MW Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910 – Invincible

Crack crack ka!

Empyrean Primordius’ flesh and blood and meridians began to emit a thunderous clapping sound. After swallowing Famine’s flesh and blood, a greater strength was absorbed into his body. Within him, it was like a swelling volcano was rising, about to erupt at any moment.

“What is that demon? It can even swallow Famine’s flesh and blood?”

Within the Ark of Hope, as the ancient race Empyreans saw the black demon they were all confused; they didn’t know just what plans to make.

“This black demon has reached the True Divinity boundary and can even absorb Famine’s flesh and blood to eat as its own energy. This is terrifying, but… it is not Famine’s match.”

The celestial Patriarch shook his head. After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fused together with Famine, they became a nearly invincible existence. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign represented the highest Laws and the greatest strength, whereas Famine represented an incomprehensible life force and defensive capability.

With the two of them fused together, they had almost no weaknesses!

In this situation, the celestial Patriarch didn’t believe there was an existence capable of killing the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This was what it meant to have an absolute disparity of strength!


In the void, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign howled with laughter, his cackles resounding through the endless space. “I never thought that there would be a monster like you in the primal god race! However… you seem to be relying on some outside power in order to forcefully raise your strength to the level of a True Divinity? How can someone like you possibly be my match? In the end, you will become nothing but feed for Famine.”

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign spoke, red dragon heads burst out from his body. These dragon heads wriggled in space, slowly twisting around. On the surface of these red dragons thick layers of bone armor appeared.

The dragons that were made of flesh and blood had now turned into bone dragons.

“This time, do you think your bone blades will still be useful?”

A contemptuous smile appeared on the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face. With rolling dragon roars, the hundred plus bone dragons rushed towards Empyrean Primordius.

Compared to Empyrean Primordius, Famine’s body was far too large. Those terrifying bone dragon tentacles could easily pierce through a planet.


Empyrean Primordius suddenly ignited with energy. He turned into a black beam of light that hurtled towards those bone dragons. The bone blades on his elbows slashed out, forming an arc of light that spread for hundreds of thousands of miles!

Blood sprayed out and a bone dragon’s armor shattered. But in the next moment, two bone dragons took its place, each one rushing towards Empyrean Primordius in a pincer attack.


The void was smashed apart. Empyrean Primordius was sent flying backwards like a meteor, tumbling away for a thousand miles.

However, his mortal body was incredibly solid. Even after being struck backwards he instantly rose up in space and shot forwards once more!

Seeing this, the many ancient race Empyreans on the Ark of Hope felt their hearts skip a beat. At this time, the doors to the main control room opened up and an ashen man with a hunched back walked in, supported by Lin Ming.

This old man’s face was as wrinkled as a walnut and the sockets of his eyes were pulled in deep. His hair was sparse and his eyes were filthy. His entire body emitted a faint death energy.

This old man was the old God Sovereign, but currently, his fires of life were waning like a candle in a storm, ready to fade at any moment.

“Your Majesty!”


Diwuhen and the many god race martial artists were shocked and saddened as they saw the appearance of their old God Sovereign. Before this, when they saw the demon rush out, they had already guessed that it was related to the old God Sovereign. But now it seemed that the old God Sovereign really had paid a deep price in order to do this. His life was rapidly reaching its end!

“There is no need to panic, I’m not dead yet…”

The old God Sovereign calmly said, as if this was a simple and irrelevant matter. When the old God Sovereign burned the god decree he had preserved a tiny bit of his fires of life because he wasn’t able to die just yet. He still needed to guide the ancient remnant races to the Divine Realm.

“Honorable Master…”

Diwuhen fell to his knees. He felt as if a knife was stabbed into his heart and was being twisted around. As Lin Ming stood behind the old God Sovereign, he looked at Diwuhen who was crying tears and deeply empathized with his pain. This was because he understood what Diwuhen was feeling.

Hate. Hate towards himself. Hate towards his own weakness.

 “That black demon is…” An Empyrean couldn’t help but ask.

“He was once a proud son of heaven who belonged to the human race. He has already become an abyssal. 100,000 years ago, his name was… Empyrean Primordius.” The old God Sovereign slowly spoke, his voice aged and gravelly.

“Empyrean Primordius?”

Hearing this name, many ancient race martial artists were bewildered. They understood this part of history. Empyrean Primordius was a true elite, but what a pity, history never gave him the time to grow. Otherwise, perhaps he might have been the turn this great calamity needed. Of course, that was only a possibility; the fused Good Fortune Saint Son and Famine was simply far too powerful. Even if humanity and the god race possessed one or two True Divinities, it would still be impossible for them to contend with the saints.

“We cannot stay… Primordius is not a match for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…”

The old God Sovereign’s voice was gloomy. Everyone was silent. They knew that Empyrean Primordius was sacrificing his life to buy time for them and they couldn’t allow him to die in vain.

