MW Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907 – The Changes of Time

“There are two god decrees, one with the word Seal and the other with the word Faith. The word of Seal is a great sealing technique, capable of binding the soul and destroying a spirit mark.

“But the word of Faith is a supportive technique. It can have a martial artist dig out the greatest potential of their life for a short period of time, obtaining a strength ten times greater than what they have!

“However, the target of the word of Faith should be a True Divinity. Only a True Divinity can withstand such a potent power.

“For a peak Empyrean, their body and foundation is more vulnerable and if they were forced to withstand the power of the word of Faith then their body might collapse from the influx of strength. Even if they could withstand it, they wouldn’t be able to fight for long. It would be the same as burning away their life for battle…”

As the old God Sovereign spoke, Diwuhen stepped forth.

“Honorable Master, allow me to withstand it!”

“I will do it! The losses to the god race are not small and when...

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