MW Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908 – Love and Pain

“A little more… just… a little bit more…”

Lin Ming clenched his teeth, unable to spare any effort to wipe the beads of sweat dripping down his face. In a situation where he was completely disregarding any possible damage he might do to Empyrean Primordius’ spiritual sea, he was attempting to awaken those long slumbering memories.

Beneath the shrouding of the Magic Cube’s divine light, a rare brightness appeared in Empyrean Primordius’ eyes.

However, this clarity appeared for just the briefest moment before they were once again submerged by blood red light.

Two different minds alternated back and forth. Primordius’ body violently trembled as a pain swelled up from his soul.

Primordius began to struggle. That tough and iron-like body contained an incomprehensible level of strength!

For a time, crackling sounds filled the air as the energy shackles that the old God Sovereign placed on Empyrean Primordius to calm him down began to emit breaking sounds, unable to endure the pressure.

The old God Sovereign’s complexion changed.

“Lin Ming! Be careful!”

Once Primordius went out of control, the damage would be incalculable. With Lin Ming’s current degree of cultivation and bodily defense, Primordius would only need a single strike to...

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