Lin Ming’s situation would have been dire indeed.

The saint race Empyreans took these crimson jade slips and probed them with their divine sense. They could faintly feel the direction of the Ark of Hope in their minds. It was a small yet brilliant mote of light that was speeding away at an unbelievable speed, rapidly increasing the distance from them.

“There it is!”

The saint race Empyreans’ eyes lit up. From just this alone, they dreaded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. When the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was severely wounded and his spirit mark was being attacked by the Asura Primal God Cannon and was nearly erased, he had still managed to return a strike and leave a tracking mark on the Ark of Hope. This level of ability was extraordinary.

90% of the Empyreans rushed away, chasing after the Ark of Hope!

As for the remaining saint race powerhouses that were dispersed all over, they completely sealed away this part of the universe.

Soon, in that battlefield that had been filled with intense and brutal fighting, there was only the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign left behind with the wounded body of Famine.

In the dark starry space, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion was dim; no one could know what he was thinking.

He remained silent for a long time, quietly assessing all the wounded areas within Famine’s body. He frowned.

He had been injured far too heavily. He would need to return to recover from this and the healing period would be extremely long.

Slowly, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign stretched out his right hand. In his palm a black bead slowly revolved. Numerous mystical patterns ran across the surface of this bead, beating like blood vessels.

This was the Grandmist Spirit Bead. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sucked in a deep breath of air. A thick smell of blood dissipated from the Grandmist Spirit Bead, entering the Saint Sovereign and Famine’s body slowly.

He was healing his wounds with the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was able to absorb blood vitality and essence. After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign obtained the Grandmist Spirit Bead he had spent a long period of time venturing all over to find flesh and blood essence to nourish the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Now, he released part of this flesh and blood essence in order to enhance the recovery speed of himself and Famine.

Famine itself already possessed an incredible life force and a mind-boggling defensive power. Even though it had suffered strike after devastating strike, it was only injured, not yet dead.

But correspondingly, once Famine was wounded, recovering from these wounds was difficult. The loss in life force was far too great. No matter what sort of heavenly materials were tossed into Famine, it was like throwing a grain of rice into a field; there just wasn’t any noticeable effect.

So even with the Grandmist Spirit Bead it would be a monumental task for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to completely restore Famine.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign constantly absorbed flesh and blood essence from the Grandmist Spirit Bead. This process continued for two hours.

After that, the light from the Grandmist Spirit Bead became increasingly dense and bright as it surrounded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s main body. Then, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign separated himself from Famine and flew into the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

After that, the bead slowly sank into Famine’s body, burying itself deep within the monster’s flesh.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead sank deeper and deeper, falling inwards for over a thousand miles until it reached the center of Famine’s body where it soaked itself in a massive pond of blood.

This was the center of Famine. It was an area similar to a giant heart. Every time it beat, the sound was like colliding planets, bass enough to cause space to shake.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s secret escape route. Although he seemed like an unparalleled existence in the world, undefeatable by anyone, the truth was that there were existences within the 33 Heavens that could threaten his life.

For instance… the Soul Emperor!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Soul Emperor had formed a devil’s contract with each other. For a long period of time, neither party would aggress against the other.

But the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would never believe any contract. He hid himself in the Grandmist Spirit Bead and used it to protect himself, only exposing Famine’s body on the outside.

During the healing period he would be extremely frail and weak. If a peak powerhouse of the 33 Heavens wanted to take this chance to strike out against him they would first need to break open Famine’s body and obtain the Grandmist Spirit Bead in order to find the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s true body.

If this were to occur then the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could detonate all the life force energy within Famine’s body. The might from such an action could be imagined. If this were to happen, even a True Divinity would instantly perish.

Rumble rumble rumble!

After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sank into Famine’s body, a massive black vortex appeared beneath it. Then, Famine’s massive body slowly fell into this vortex, sinking into the dark chaos before it vanished from sight.

Following that, space restored itself and Famine completely disappeared. Spatial ripples spread out before calming down, as if nothing had happened here. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had taken Famine and vanished together.


