MW Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 – The Strongest Joint Attack

“A different attack method?”

When the many Empyreans heard Lin Ming’s words they were left surprised. The so-called different attack method, could it be related to the divine aura that emanated from Lin Ming just now?

Lin Ming said, “I’m not sure, but I believe that no matter how powerful an existence is, they will never be invincible. Even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign must have a weakness.”

As Lin Ming spoke, no one asked any more questions. With Empyrean Primordius on the precipice of death there was just no time to talk. Moreover, the key factor was that the Empyreans present had faith in Lin Ming.

He had already created far too many miracles.

“Everyone, help me!” As Lin Ming’s voice fell, his blood vitality began to seethe and roil. The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace completely opened and his body emitted loud crackling sounds as his figure rose and black scales appeared all over him. In order to operate the Asura Primal God Cannon the best he could, Lin Ming had activated the power of the Asura blood!

At this time, his blood vessels and meridians began to surge like a flood. Condensed blood vitality and energy shot out from his pores, gathering in the void.

Not just that,...

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