MW Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910 – Invincible

Crack crack ka!

Empyrean Primordius’ flesh and blood and meridians began to emit a thunderous clapping sound. After swallowing Famine’s flesh and blood, a greater strength was absorbed into his body. Within him, it was like a swelling volcano was rising, about to erupt at any moment.

“What is that demon? It can even swallow Famine’s flesh and blood?”

Within the Ark of Hope, as the ancient race Empyreans saw the black demon they were all confused; they didn’t know just what plans to make.

“This black demon has reached the True Divinity boundary and can even absorb Famine’s flesh and blood to eat as its own energy. This is terrifying, but… it is not Famine’s match.”

The celestial Patriarch shook his head. After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fused together with Famine, they became a nearly invincible existence. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign represented the highest Laws and the greatest strength, whereas Famine represented an incomprehensible life force and defensive capability.

With the two of them fused together, they had almost no weaknesses!

In this situation, the celestial Patriarch didn’t believe there was an existence capable of killing the...

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