MW Chapter 1911

Chapter 1911 – The Final Counterattack

“Damn it!”

On the Ark of Hope, the ancient race Empyreans felt their hearts surge with despair. The bone dragon tentacles shooting out from Famine were extremely powerful. Just a single bone dragon couldn’t be severed even with the all-out attack of a peak Empyrean. Not just that, but there were dozens of bone dragons tying down the Ark of Hope. It would be impossible to break free!

“What do we do?” The ancient race martial artists were worried. Many people looked towards the old God Sovereign. In this critical moment, this old man that was on the verge of death was still the spiritual leader of everyone present.

“Don’t panic!” The old God Sovereign took a deep breath. At the crux of life and death, the old God Sovereign’s voice seemed to possess a strange and mesmerizing charm that calmed everyone down. “We still have a chance, and it is also our final chance…”

The old God Sovereign took out the final Asura Decree – the word of Sealing!

Of the three Asura Decrees there was – the offensive ‘Word of Striking’, the supportive ‘Word of Faith’, and the final sealing ‘Word of Sealing’.

But sealing…

In the minds of those present, the word of Sealing was the weakest of...

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