MW Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909 – Severing the Dragon

The Asura Decree erupted with black flames that burnt through the underground chamber. This underground chamber of the god race could originally be considered an Empyrean spirit treasure, but even it began to melt away beneath these heated flames!

Empyrean Primordius’ body was soaked in these flames. His aura began to rapidly climb, soon surpassing the boundaries of an Empyrean!

The Asura Decree was a Beyond Divinity level treasure. Using it as a support, a peak Empyrean could easily rise to the level of a True Divinity!

However, what was difficult was that even a peak Empyrean would find it hard to withstand the strength contained within the word of Faith. It was even possible that their body might collapse and explode from the energy, immediately killing them.

But Empyrean Primordius was different. The intensity of his mortal body had already far surpassed that of most True Divinities.

In particular, the raging anger within his heart pushed him to the limits, allowing his strength to reach an inconceivable degree for a short period of time. All of his life potential was erupting!

On Empyrean Primordius’ shoulder, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing turned into a wisp of blue light that sank into his body.

In the final moments of their lives they would be together and die together, never to separate again.

An exit tunnel opened up within the spirit ship. Without turning, Empyrean Primordius flew out. From this point on, he was a demon bent on revenge!



Terrifying explosions rocked the vast space. The Ark of Hope was like a little toy that was sent tumbling around. Its protective shield rippled and surged, energy sparks flying.

Beneath the continued onslaught of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves began to rapidly decline.

“Lord Patriarch, we only have 50% energy remaining!”

An Empyrean reported to the celestial Patriarch. After the old God Sovereign left, the only one who could manage the chaotic situation was the celestial Patriarch.

The celestial Patriarch’s palm was drenched in a cold sweat but he still calmly directed the room. He could not be flustered. Even if his heart was lost and he was panicking within, on the surface he could not show any hysteria.

He didn’t know where the old God Sovereign and Lin Ming had gone, nor did he know where they were going. They had already disappeared for a quarter hour; the spirit ship wouldn’t be able to last much longer!

But at this time, the celestial Patriarch froze. He looked outside the porthole with utter shock as he watched a towering demon hurtle out from the spirit ship and rush towards the saints.

This demon’s goal was Famine!

Although this black demon was massive, compared to the planet-sized Famine, it was far too tiny.

“That is… what is that?”

This demon was far too fast; many people found it hard to see its appearance.

Was this the old God Sovereign’s final trump card?

This thought immediately cut through the celestial Patriarch’s mind. But as soon as he thought this, he discovered that the black demon didn’t rush towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign but instead impacted towards… the saint race’s peak Empyreans!

“Mm? That is…”

On the side of the saints, the fused being of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Famine was stunned. From this black demon, he could feel the aura of an abyssal!

“How is this possible…?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could hardly believe his own eyes. There had been an abyssal hiding within the god race all this time?

Within the 33 Heavens, the abyssal demons were a taboo existence. God Beasts could be tamed and forced into becoming a peak Empyrean’s contract beast, but an abyssal could never be brought to heel. Abyssals were incomparably evil beings. Their wisdom was relatively low and they often relied on their instincts to manage affairs. They were the mortal enemies of all intelligent life forms!

Of course, there was always the possibility of something like ‘Famine’ occurring. An abyssal with a high degree of wisdom could establish an equal contract with an intelligent race in order to mutually benefit each other. But, these intelligent abyssals were often peak True Divinity level existences. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t believe that such a powerful abyssal would ally with a declining race like the primal god race.

“Just what is going on…”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hesitated. But at this time, Empyrean Primordius had already rushed towards him with unbelievable speed!

“You are seeking death! Since this is the case, I will devour you!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly sneered. With a thought, a thick dragon tentacle lashed out from the giant body of Famine. This dragon whip instantly passed through ten thousand miles of space, striking towards the black demon!

The power behind this strike already surpassed the level of an Empyrean. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wanted to cut down this unknown black demon and have it become a part of Famine’s flesh and blood.

Rah - !

The blood dragon opened its jaws, biting down on Empyrean Primordius!

In that instant, Empyrean Primordius’ eyes burst out with freezing killing intent! Although his mind was still clear and bright, his eyes had turned blood red!


Empyrean Primordius roared. Without changing direction, he shot towards the maw of that giant blood dragon!

Like this, that massive maw would thoroughly swallow Empyrean Primordius!

For a time, all of the ancient race martial artists felt their hearts tighten. They didn’t know how strong Empyrean Primordius was.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign diabolically grinned. But at this time, Empyrean Primordius appeared cold and merciless to the extreme.

Ka ka ka!

With two cracking sounds, two long bone knives shot out from Empyrean Primordius’ elbows, stretching out until they became massive crescent moon blades. These blades were a thousand feet long and glowed with a black divine light. With an unparalleled momentum, he slashed out!


The void shattered. Empyrean Primordius broke into the blood dragon’s jaw, his entire body vanishing!

However, the moment that the blood dragon closed its jaws, two fierce half-moon bone blades slashed out from the blood dragon’s cheeks. Blood sprinkled down as the blades continued downwards, unstoppable!

Blood gushed out, dying the void red. The red dragon tentacle futilely struggled wildly, but in front of Empyrean Primordius its flesh and blood was no different from tofu. It had no ability to resist Empyrean Primordius’ bone blades!

Like this, from beginning to end, the thousands of miles long red dragon was sliced open!


In that instant, whether it was martial artists from the saints or ancient races, they were all panic-stricken. This demon that had appeared from nowhere had severed one of Famine’s tentacles!

Before then, only the god decree left behind by the Asura Road Master had been able to injure Famine!

“Just what are you!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s pupils shrank. He could feel a dreadful killing intent from this black demon’s eyes, as if they shared some deep and unforgivable grudge.

When did he become enemies with an abyssal?

Empyrean Primordius didn’t speak. On his elbows, those crescent moon blades swung out, causing blood to fly. The entire red dragon tentacle was severed in half by Empyrean Primordius!

After being cut from its mother-body, the tentacle instantly turned into bloody water in the skies. Then, something shocking occurred. Empyrean Primordius opened his mouth and a terrifying traction vortex appeared, swallowing in all of that blood water!

Empyrean Primordius had swallowed Famine’s tentacle.

Famine was known as the existence that could swallow all, but now its own flesh and blood had been swallowed by Empyrean Primordius!


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