Chapter 191 - Drain Your Soul

Chapter 191 Drain Your Soul.


Chapter 191 – Drain Your Soul

The sword-wielding soldier stopped a mere two feet away from Na Yi. However, Na Yi had the same calm look as before, without the slightest hint of panic. She saw the handle of the blade tremble. The eyes of that sword master had already become glassy and vacant, lifeless; it was obviously impossible for him to attack her.

She didn’t know what Lin Ming had done a moment ago. With just a look, he had caused the enemy’s spiritual sea to collapse, and turned him into a complete vegetable!

This man that had gone stupid was not some dog or cat, but was a battle-hardened soldier of the Fire Worm Tribe, whose cultivation was at the middle Bone Forging stage. He had fought in countless battles, and his discipline and will were tempered finer than iron.

What kind of power was this?

Lin Ming had already repeatedly given her soul-shaking surprises. Every time that Na Yi had thought she had guessed the limit of Lin Ming’s strength, she quickly discovered that she was completely wrong. Concerning Lin Ming, there was only one word to describe him – unfathomable.

The soldier had already dropped his sword. In his current eternally listless state, he was as good as d...

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