MW Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913 – Point


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion changed. All of his attention just now had been focused on the Ark of Hope. He wanted to obliterate the Ark of Hope’s protective shield and then swallow it, along with the primal god race and Lin Ming.

But during this time period he had suffered a sneak attack.

“It’s you again!!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fiercely raged, furious. Famine’s body was far too large. After the black hole broke apart, Famine had been forced to withstand over 90% of the black hole’s turbulent energy shockwaves.

And Empyrean Primordius had hidden himself behind Famine. The moment the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign blocked the black hole’s energy shockwaves with the Myriad Spirit Creation Shield, Empyrean Primordius had taken this opportunity to strike!

And what was most ruthless was that Empyrean Primordius didn’t attack the exterior of Famine’s body, but instead chose to rush through the horrifying tearing wounds caused by the black hole energy and break into its body!

Such a sinister method caused the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to fume with rage!


Blood began to gush out of Famine like a river from the wound where Empyrean Primordius had rushed in!

In that moment, Empyrean Primordius had sliced open a giant blood vessel within Famine!

This blood vessel was over a thousand feet thick and it was cut in half by Empyrean Primordius’ bone saber. Underneath a terrifying blood pressure, blood as hot and thick as magma gushed out into space, soaring for thousands of miles!

“Just die!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes gleamed with a vicious light. He changed his plans. He had to kill Empyrean Primordius first, otherwise with Empyrean Primordius freely rampaging through his body, his wounds would only become heavier.


A bone dragon tentacle drilled into Famine’s body like a leech, chasing straight after Empyrean Primordius.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was ruthless. He ignored any collateral damage to Famine’s body and vowed to catch and kill Empyrean Primordius!

As the bone dragon tentacle drilled in, it constantly transformed. It became sharper, more dense, similar to a blood red spear!

And at this time, Empyrean Primordius rushed forwards through the mass of flesh and blood. Before this, Empyrean Primordius’ left bone blade had been shattered by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s punch and his left hand had nearly broken apart at the same time. Now all he had left was the bone blade on his right elbow.

Using this bone blade, Empyrean Primordius hurtled forwards with irresistible momentum. He constantly tore through Famine’s body, drilling into it like a razor sharp cone!

“Since you’ve come, don’t think of leaving!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign surged with energy. Waves of the power of good fortune swelled towards him and Famine’s body violently wriggled. At the same time, the Grandmist Spirit Bead floated above the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s head. A stream of ancient runes rushed out, all of them entering into Famine’s body.

With the support of this powerful energy, Famine’s flesh and blood tightened, becoming more dense even as energy recklessly coursed through it.

These waves of energy smashed onto Empyrean Primordius like an endless tide. The blood became increasingly hot and also started to be filled with a horrifying corrosive power!

This corrosiveness wasn’t from physical poisons but from the Heavenly Dao Laws – in other words, the Poison Laws. Even if a True Divinity spirit treasure were bathed in Famine’s blood it would still slowly lose its spirituality.

Empyrean Primordius fought with everything he had. As he did, he felt the blood splashing on him become as dangerous as acid. As long as it touched him it would emit puffing sounds and vanish in a plume of white smoke.

The pitch black bone armor on his body began to melt away at a speed visible to the eyes. After a while, a plate of bone armor as thick as a large fist fell down.

The bone armor that was originally as smooth as a mirror begun to form holes due to the corrosive blood.

Some of that corrosive blood even splashed onto Primordius’ pupils.

On his deep pupils, runes began to collapse. The sight in front of Empyrean Primordius became hazy and dim, as if he would lose his vision at any moment…


Through the layers of hurdles, Empyrean Primordius angrily howled out. A radiant light the color of fresh blood shot out from his pupils, as bright as a sun. The corrosive bodily fluids of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were burned away by the source essence energy of Empyrean Primordius. A boundless shaking power rushed out, allowing Empyrean Primordius to continue hurtling into the deepest depths of Famine.


“The situation is dire!”

Within the Ark of Hope an ancient race Empyrean felt his mind tighten.

Every single action and move that Empyrean Primordius took affected the hearts of the powerhouses within the Ark of Hope.

They could all feel that at this moment, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body was surging with a potent power of good fortune. His fused body bloomed with a blinding light. Every pore shone, and the flesh and blood seemed to come to life making the heart race with fear.

That strength was so great that even the void would be swallowed up.

