MW Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905 – Asura Decree

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dreadful crimson monster far off in the vast starry space formed numerous blood red dragons that smashed into the Ark of Hope’s protective shield.

The Empyreans directing the spirit ship were completely unable to control the its movements. For a time, the entire spirit ship began to violently rock like a small leaf caught in a storm.

“Energy reserves have been reduced to below 90%!”

An Empyrean shouted. If this continued it wouldn’t be long before the Ark of Hope’s energy reserves were completely depleted. At that time, they would all die!

“The time has come. We can only use our final trump cards.”

The celestial Patriarch said. He looked towards the old God Sovereign and sighed.

The so-called final cards were in truth the god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master.

These were god decrees personally drawn by the Asura Road Master; there was a total of three.

One offensive, one sealing, one support!

As Beyond Divinity level treasures, if a peak Empyrean were to activate these god decrees they would have to burn away most of their life as the cost in order to potentially kill a True Divinity.

Of course, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was not an ordinary True Divinity. To kill the Good Sovereign Saint Sovereign might be impossible, but they should still be able to at least heavily wound him. And if they combined the other two Asura Decrees and the rest of their god decrees, they might really be able to exterminate the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

However, currently, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had somehow fused together with the body of Famine.

The abyssal demon – Famine.

An inconceivable existence with an incomparably terrifying life force. If they only burned part of their lives to activate the god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master, would they even be able to severely wound it?

Everyone’s hearts grew heavy with doubt. If they couldn’t severely wound Famine, how could they hope to escape?

The old God Sovereign silently traced his spatial ring. He slowly said, “I never imagined that as we stood on the precipice of life or death, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would show up even more formidable than before. I originally thought that with our god decrees and the peak Empyreans of my race burning their life to activate them, they could at least pose a threat to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. But now it seems that merely burning a part of their life won’t be enough… in fact, even a peak Empyrean alone will be insufficient…”

“Everyone… who is willing to step up?”

The old God Sovereign never thought that things would turn out like this.

Only peak Empyreans could activate the Asura Decrees. And in this situation, in order to display the greatest might of the Asura Decrees and damage Famine as much as they could, those activating the god decrees would have to completely burn away every last vestige of their life. In order words… that was to sacrifice themselves!

Moreover, a single person wasn’t enough!

With all the Empyreans of the ancient races added together, there were a total of seven peak Empyreans; this was a relatively high number.

Seven peak Empyreans. Three god decrees.

The old God Sovereign planned to have two peak Empyreans activate the first god decree together!

Two was the best number. The second Empyrean would only be able to increase the might of the Asura Decree by less than half, and a third Empyrean would add even less than that.

Originally, activating the Asura Decrees didn’t mean death, thus the old God Sovereign was willing to appoint others to use them.

But now, using them meant certain death. So the old God Sovereign didn’t force anyone, but instead asked those present.

The old God Sovereign’s elderly eyes swept over the peak Empyreans present. Guilt showed heavily on his face. He also desired to go to battle, but… he couldn’t die now. During this escape, they needed a leader to command the troops, and he was the backbone of the ancient races.

“I am willing to go to battle…”

An old primal god Empyrean said. He was a peak Empyrean and had already lived for 80-90 million years. He was reaching the twilight of his years and didn’t have much time left remaining.

“I also want to go…”

“Allow me!”

“I volunteer!”


Peak Empyreans stood up one after another. This great calamity involved the life or death of their people. These ancient race Empyreans had long since hardened their resolves and were willing to die.

Seeing so many Empyreans stand up, the old God Sovereign’s wizened eyes filled with tears. Now, he had to choose.

Those he chose would be those that died!

Lin Ming stood not too far away, silently watching all of this occur. Besides the old God Sovereign, the other six peak Empyreans didn’t avoid their duties at all. And Lin Ming knew that if the old God Sovereign needed to sacrifice his life, he wouldn’t have even blinked in doing so.

This scene left Lin Ming shocked.

A feeling that had long been absent from his heart began to quietly linger within him. He clenched his fists.

Some people fought in order to kill others and steal their possessions.

Some people fought to take revenge and cut down their enemies.

Some people fought to obtain lucky chances and treasures.

But, there were also those who fought and were even willing to sacrifice themselves all for the sake of others, for the sake of the greater good and the continuation of their people…

“Wuhen, Battle Sovereign, the two of you draw back!” The old God Sovereign waved his hand. The Battle Sovereign and Diwuhen were both Empyreans in the peak of their prime. They were the hopes and future leaders of the ancient races in this great calamity, and it was impossible for the old God Sovereign to sacrifice them.


“Your Majesty…”

Diwuhen and To Bagui’s eyes turned red and misty, but the old God Sovereign had directly dismissed them.

