MW Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905 – Asura Decree

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dreadful crimson monster far off in the vast starry space formed numerous blood red dragons that smashed into the Ark of Hope’s protective shield.

The Empyreans directing the spirit ship were completely unable to control the its movements. For a time, the entire spirit ship began to violently rock like a small leaf caught in a storm.

“Energy reserves have been reduced to below 90%!”

An Empyrean shouted. If this continued it wouldn’t be long before the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves were completely depleted. At that time, they would all die!

“The time has come. We can only use our final trump cards.”

The celestial Patriarch said. He looked towards the old God Sovereign and sighed.

The so-called final cards were in truth the god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master.

These were god decrees personally drawn by the Asura Road Master; there was a total of three.

One offensive, one sealing, one support!

As Beyond Divinity level treasures, if a peak Empyrean were to activate these god decrees they would have to burn away most of their life as the cost in order to potentially kill a True Divinity.

Of course, the Good Fortune...

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