MW Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915 – True Divinity Mark

Divine light cut through the cosmos. A terrifying storm of energy swallowed all, causing space to collapse in a range of a million miles. Space storms recklessly rushed out, swallowing everything, twisting apart even planets.

The massive energy vortex swallowed almost half of Famine’s planet-sized body. As for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, it was like someone had thrown acid on him, making his entire body begin to rapidly melt away.

The divine light swept through all, even covering light rays and sound waves. All strength was swallowed within. Several saint race spirit ships were caught in this energy vortex and destroyed, immediately disintegrated. The numerous Saint Lords, Holy Lords, and even World Kings on board were annihilated without even bones remaining!

As for the saint race Empyreans, they all began to run away lest they were also affected!

The entire Primeval Universe seemed to have been severed in half by this divine sword, leaving a terrifying white scar through space.

The middle of this white scar was an absolute death zone. Any spirit ships, World Kings, or Empyreans that fell in would vanish without a trace.

“Hou - !”

From deep within this giant vortex a dreadful demonic roar transmitted outwards, like 10,000 God Beasts howling out together. Giant sonic waves and space storms mixed into the vortex of energy, tearing apart all.

This was the cry of Famine; it was clear that it was suffering agonizing pain.

“Do we still have energy reserves?”

Diwuhen shouted out within the Ark of Hope. The battle had yet to end. Whether it was the Ark of Hope or the martial artists within it, they had all used a tremendous amount of energy and could be described as lamps that had used up all their oil.

“There isn’t much left…”

Smokeless said, sweat dripping down her forehead. Because many of the Empyreans had used up their strength, Smokeless had also stepped forwards to contribute her power.

And at this time, standing beside Smokeless, Lin Ming’s face was pale white. Sweat streamed down his face and within his pupils the image of a gray cube flashed in and out of existence, appearing and then hiding again. But this time, no one had the energy to notice the phenomenon occurring within Lin Ming’s eyes.

“I’ve used up too much energy…”

Lin Ming slumped onto the table before him, taking great heaving gasps of air. Just now, Lin Ming had used the Daevic Eye Dao Palace in conjunction with the divine soul tool – the Magic Cube. With this, he had barely been able to locate the spirit mark point that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had placed within Famine. In the cannon blast just now, out of all the martial artists in the Ark of Hope, the one who had exhausted himself the most was undoubtedly Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming, are you okay…?”

Several Empyreans asked with concern. Lin Ming dismissively waved his hand and struggled to say, “We must leave as soon as possible. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign… isn’t dead!”

Lin Ming had used the Magic Cube to locate the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s spirit mark and was thus extremely sensitive to this spirit mark’s existence. He knew that in the strike just now, he hadn’t been able to erase the spirit mark.

After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fused with Famine’s body, their life force was just too terrifying! Even the Asura Primal God Cannon that was powered by numerous Empyreans, and then added on with the implosion of Empyrean Primordius deep within Famine, still wasn’t able to defeat them!

As the ancient remnant races heard Lin Ming’s words they felt as if their hearts were dropped in ice. In truth, they had already prepared themselves for failure. After all, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was too strong. But after seeing that strike just now and the incredible explosion that lit up the universe, a faint and wild hope had still existed in their hearts. However, even that faint ray of hope had disappeared, making it hard for them to accept.

The celestial Patriarch, the old God Sovereign, Empyrean Primordius, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing… peerless powerhouses had burnt their lives one after another to fight, but in the end they only managed to severely wound the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“Not yet, it’s not over yet, we’re breaking out of here!”

To Bagui shouted. He desperately poured all of his power of divinity into the Ark of Hope’s grand array formation and the other Empyreans followed suit. Now that they had already reached their limits, they had to overdraw their life in order to do this!

And at this time, from where Famine was covered by the energy storm, a thick red dragon tentacle pierced out of that horrifying black vortex, striking towards the Ark of Hope!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had begun his attack once more!

It was only that this red dragon tentacle was dripping with blood; it had clearly suffered tremendous damage.

“I… will… kill… you… all!!” This hatred-filled curse resounded through the cosmos!

Seeing the red dragon tentacle shoot towards them, the expressions of the ancient race Empyreans all changed. They knew that once they were tied down by this red dragon tentacle they were all finished!

