MW Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908 – Love and Pain

“A little more… just… a little bit more…”

Lin Ming clenched his teeth, unable to spare any effort to wipe the beads of sweat dripping down his face. In a situation where he was completely disregarding any possible damage he might do to Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea, he was attempting to awaken those long slumbering memories.

Beneath the shrouding of the Magic Cube’s divine light, a rare brightness appeared in Empyrean Primordius’ eyes.

However, this clarity appeared for just the briefest moment before they were once again submerged by blood red light.

Two different minds alternated back and forth. Primordius’ body violently trembled as a pain swelled up from his soul.

Primordius began to struggle. That tough and iron-like body contained an incomprehensible level of strength!

For a time, crackling sounds filled the air as the energy shackles that the old God Sovereign placed on Empyrean Primordius to calm him down began to emit breaking sounds, unable to endure the pressure.

The old God Sovereign’s complexion changed.

“Lin Ming! Be careful!”

Once Primordius went out of control, the damage would be incalculable. With Lin Ming’s current degree of cultivation and bodily defense, Primordius would only need a single strike to disintegrate his body!

“Lin Ming, draw back, I cannot hold him for much longer!”

The old God Sovereign’s forehead was wet with sweat. However, at this time, Lin Ming’s soul force was completely poured into the Magic Cube as he tried to connect with Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea.


Primordius howled, the raging sound as turbulent as tsunamis and collapsing mountains. If an ordinary Holy Lord were to face such a roar then their head would blow up and they would die where they stood.


Empyrean Primordius’ upper arm shook. The energy shackles binding him there were torn apart!

This process wasn’t difficult at all. It was just as if Primordius had broken a little branch in half.

The old God Sovereign paled. Without caring for anything else, he grabbed Lin Ming’s shoulder and released his protective power of divinity to the limit. He was ready to pull Lin Ming back at full speed the moment Primordius went berserk.

It was not easy for Lin Ming to awaken Primordius’ consciousness. This was because stripping away parts of an individual’s psyche would inevitably cause agonizing pain to the soul, enough to make Primordius lose all control.


Empyrean Primordius wildly howled. A terrifying energy storm struck the old God Sovereign’s protective true essence, causing his clothes to recklessly flutter in the air and his white hair to blow backwards.

At this moment, something appeared and began to emit a dim blue light in front of the old God Sovereign.

This blue light was soft and inconspicuous. In the wild energy storm it was nearly undetectable. However, the moment that this faint blue light reflected in Empyrean Primordius’ brutal eyes, his body suddenly shook and he instantly calmed down.

This blue light was misty, as if it were the only one of its kind in the world. It slowly floated out from the old God Sovereign’s chest, drifting towards Empyrean Primordius.

As Lin Ming and the old God Sovereign saw this they were both left bewildered. This blue light was the Chain of Calamity!

The Chain of Calamity was a True Divinity spirit treasure used in opening the Asura forbidden land. The body of it had once been worn by Heavenly Empress Xuanxing, and after she died, the Chain of Calamity was entombed with her. When Lin Ming stumbled his way into her tomb, that was when he had taken it.

Could it be…

Lin Ming held his breath. He looked helplessly on as more and more blue light appeared around the Chain of Calamity. This misty blue light eventually faintly gathered into the phantom of a woman.

This woman’s phantom became more and more clear, nearly seeming as if it would manifest into physical reality. Her appearance was as beautiful as the bright moon and her black hair hung down her back like a waterfall of ink.

Her feet were bare. Her skin was glittering and crystalline, as if she were formed from the essence of the stars and moon. Her eyebrows were like a painting and her eyes were as bright as the morning skies. She was a goddess from the highest heavens who had been exiled to the mortal world.

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing!

Lin Ming was panic-stricken. Apparently just before Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had died, she had sealed away a wisp of her soul in the True Divinity spirit treasure that she shared origins with, and had deeply slumbered within it ever since.

In truth, let alone a martial artist that was powerful in the aspect of the soul, even for a mortal, after they died, their personal effects might develop a sense of spirituality. At certain times these items might manifest the appearance of their master from before their death.

And Heavenly Empress Xuanqing was originally at an extremely high boundary. In addition to this True Divinity spirit treasure that surpassed the level of an Empyrean, no one realized that a fraction of her soul was sleeping within the Chain of Calamity.

It was not until a moment ago when Lin Ming attempted to awaken Empyrean Primordius’ consciousness that the aura released by Empyrean Primordius finally rekindled Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s soul.

She already didn’t have much life left. To awaken also meant her near demise…

Beside Lin Ming, the old God Sovereign trembled. From his wizened and disbelieving eyes, tears began to fall.

As for Empyrean Primordius, as he saw Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, his body violently shook. Within his eyes, confusion and madness struggled against each other. It was as if he were experiencing an enormous pain, one that was unbearable.

Roar –

Empyrean Primordius cried out in pain. An energy storm viciously lashed out like a hail of blades. Lin Ming and the old God Sovereign paled. This sort of energy storm could instantly kill a Holy Lord. As for the wisp of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s soul, she would absolutely not be able to withstand it!

However, just as they were about to move, they discovered that the entire storm had completely avoided Heavenly Empress Xuanxing with nothing striking near her.


Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s eyes revealed a deep sorrow. Her voice was dim, as if her words were an illusion…

Gently, she flew toward Empyrean Primordius’ side. She slowly reached out a hand and lightly caressed his chest…

She was only a soul form and couldn’t physically touch anything. But, Empyrean Primordius immediately calmed down even more.

Within his soul, even if two different consciousnesses were attacking each other as before, causing endless pain to surge within him, Empyrean Primordius still suppressed all of this. His body didn’t move even a single inch as he allowed Heavenly Empress Xuanqing to lightly touch him.

This was because…

No matter what he had experienced, no matter what he had become, whether it was in the past or in the future, he could never harm this woman…

“If you can’t remember, then don’t think about it…”

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing whispered, unable to bear the sight before her. To part for 100,000 years and meet once again, things had actually ended up like this.

He had turned into a demon, losing his sanity. She had died somewhere else, leaving behind only a wisp of her soul. Even though her pain had reached the pinnacle, she was unable to cry…

A soul would not shed tears, but they would feel the limits of pain.

They gently supported each other. Even though there was no real physical touch, in this moment their hearts were still connected. This was because… within each other’s hearts and minds they had forever marked each other, a brand that would never be forgotten.

Empyrean Primordius had already completely settled down. The two different personalities within him were no longer in conflict.

Within his eyes, pure brightness showed.

He looked at Heavenly Empress Xuanxing, seeming to remember everything.

He didn’t speak, because after fully becoming an abyssal, it seemed he was unable to say words…

Then, he looked at the old God Sovereign.

The old God Sovereign had rivers of tears falling down his face and his lips were quivering.

Although Primordius didn’t receive an explanation, it was like he already understood everything that had occurred.

It had arrived at last – the final moment.

The obsessions of his heart would soon be resolved. And, he also saw his most beloved once more.

A short happiness. The final brilliance of life. Everything would burn like a meteor through the skies, becoming an instant of magnificent glory.


Heavenly Empress Xuanqing turned towards the old God Sovereign whose back was hunched over with age. She wanted to cry, but no tears flowed out.

The old God Sovereign’s lips shivered. He wanted to reach out his hand to stroke his daughter’s cheek, but he couldn’t feel her at all.

The old God Sovereign deeply sighed. The one in front of him was his daughter that had died 100,000 years ago, as well as his only direct descendant.

To the primal god race who rarely had offspring, their children were their everything.

His daughter was proud and arrogant and beautiful, and had the life of someone who would step into divinity. But in his old age when his time was coming to an end, she had already taken a step ahead and silently left him. To the old God Sovereign, the magnitude of this attack on his heart could be imagined.

“There is no time…”

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing shook her head. She seemed to understand just what was happening.

She flew away from before the old God Sovereign and landed on Empyrean Primordius’ solid shoulder.

The towering Empyrean Primordius was like a tower of iron, the incarnation of a demon. And above this demon’s shoulder was the perfectly beautiful and elegant Heavenly Empress Xuanqing. Her grace and presence was like that of an ephemeral fairy.

As this image fell into Lin Ming’s eyes, it became eternal…

The old God Sovereign silently took out a god decree. At this time, this black god decree seemed cold and merciless.

The old God Sovereign’s heart bled.

If Empyrean Primordius and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had to burn away their lives in battle, then let it be him who personally lit the flame…

Facing the old God Sovereign, Empyrean Primordius had already composed himself and was calmly waiting for this final battle. At this time, there was a sense of satisfaction in his eyes.

In the final moment he was able to reunite with his love. His life would be able to brilliantly burn in the dark before fading. With this, the obsessions and unwillingness he had held onto for 100,000 years had already faded a great deal.

Then, he looked at Lin Ming. Empyrean Primordius didn’t know just who Lin Ming was, but he could feel his own aura on Lin Ming’s body.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming was his descendant.

He could feel Lin Ming’s great strength. Within the body of this youth there seemed to be a True Dragon deeply slumbering! This youth’s potential was inexhaustible!

With such an outstanding person inheriting his final wishes and legacy, even if he were to die in battle he would have no regrets…

Empyrean Primordius didn’t say anything, but the old God Sovereign seemed to understand his thoughts.

The old God Sovereign began to quietly chant. The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws started to gather. Beams of divine light shined from the old God Sovereign’s body. Drops of blood essence seeped out from between the old God Sovereign’s eyebrows and continuously sank into the god decree.

The old God Sovereign was burning his own life.

The word of Faith. He had to pour his life into it to ignite it, and only he was most suited to do so!

From his withered body, an incomparable and potent life force began to rise. Vast waves of energy rushed out like a raging river, merging into the god decree.

The god decree became increasingly bright until it completely burned away, transforming into countless runes that converged into Empyrean Primordius’ body.

In this moment, Empyrean Primordius felt an infinite strength stir in his body. His massive mortal body grew once more. A terrifying strength percolated within him like a volcano that would erupt at any moment, a strength that could not be suppressed, only released!

His eyes blazed with fighting spirit. His senses were as sharp as a savage beast as he rushed out of the spirit ship and locked onto Famine and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

Empyrean Primordius had never come into contact with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign before. But at this time, Empyrean Primordius knew that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was his life’s greatest enemy.

Only one of them could live beneath the heavens!


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