Meanwhile, deep in space, a white spirit ship was rapidly racing along!

The Ark of Hope had escaped into the vastness of space and had activated the great void shift. Every use of the great void shift crossed a billion trillion miles, spanning innumerable celestial bodies as it raced through the universe!

Within the Ark of Hope, Diwuhen and To Bagui had assumed command. They had taken over the position of the old God Sovereign and were managing the escape.

Now, the two of them had become the pillars of everyone’s minds and hearts.

In that previous great battle they had lost the leaders of their two greatest ancient races. Not just that, but numerous respected elders and legendary figures had sacrificed themselves for the common good.

Even so, none of them had time to mope over the past. They were still being hunted and the dangers had yet to end…

The spirit ship’s atmosphere was tense and solemn.

For all these years the martial artists of the ancient remnant races had gone on war campaigns without end and were used to their friends and companions dying. Martial artists may stand arrogantly above all of existence, wielding everything in the universe and defying the will of the heavens, but the truth was that once they died they often didn’t even have bones left over.  There would be nothing left of them but ash and smoke that faded away in the world.

“Everyone, take this chance to restore your wounds as much as possible!” Diwuhen loudly proclaimed.

Once the Ark of Hope was able to fly away at full speed, the amount of energy it used would be far less. Now, there was less than 10% remaining in the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves. While it wasn’t enough to operate the protective shield, it was sufficient to fly to the Divine Realm.

The Empyreans all swallowed down pills and sat in meditation.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s expression was still stern. He thought for a moment and then said, “Everyone… I have a foreboding feeling…”


Many people looked towards in Ming. These casual words had no reasoning behind them, but was only a simple foreboding feeling that many people felt all the time. It normally shouldn’t have been enough to arouse anyone’s interest, but since the one speaking was Lin Ming, that was a completely different scenario.

“What is it?”

Smokeless stopped her meditation and looked to Lin Ming. She had consumed far too much strength and her face was paper white, making one feel pity for her.

“I can’t say for certain, but I feel that no matter how many times we activated great void shifts, we still never left the perception range of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…”

Lin Ming’s words caused the martial artists present to be stunned. They all glanced at each, looks of fear and unease on their faces.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was far too terrifying an existence, one that they found hard to summon the courage to fight against. If it was true that they still hadn’t escaped the scope of his detection, how could they not be scared?

“Why do you have this feeling? A True Divinity’s divine sense can search a universe, but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has been severely injured so he shouldn’t have this ability…”

To Bagui’s complexion was ugly. Someone like the Great Brahmic God King could use his great supernatural power to search the world but doing so required an incredible amount of energy. For the current Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, doing this would be difficult to accomplish.

Lin Ming continued, “When I used the Asura Primal God Cannon to strike at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s spirit mark, I became familiar with his soul force.”

What he said was a half-truth. When Lin Ming had opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace to use the Magic Cube to capture the location of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s spirit mark in Famine, he had been able to feel the unique soul signature of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. So, even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s divine sense was mixed into many others, Lin Ming could still pick it out.

Now, he felt a strange mental strength linger around them. It was extremely weak, but hadn’t left…

If it wasn’t for the Magic Cube and Daevic Eye Dao Palace, Lin Ming would never have sensed this.

“Is that so…”

Diwuhen took a deep breath. He could feel the situation devolving further and further. “If we must go to the Divine Realm then we must pass through one of the saints’ Heavens. If we really have been locked on by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, then our journey will be bitter indeed…”

If they followed the original plan, then the ancient remnant races would use the Asura Decree obtained from the Asura forbidden land to cross the God Lamenting Wall and directly enter the Divine Realm.

Such a journey was short, but unfortunately, although this special Asura Decree could pierce through the God Lamenting Wall, it still required a peak Empyrean to consume an enormous amount of energy to activate. The many peak Empyreans on the Ark of Hope had already pushed themselves to the point of exhaustion. If they didn’t rest to restore their strength it would be impossible for them to activate the Asura Decree.

So, they could only take the risks and pass through one of the saint’s Heavens!


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