This was because there were still many Empyreans within the saint army. Due to that fearful explosion just now, the Empyreans had all scattered and fled as far as they could. They were flesh and blood unlike the Ark of Hope and couldn’t withstand the shockwaves from such a terrifying energy storm.

But currently, the energy storm was weakening and those Empyreans that ran away were rapidly returning!

If they were encircled then the Ark of Hope would never be able to escape!

“Explode for me!”

As everything hung by a single thread, To Bagui suddenly thrust out a withered yellow god decree!

The three Asura Decrees had already been used. What To Bagui held in his hand was one left behind by an upper True Divinity. After being repaired by Lin Ming, the might within it had been restored to its past state. In the hands of the ancient races it was a formidable weapon only inferior to the Asura Decrees.


The god decree blasted through space and a powerful shockwave blew away the dragon tentacle. At the same time, the Ark of Hope was pushed away by the impact of the shockwave and went tumbling backwards like a meteor.

“Rush out!”

Diwuhen had already recklessly burned his blood essence. The other Empyreans were also pouring every drop of energy they had into the Ark of Hope’s array formation. Energy roiled and raged and the Ark of Hope violently trembled. It shot forwards like a beam of white light!


An incredible impulse force erupted. After being pushed forwards by this tremendous propulsion, the Ark of Hope turned into a divine beam of light that instantly passed a million miles through the void, shooting deep into the universe!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s force field blockade had already been broken in that explosion just now. For a time, the Ark of Hope was like a fish swimming through the sea, a bird flying through the air, an unstoppable force!

In terms of speed alone, the Ark of Hope surpassed the saint Empyreans by far. Even if it were the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who had fused with Famine, because Famine’s body was too large it would be hard for him to pursue the Ark of Hope.

Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already sustained heavy wounds!

In this battle he had experienced severe injuries! Ever since the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign became an extreme Empyrean, he had never once suffered wounds like he had today.

“Damn it!”

Space was torn apart and blood tentacles stretched out. Famine’s giant body forcefully pushed out from the collapsing spatial vortex.

Over half of its flesh had melted away. From afar, it resembled an apple that had many bites taken out of it, completely rotten.

Blood gushed out all over Famine’s body like numerous erupting volcanoes. The space around it was covered in red mist.

“Lin Ming, ancient remnant races, I will kill you all myself!”

Famine’s losses were deep and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s main body was also dripping with blood. Frightening wounds were left all over him and the flesh and blood there wriggled as if vicious beasts would pop out.

If he wanted to recover, he would need an extremely long period of time!

“Your Majesty Saint Sovereign!”

In front of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign many Empyreans fell to their knees. These Empyreans were all filled with fear. This fight had taken a sudden unfavorable turn, and they were all more or less related to this outcome. They were scared that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would blame them all for this in a fit of anger.

“Just what are you dawdling here for!? Chase them!!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face darkened. He never imagined that in his first battle ever since he subdued Famine, facing a group of people that were in his eyes nothing more than ants, he would actually be reduced to such a state.

Not only had he been severely wounded but he had allowed Lin Ming and the ancient remnant races to escape.

This was a disastrous defeat!

The saint Empyreans all looked at each other in blank dismay. They had already seen the terrifying speed that the Ark of Hope had fled with after the force field blockade had been shattered. That wasn’t a speed they could overtake at all.

In the large universes of the 33 Heavens, once they lost the Ark of Hope and wanted to chase after them, that was no different from searching for a needle in a haystack. Wasn’t that easier said than done?

The exception was if they were a True Divinity that could search a world with their divine sense. Only then would they have a chance of catching up.

But now, they didn’t even know which direction to go in.

“Take this!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign waved his arms and several crimson jade slips flew out into the hands of the peak Empyreans present. As they received these jade slips they were slightly stunned.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign gloomily said, “I have left behind my tracking mark on their spirit ship. If you use these jade slips you will naturally be able to find them. They are nothing but a completely exhausted group of people. Catch them and bring them back, I do not care who has to die in the process!”

During that final attack, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already realized that it was unlikely for him to be able to hold the ancient races from escaping. Thus, after that attack, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t try too hard to hold back the Ark of Hope but had instead left behind a tracking mark on the spirit ship!


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