MW Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915 – True Divinity Mark

Divine light cut through the cosmos. A terrifying storm of energy swallowed all, causing space to collapse in a range of a million miles. Space storms recklessly rushed out, swallowing everything, twisting apart even planets.

The massive energy vortex swallowed almost half of Famine’s planet-sized body. As for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, it was like someone had thrown acid on him, making his entire body begin to rapidly melt away.

The divine light swept through all, even covering light rays and sound waves. All strength was swallowed within. Several saint race spirit ships were caught in this energy vortex and destroyed, immediately disintegrated. The numerous Saint Lords, Holy Lords, and even World Kings on board were annihilated without even bones remaining!

As for the saint race Empyreans, they all began to run away lest they were also affected!

The entire Primeval Universe seemed to have been severed in half by this divine sword, leaving a terrifying white scar through space.

The middle of this white...

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