MW Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906 – Blood Dyes the Starry Skies

With the appearance of the pitch black Asura warrior standing atop the spirit ship, Lin Ming could feel his heart begin to race. The Asura blood within his body trembled and the Black Dragon Spear fused into his body also began to emit a keening cry.

These forces that were incorporated into Lin Ming’s body began to resonate with the god decree’s Asura phantom.

“Asura Road Master…” Light passed over Lin Ming’s eyes.

Compared to the previous True Divinity level god decrees that had burned away, this aura was abnormally sharp.

As the Asura warrior phantom’s image became increasingly clear, the smell of blood and iron also spread outwards, as if the entire surrounding space had turned into a merciless killing field.

A boundless vorpal light shot out from his pupils, casting out through the universe.

The god decree rose up in strength once more. Like a sun, it emitted endless rays of light.

The Asura warrior was covered by this light. A black long spear formed in his hands and he rushed out from the spirit ship, hurtling into the distance.

Rumble rumble rumble.

Outside the snow-white spirit ship, waves of attacks struck like a tide, emitting horrifying sounds like the beating of a great drum that caused the heart to race.

“The Asura Road Master’s god decree? You want to use this to resist me? Lin Ming, as well as those old bags of bones from the ancient races, today you will all become food for Famine!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign ruthlessly sneered, his complexion cold. In his eyes, the primal god race were nothing but a sun finally setting beneath the mountains. Although they still had some qualifications left, against the rising saints and their irresistible momentum, they were nothing but dogs and chickens.

Now, on this day, he wanted this once incomparably glorious race to vanish in the endless flow of time.

Thinking this, a blood red light lit up his eyes.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The dozens of fierce blood dragons were like infinitely long whips. They all completely halted their attacks and immediately retracted, surrounding the vast crimson sphere.

At the same time, a dragon tentacle fell down onto a giant saint race warship, allowing the Good Fortune Saint Son to drop down.

In a moment, those fierce dragons turned into layers of flesh and blood shields, forming countless walls, surrounding the massive planet-sized ball of flesh.

After being locked onto by the Asura Decree, dodging was unrealistic. Moreover, with Famine’s body being so large, dodging would be impossible to begin with.

The Asura warrior trod through space, a massive black dragon spear grasped in his hand. Endless rays of black light radiated from him.

Each ray of light covered tens of thousands of miles of space.

Some saint race spirit ships that were too close were swept up in the light. Then, like kites caught in an explosion, all of them burst apart into black fireballs. From within the spirit ships, countless pained howls echoed out.

The Asura warrior became one with his spear. Boundless potent might gushed out from him, rippling out in all directions.

The surrounding void began to shake like a tossing sea. Space cracked without end and even nearby celestial bodies began collapsing.

Many saint race spirit ships rapidly retreated. Some of those that were fast enough were able to escape the blinding light, but those that didn’t withdraw in time were disintegrated.

The Asura warrior and the long spear in his hands seemed to transform into an endless column of black light that hurtled into the center of that giant blood red ball.

Pitch black light and blood red light covered the endless starry space, making it impossible to clearly see what was happening.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Waves of heaven-shaking detonations occurred. Many pieces of meat scattered outwards and burned away. The void was pierced through all around, causing massive space storms to sweep out.

In the shockwaves of that terrifying attack, even the universe seemed to crack open.

Seeing this occur, the eyes of the primal god race powerhouses in the white spirit ship began to light up with hope.

As for those in the saint race spirit ships, all of them fell quiet, the atmosphere solemn and earnest.

The battle outside had only lasted for a single strike.

But the vast momentum and heaven-collapsing energy made it impossible for anyone to approach. In fact, they likely couldn’t even withstand the fallout.

“This is a god decree left behind by God Sovereign Asura? Our Sovereign… there shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Someone murmured.

In that dreadful impact, the Asura warrior and his black spear began to slowly fade away.

All that was left over was limitless black lights that continued to burn and emit thunderous rumbling sounds.

And at this time, in the center of the explosions at a place surrounded by endless black light, a fierce blood dragon suddenly shot out.

Then –

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Fierce dragon after fierce dragon drilled out, tearing open the void that was distorted by the black light. Famine’s giant bloated body forcefully ripped open the void and pushed out from the horrifying space storms.

“It’s alive…”

Seeing Famine appear, the old God Sovereign blanched. Although he had planned for the worst situation to occur, as he really saw this happen he almost suffocated.


A mountain-thick whip of meat penetrated the void and smashed against the Ark of Hope.

This powerful blow was enough to crush a planet. The spirit ship hummed as trillions of runes flashed and dissipated.

“Damn it all!”

The Ark of Hope shakily flew away.

At this time, more and more blood red dragons thrust out, thoroughly scattering the black light that covered Famine.

