MW Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 – The Strongest Joint Attack

“A different attack method?”

When the many Empyreans heard Lin Ming’s words they were left surprised. The so-called different attack method, could it be related to the divine aura that emanated from Lin Ming just now?

Lin Ming said, “I’m not sure, but I believe that no matter how powerful an existence is, they will never be invincible. Even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign must have a weakness.”

As Lin Ming spoke, no one asked any more questions. With Empyrean Primordius on the precipice of death there was just no time to talk. Moreover, the key factor was that the Empyreans present had faith in Lin Ming.

He had already created far too many miracles.

“Everyone, help me!” As Lin Ming’s voice fell, his blood vitality began to seethe and roil. The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace completely opened and his body emitted loud crackling sounds as his figure rose and black scales appeared all over him. In order to operate the Asura Primal God Cannon the best he could, Lin Ming had activated the power of the Asura blood!

At this time, his blood vessels and meridians began to surge like a flood. Condensed blood vitality and energy shot out from his pores, gathering in the void.

Not just that, but Lin Ming’s spiritual sea started to tumble and stir. Soul force roared out from him, gathering into purple pythons that rushed out from Lin Ming’s soul. All of these strengths were Lin Ming’s true source soul, and now he was pouring all of it into the Asura Primal God Cannon without reserve.

Slowly, the runes atop the Asura Primal God Cannon began to emit a bright and eternally glorious light. Marks started to float in the air, like innumerable faint stars revolving around the cannon that made it seem even more mystical and magnificent.

Just Lin Ming’s strength alone was far from enough. At this time, stream after stream of great energy began to flow into Lin Ming’s body.

These strengths were as deep and vast as a sea, all of them pouring into Lin Ming like massive rivers and then flowing through him into the Asura Primal God Cannon.

The source of these strengths was all the ancient race Empyreans of the Primeval Universe that were trying their best to struggle for a future within the Ark of Hope.

They had already helped Lin Ming activate the Asura Primal God Cannon once before. Now that they were coordinating with him a second time, this was already a familiar process.

None of them knew what Lin Ming’s plan was nor did they know what the chances of success were.

But at this time, none of them asked. They could only desperately push forwards, burning their life source without hesitation to wrestle for the slightest ray of hope!

Many ancient race Empyreans began burning their fires of life. Their appearances started to wither, becoming older.

They had already been powering the Ark of Hope’s array formation all this time and they had consumed a tremendous amount of energy. This strength that they poured into Lin Ming was all they had left.

Some older Empyreans barely had enough strength to continue standing and almost slumped over. But even so, they continued to pour their power into the array formation.

The entire Ark of Hope was silent. No one spoke. Only the sound of roiling soul force echoed in the air as all eyes were focused on Lin Ming.


Lin Ming required time to gather his potential. But at this time, within the body of Famine, Empyrean Primordius had already consumed a tremendous amount of strength and was finding it hard to continue.

The bone armor on his body was almost corroded to nothing and he dripped with blood all over.

Famine’s flesh trembled around Empyrean Primordius. The flesh became like walls, pressing down on him. This terrifying strength could even crush a planet, and now it was all being withstood by Empyrean Primordius alone!


With a loud crack, Empyrean Primordius’ right bone blade finally cracked as it tried to slice through the increasingly dense flesh and corrosive strength!


Behind Empyrean Primordius, the blood red tentacles chased after him faster and faster. They bore tunnels through Famine’s body, soon about to pierce through Empyrean Primordius!

A callous smile unconsciously appeared on the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face. Although his battle with Empyrean Primordius and the ancient races had caused him to suffer heavy losses, if he could catch Empyrean Primordius and swallow his mortal body then he could restore a bit of his lost essence energy and blood vitality, restoring himself that much faster.

But just as he was about to kill Empyrean Primordius his body shook. The smile on his face froze.

“Killing intent!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes widened. He swiveled to look towards the Ark of Hope.

At this time, the Ark of Hope had fallen utterly silent. Its protective shield had disappeared and now it was only relying on the tough defenses of his hull to continue onwards.

This was because all the power within the Ark of Hope was gathering into the Asura Primal God Cannon and it could no longer maintain its protective shield.

On the bow of the Ark of Hope, the Asura Primal God Cannon began to shake. Rumbling filled the air like countless texts being recited in unison.

In that incomparably ancient and profound cannon barrel, a terrifying strength that could crush billions of miles of space began to condense, turning into a blinding light.

This light became increasingly glorious and magnificent like a supernova. But strangely, there was no sound.

As if the terrifying power of the Asura Primal God Cannon could swallow all sound in the world.

In that moment, the heavens and earth fell silent.

All that existed in everyone’s field of view was a vast white light that swallowed everything as it swept towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly snorted. He had withstood three Asura Decrees, Beyond Divinity level treasures that represented the will of the Asura Road Master. Even then he had only suffered heavy damage. So, this Asura Primal God Cannon that was operated by a pack of Empyreans was nothing at all.

