MW Chapter 1912

Chapter 1912 – Black Hole Disintegration

“You are seeking death!”

Seeing Empyrean Primordius hurtle towards him, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign began to panic.

Even if he was stronger, having to control the incomparably powerful Grandmist Spirit Bead black hole to attack the divine natural sealing space had caused him to exhaust all of his energy.

This was an Asura Decree, a Beyond Divinity level treasure. How could it be easy to break through it?

Yet, in this crucial moment, Empyrean Primordius intended to strike him at his weakest. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t have any methods to deal with Empyrean Primordius’ attacks!

At this time, a savage killing intent burst out from Empyrean Primordius’ eyes. He brought his arms together, his two bone blades extended outwards. The dark and dense blades shined with a cold divine light, slashing straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s throat!

And the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t able to block this attack!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was enraged to the peak. He was clearly far stronger than Empyrean Primordius, and the ancient remnant races were nothing but bugs he didn’t place in his eyes. And yet this crowd of bug-like existences had forced him to this step.


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