But after Empyrean Primordius had hurtled his way into Famine’s body, his aura became isolated from the outside without any way to sense his movements. Even the tear that Empyrean Primordius used to drill into Famine was slowly being covered over by wriggling flesh.

“Primordius is in danger!”

Diwuhen and To Bagui’s faces were dripping with sweat. Whether it was the celestials or god race, their old leaders had died in battle for their people. Now, the destiny of their races had been left in their hands and they had become the true commanders who had to lead the ancient remnant races to escape and survive.

The pressure on their shoulders could be imagined!

“The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign suffered a backlash from the Grandmist Spirit Bead and has taken heavy damage. He even overdrew his essence energy to activate the Good Fortune Divine Art – just how much strength could he possibly have left?!”

A god race Empyrean spat out with hate thick in his voice.

“Even a centipede that is chopped in half won’t die. Famine’s vital life force is too powerful. Even if it only has a tenth of its strength remaining, it isn’t something we can hope to contend with…”

Diwuhen took a deep breath. At this time, he was nearly out of his wits and out of his mind. Once Empyrean Primordius died, the rest of them would soon follow.

As everyone was anxious and worried, in a corner of the control room, Lin Ming had closed his eyes deep in concentration. Within his spiritual sea the Magic Cube slowly revolved, projecting out a phantom of Famine’s body.

His spiritual sea was nearly isolated from the world. All of his soul force was poured into the Magic Cube as he sensed the universe through it.

He was using the Magic Cube to search for that one ‘point’.

Beside Lin Ming, Smokeless was startled. She could faintly feel that at this moment, there was suddenly a strange change in Lin Ming’s soul force, one that was hard to fathom.

It was like waves of a vast and boundless strength, similar to a spiritual god, began to gush out from Lin Ming’s body, so profound that it caused the heart to race.

Other than Smokeless, many Empyreans also discovered that something unusual was occurring to Lin Ming’s aura. What they didn’t know was that this aura like a spiritual god that made their hearts race didn’t come from Lin Ming, but originated from the Magic Cube.

If there was a powerhouse that had a deep understanding of the Magic Cube, they could rely on this feeling alone to confirm that the Magic Cube was within Lin Ming’s body. This was because the momentum emitting from his body was too grand, too unique.

But now, no one could care to delve into this. Lin Ming had created far too many miracles. If they could feel a divine nature from his body, no one would think it was strange.

“Lin Ming…”

Diwuhen could see that between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, another eye had appeared. This eye shined out with a brilliant divine light, and within his eyes, the phantom of a gray cube seemed to spin around. This cube had mysterious markings that he had never seen before.

As this phantom cube appeared it also instantly hid itself. But as Diwuhen looked into Lin Ming’s eyes he had a feeling as if he were losing himself. This feeling left him stunned. As a peak Empyrean it was naturally impossible for him to be enchanted by the eyes of a peak Holy Lord martial artist.

Was it that phantom cube which had appeared for a brief moment just then?

Diwuhen had no time to think about it. At this time, Lin Ming stood up and asked, “Let me try once.”


Everyone was shocked. What did Lin Ming want to try? Could it be that he wanted to deal with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?

That was impossible!

They watched as Lin Ming slowly walked to the side of the Asura Primal God Cannon. Soul force wildly bubbled around his body. Rays of his soul force gathered around him, forming a beam of light in the void, as thick as a baby’s arm. This beam of soul force connected to the Asura Primal God Cannon. Beneath the revitalization of Lin Ming’s soul force, the Asura Primal God Cannon began to emit waves of faint spiritual light.

So he wanted to release the Asura Primal God Cannon once more!

“Lin Ming, you want to use the Asura Primal God Cannon? The Asura Primal God Cannon is strong, but… Famine is just too powerful. It is nearly invincible. Can you use the god cannon to threaten its life?”

The Asura Primal God Cannon was extremely powerful. With a direct strike it could even easily and instantly kill a peak Empyrean.

But to use it to blast Famine, it was actually far too weak!

After all, even in Lin Ming’s hands the Asura Primal God Cannon could only display a limited degree of strength. It was far inferior to an Asura Decree.

Even an Asura Decree could only heavily wound Famine but not kill it.

“Let’s give it a try. This time, my attack method will be different…”

Lin Ming touched the Asura Primal God Cannon. He had no idea just how many rare treasures of the universe were incorporated into this god cannon, just how many materials were needed to forge it. In the ancient era, this god cannon had once followed the Asura Road Master into battle and had obtained many magnificent war exploits.


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