“Open the energy matrix and pour all of your energy into it. Prepare to break through!”

The old God Sovereign ordered. The Empyreans present were solemn. They were well aware that even with Empyrean Primordius, wanting to break out of this encirclement would be filled with difficulties. This was destined to be a bitter struggle.


A bone dragon tentacle was split in half. Empyrean Primordius was bathed in blood, looking like an ascendant demon!

He swallowed Famine’s flesh and drank Famine’s blood in order to restore his own energy. But compared to Famine with his vast, ocean-like life force, Empyrean Primordius’ combat strength was simply too low. Up until now, Famine hadn’t weakened at all.

As the celestial Patriarch had said, Famine was a nearly invincible opponent!

“So… you are not an abyssal, but that body is one that you’ve seized.”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly sneered. From Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea, he could feel an aura different from that of a true abyssal. This was no abyssal, but someone from one of the intelligent races.

“To seize the body of an abyssal, you’ve actually caused me to recall someone… 100,000 years ago, there was a human who tried to bite off more than he could chew and attempted to imitate the Asura Road Master by establishing his own Samsara Heavenly Dao. In the end, his plans were toppled by me, and his Grandmist Spirit Bead was taken by me. He fell into the Dark Abyss, unable to escape. And if I remember correctly, at the time there had been a woman by his side, one that came from the primal god race…”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign slowly spoke, a taunting smile on his face. His words were like a knife that cut into Empyrean Primordius’ heart.

Empyrean Primordius’ blood red eyes burst out with a thick killing intent. However, he didn’t lose his reasoning. He hurtled through the starry sky battlefield, dodging the attacks of the red bone dragons. He could already feel that his attacks weren’t enough to threaten Famine. Thus, he needed to attack the core of Famine – the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. However… when comparing his strength against the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s, even if he reached him, how could he possibly defeat him?

“You’re done for!”

Standing atop Famine’s bloody red body, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign stretched out his hands. From between his hands, a black vortex appeared. A black sphere slowly manifested in it. This sphere was covered with ancient lines, shining blood red as if they had drunk their fill of blood.

Grandmist Spirit Bead!

On the Ark of Hope, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. The item within the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was the Grandmist Spirit Bead. As a True Divinity who specialized in body transformation, if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign emitted an attack with the Grandmist Spirit Bead, its might would be unimaginable!

“Primordius, be careful!”

The old God Sovereign’s heart tightened. Originally, it was already difficult to deal with the fused Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Famine, but now there was also the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Empyrean Primordius had suddenly fallen into a life or death predicament!

“Activate the Ark of Hope’s array formation with everything you have! We are breaking out of here!”

The old God Sovereign commanded. And at this time, black flames lit up all over Empyrean Primordius. In his blood red eyes, the shadow of the Grandmist Spirit Bead reflected in his pupils.

After 100,000 years, Empyrean Primordius once again saw this divine tool which had brought him to unimaginable heights but had also sent him crashing down. His heart wildly fluctuated!

“Primordius? I remember this was your name… 100,000 years ago, I wrested the Grandmist Spirit Bead from your hands. Now, I shall use the Grandmist Spirit Bead to kill you and bring our story to its end. You once used the Grandmist Spirit Bead to absorb flesh and blood essence to cultivate your martial artists, so now I shall use the Grandmist Spirit Bead to absorb your flesh and blood essence. I suppose you can consider this a kind of retributive karma, right? Hahaha! Mm… you want to run away? To think you can play tricks on me, you still aren’t good enough!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion became cold and deadly, murderous intent bursting from his eyes! He discovered that the Ark of Hope was revolving energy within its array formation and was attempting to escape.

The truth was that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already guessed Empyrean Primordius’ goal was to delay for time so that the ancient remnant races could flee.

How could he allow such a thing to happen? In particular, atop the Ark of Hope there was still Lin Ming, someone he had to kill above all!

“How naïve. My sense has been locked onto you all for this entire time. How could you possibly escape? You will all remain here and the ancient races will forever disappear into history!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s thoughts moved and dozens of transformed bone dragons rushed outwards!

These bone dragons roared, their bodies like beams of light as they instantly passed through tens of thousands of miles, smashing and grabbing towards the Ark of Hope!


The Ark of Hope violently shook. The hull that was thousands of miles long was tangled by dozens of bone dragons!

And at this time, an enchantment appeared from millions of miles away, sealing Famine, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, and the Ark of Hope within!

This enchantment exuded a grand and violent aura; it was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s good fortune force field. With the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign blocking out the surrounding space with his own force field and using dozens of bone dragon tentacles to tie down the Ark of Hope, the Ark of Hope was now like a bug caught in a spider web, unable to move.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign ruthlessly grinned. “Although you are only ants, I will not allow you the slightest chance to escape! I will give everything to strangle you all to death and bring this all to an end!”


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