“You want to save Primordius? Dream on!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign contemptuously sneered. Instead of hurting ten fingers he would rather break off one instead. Even if he had to be injured again he would still kill Empyrean Primordius first to prevent all future troubles!


Within Famine’s body, the bone dragon that had transformed into a blood red lance continued to pierce toward Primordius without slowing!


Empyrean Primordius’ tattered bone armor was directly pierced through. Blood shot out!

Empyrean Primordius shook. He looked blankly on as a large and massive bone spear thrust through his chest, bringing with it a giant deluge of blood.

But even now, within Empyrean Primordius’ eyes there was no sorrow, no anger, and no regret.

What he had was a firm resolution.

Within his heart was a faint brilliance, one that he could sense Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s aura from. During his final twilight, that pale and light soul force continued to accompany him at his side, leaving him forever enchanted and at peace.

When he broke into Famine’s body, his goal was not to destroy it. He was well aware that with his own strength, it would be impossible to sever Famine’s life force.

The reason he desperately rushed into Famine, ignoring the corrosion of his bone armor and ignoring the terrifying pressure from the walls of flesh around him, was all in order to penetrate as deep as he could.

Then… he could detonate himself from within!

Gather all of his life force, combust his soul, burn his energy, in his life, a move that could only be used once… the strongest and most glorious final attack!


“What? This attack…!”

Seeing the Asura Primal God Cannon’s blast shoot towards him, the originally contemptuous Good Fortune Saint Sovereign suddenly changed his complexion.

From this terrifying energy he could feel a soul-destroying aura. And, what was most terrifying was that this energy had locked onto… the singular weak point within Famine’s body!

In other words… the spirit mark which the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had left in Famine!

Famine’s soul had been sealed away by Empyrean Divine Seal. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had used the Grandmist Spirit Bead to extract the flesh and blood essence from Famine and fuse it into his own body. This was the method he used to establish a connection with Famine. The reason he was able to control Famine’s body was because he had left his own spirit mark within it.

The place of this spirit mark was not too far away from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s main body.

Lin Ming had poured his soul force into the Magic Cube, using the Magic Cube to search until he finally found this singular point!

The all-out cannon blast was aimed towards this area!

Once it was erased, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would lose control of Famine.

There was nothing that was truly invincible!

“How is this possible!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was shocked beyond compare. Famine had such a massive body that it was impossible for it to be a coincidence for the enemy to strike solely this point.

But, who was it that had discovered the location of the spirit mark?


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s expression turned fierce and hideous. With several loud popping sounds, all around him dozens of red bone dragons had appeared!

These red bone dragons swirled in front of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, ready to intercept the cannon blast!

Famine’s mortal body was extremely formidable. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was fully confident that with these dozens of red bone dragons intercepting the strike, even if the ancient races had discovered his weakness they still couldn’t do anything with it.

But at this time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion changed once more. Deep within Famine, he could feel a power brewing like a volcano.

“Primordius, have you gone insane!?” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was panic-stricken. The point that this terrifying strength was gathering towards was where Empyrean Primordius was.

At this time, Empyrean Primordius’ body had swelled up. His blood vitality and divine soul were being burned to the extreme. Within his pupils there was a complex interweaving of freedom and resolve.

In front of him, a faint soul force condensed, manifesting into the vague phantom of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing.

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing gazed at Empyrean Primordius, her eyes filled with a soft and gentle love.

One was a towering abyssal demon and the other was a soul goddess with no physical body. Both of them hugged each other, and yet this didn’t seem out of place at all. Rather, it seemed to be the most beautiful image in existence.

Empyrean Primordius’ body was completely soaked in a blinding divine light, like the last flash before a star exploded!

A horrifying strength erupted. At this time, Empyrean Primordius had the strength of a True Divinity and he had the seized body of an abyssal. Once he detonated himself, the power behind the explosion could be imagined!

Moreover, he was deep within Famine and had aimed at the brief moment when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was at his weakest!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign roared. But, he could not stop Empyrean Primordius.


A world-shaking explosion occurred, blasting through Famine’s body. From the side of Famine, the terrifying explosion burst through his body and swept through space, bringing with it endless pieces of flesh and blood!

The titanic energy storm that Empyrean Primordius became began to tear apart everything in the void around it.

Even the surrounding enchantment of supernatural power was struck by this dreadful strength, instantly blowing up into pieces!

The nearby saint Empyreans all fled. But, many World Kings and Holy Lords were sucked in, all of them dying miserable deaths!

Empyrean Primordius’ self-detonation had blown open a gaping wound in Famine. And at the same time, the Asura Primal God Cannon’s energy blast also struck the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

It aimed straight towards the spirit mark that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had left in Famine!


A divine light melted away all. A horrifying energy beam completely swallowed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!



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