MW Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913 – Point


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion changed. All of his attention just now had been focused on the Ark of Hope. He wanted to obliterate the Ark of Hope’s protective shield and then swallow it, along with the primal god race and Lin Ming.

But during this time period he had suffered a sneak attack.

“It’s you again!!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fiercely raged, furious. Famine’s body was far too large. After the black hole broke apart, Famine had been forced to withstand over 90% of the black hole’s turbulent energy shockwaves.

And Empyrean Primordius had hidden himself behind Famine. The moment the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign blocked the black hole’s energy shockwaves with the Myriad Spirit Creation Shield, Empyrean Primordius had taken this opportunity to strike!

And what was most ruthless was that Empyrean Primordius didn’t attack the exterior of Famine’s body, but instead chose to rush through the horrifying tearing wounds caused by the black hole energy and break into its body!

Such a sinister...

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