With this, everyone saw Famine, which had been injured by the Asura Decree.

Within that titanic ball of blood meat, there was a massive fissure that was thousands of miles deep!

A great deal of Famine’s flesh had turned into bloody water that spread out. A number of fierce dragons had been cut off and they wriggled on the surface of Famine like worms.

Then, these cut off worms melted away, fusing back into Famine.

Famine could swallow all, and it could even swallow its severed limbs to reabsorb them.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign stoop atop this massive ball of meat, his expression murderous. Blood vessels had torn open and exploded all over his body, causing him to be drenched in blood and seem like a demon.

The Asura Decree’s strongest blow had been aimed towards him. If it weren’t for Famine blocking the strike for him then he would have been grievously wounded, and there was even a chance he might have died.

“Asura Road Master, you are really fierce… just a wisp of your remnant aura is able to injure me like this! But so what! You are already dead, and now I will make sure all your descendants become extinct!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had not tasted such pain in a hundred million years. With overweening arrogance, raging anger kindled within him.

Seeing this, those within the Ark of Hope were frightened.

Inside the spirit ship, there was nothing but silence.

“Not even that could kill him!” Someone cried out in fear, their eyes clouding over with despair.

To Bagui’s complexion was somber; he was already at a loss for words. Two peak god race Empyreans had been sacrificed and an Asura Decree had been used, and the only result they managed to get in return was a wound on the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This caused a heavy pall to fall on everyone’s mind.

Without a doubt, this showed that after the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fused with that abyssal, his strength had increased astronomically. His vitality now far exceeded that of an ordinary True Divinity and not even an Asura Decree could kill him.

“For you lot to accomplish this… is indeed surprising. But, don’t think you will have a second chance to injure me.” As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign towered above the massive ball of flesh, his eyes glowed with a cold light.

Space rumbled like an endlessly rolling thundercloud. The sound seemed to link straight into the hearts of everyone, daunting them with a horrifying pressure.

On Famine’s body where the fierce dragons had been cut off, the flesh began to wriggle about. With a gurgling sound, a new fierce dragon thrust out.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign thrust out a hand and pointed towards the white spirit ship.

Rays of blood red light shot out like bolts of crimson lightning. They formed layers of red enchantments that surrounded the white spirit ship.

Each red enchantment was like an invisible great hand, squeezing down with incredible power.

The white spirit ship’s defensive shield emitted cracking sounds. More and more energy rapidly dissipated.

“The ship has less than 85% energy remaining! We won’t be able to hold much longer!” A primal god race Empyrean managing the spirit ship loudly shouted with a shaky voice towards the old God Sovereign.

An anxious and strained atmosphere covered the entire ship along with the increasingly loud squeezing sounds from outside.

Each cracking sound seemed to be squeezing down on the hearts of the ancient race martial artists.

Outside, the saint race spirit ships gathered together. Their war cries blasted out like thunder, reverberating through the cosmos.

What could they do?

Some people clenched their fists. Anger lit up in their eyes along with unwillingness.

Some people closed their eyes in pain. They were once the strongest race with a legacy that continued through the endless years. But now, they had been reduced to this.

More people looked outside, their eyes boiling over with radiance. At this time, Battle Sovereign To Bagui stepped forwards. He shouted out, “Even if we must die, we will die with glory and honor! Your Majesty God Sovereign, please give the order to send out my celestial race! I am willing to lead the numerous martial artists of my people to serve as the vanguard!”

The ancient races were all proud and arrogant people. Their races had once experienced infinite grandeur. In the midst of blood and iron, that was where their lives should bloom with the greatest light. How could they submit themselves to dying cowardly deaths?

The voices of those desiring to fight suddenly rose up like a rising tide.

Empyreans began stepping forwards one after another. In particular, those Empyreans in the prime of their lives were extremely excited, all of them wishing to go out and slaughter as much as they could.

When those two elderly Empyreans had sacrificed themselves, they had done so in order to preserve these robust young Empyreans and have them revive the ancient races in the future.

“Everyone calm down!”

The old God Sovereign angrily scolded. For a time, everyone fell quiet.

“We… have not yet reached a dead end. We still have two Asura Decrees!”

The old God Sovereign lifted his hand. Above his hand, two black god decrees still floated, bathed in a divine light.

As the god race Empyreans saw these two god decrees, their eyes filled with a complex color.

In order to activate an Asura Decree, it required peak Empyreans to combust their life – this was a tremendous price. And even then, they had only been able to wound the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and weren’t able to kill him.

Although they had two remaining, was there still a use for them…?

Seeing the skepticism of the Empyreans, the old God Sovereign said, “We won’t sit idly by, but we won’t die in vain either. These two Asura Decrees are different!”


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