MW Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906 – Blood Dyes the Starry Skies

With the appearance of the pitch black Asura warrior standing atop the spirit ship, Lin Ming could feel his heart begin to race. The Asura blood within his body trembled and the Black Dragon Spear fused into his body also began to emit a keening cry.

These forces that were incorporated into Lin Ming’s body began to resonate with the god decree’s Asura phantom.

“Asura Road Master…” Light passed over Lin Ming’s eyes.

Compared to the previous True Divinity level god decrees that had burned away, this aura was abnormally sharp.

As the Asura warrior phantom’s image became increasingly clear, the smell of blood and iron also spread outwards, as if the entire surrounding space had turned into a merciless killing field.

A boundless vorpal light shot out from his pupils, casting out through the universe.

The god decree rose up in strength once more. Like a sun, it emitted endless rays of light.

The Asura warrior was covered by this light. A black long spear formed in his hands and he rushed out from the spirit ship, hurtling into the distance.

Rumble rumble rumble.

Outside the snow-white spirit ship,...

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