“Whitemark, Dugu, I am sorry…”

The old God Sovereign chose two people, both of them peak Empyreans of the primal god race. The old God Sovereign silently closed his eyes, two lines of tears running down his wrinkled face…



The two old Empyreans stepped forwards. As Lin Ming saw their white hair and bent backs, he didn’t know what to feel.

The other ancient race martial artists looked at them and were unable to restrain the sorrow in their hearts.

“If you have any words you wish to say…”

The old God Sovereign asked.

Whitemark was silent. He took out a scroll painting from his spatial ring and a jade pendant. He silently unrolled the scroll. The paper of this drawing was extremely ancient, as if it had been stored away for an illustrious span of time.

The painting on the scroll was of a childish and innocent youth. The youth had a jade pendant hanging from his waist, the exact same as the one Whitemark was holding.

“This is my grandchild. His natural talent couldn’t be considered too great, but he was diligent in his youth and always gave his best efforts. During his youth, he stubbornly left to go adventuring, and he entered the Primeval Realm Ruins to temper himself in the dangers of the mystic realms there. But after that, he didn’t return…”

The old man’s voice was aged and hoarse. This was his only grandchild. The primal god race was a race that wasn’t accepted by the Heavenly Dao. They could not compare to the three peak races because their reproductive capabilities were extremely poor.

They had few descendants, and even then the descendants of Empyreans weren’t necessarily peerless geniuses. The reasons that the humans and saints were able to find talents amongst their ranks was because of their thriving populations. Their innumerable descendants were screened through layer upon layer of tests until the best were remaining.

“If you can find him, please take care of him for me. In my life, he is my only remaining worry…”

The old man passed the two items to Diwuhen.

Diwuhen didn’t know what to feel. He parted his lips as if he wanted to say something, but no words came out. He eventually sighed.

He knew that the chances of finding this young man were nearly nonexistent.

In all likelihood… he had already perished. However, in the primal god race that had low numbers to begin with, they valued their descendants above all and couldn’t bear the thought of losing them or even giving up on them.

In particular, now that Whitemark was soon about to die, in his heart he hoped that this own bloodline could continue onwards…

“Dugu, and you…?”

The old God Sovereign looked at the other Empyrean, his eyes wet.

Dugu looked back indifferently, slowly shaking his head.

Compared to Whitemark, Dugu had grown up in the wilderness since his youth, living by drinking the blood of birds and beasts. His disposition was more detached.

Once, he had ventured into the Primeval Realm Ruins as an assassin. His hands were stained with the blood of saint martial artists.

“I have nothing much to say. I have no descendants, only myself…”

Dugu’s eyes were neither sad nor happy. Instead, they contained a calm tranquility and an iron-hard resoluteness.

He had once been young, and he had also deeply loved someone.

However… in his long life, the woman he loved was not able to give birth to a child.

The reproductive capabilities of the primal god race were far too low. It was as if the Heavenly Dao had placed a curse upon them…

He had arrived alone in this world and now he would die alone. Perhaps this was his fate for being an assassin, but presently, he was no longer an assassin…

The spirit ship’s atmosphere was tense and heavy.

Worry, fear, anger, and even sorrow towards the future.

Every person’s eyes flashed with light, their minds filled with thoughts.

Everyone watched as Dugu and Whitemark left.

The two of them stepped onto the bow of the ship.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at these two old men on the bow of the ship and diabolically grinned. “Two fools seeking death!”

Beside the Good Fortune Saint Son, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s attention was raptly focused on the two old men.

The two of them were peak Empyreans in the waning years of their lives. This was not enough for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to feel fear for, but the black symbol paper in their hands was actually startling.

“That is… a god decree? Good! Then let me see just what this ultimate power is like!

The pure black god decree carried with it an endless slaughter aura. Beneath Whitemark’s control, it slowly floated upwards.

Whitemark calmly looked at the god decree floating before him. Then, with a resonant shout, a brilliant blood red light lit up his eyes. Winds rose up around his body. His hair fluttered upwards and his robes flapped about.

In this moment, he emitted a blinding light. Vast waves of life force gushed out of him like raging rivers, endlessly surging into the middle of the god decree.

And in the next moment, all of his blood boiled over to the surface, rushing towards the god decree. The old Empyrean’s body was soaked in a dazzling divine light.

Then, divine light also lit up around Dugu.

His face was still cold and indifferent, but now it contained a deep unyielding and unwilling gaze!

His life had reached its terminus and this would not change. But, he didn’t want the future generations of the primal god race to share his fate!

“If the heavens must destroy my god race, then with my god blood, let me turn into demonic flames that burn down the skies!”

Dugu’s blood began to burn.

This was the final brilliance released from combusting his very life!

In that instant, the god decree seemed to come alive. Fluctuations emanated from within it.

Although this was only simple fluctuations, it was like a divine weapon that had lain dormant for a trillion years was stirring, releasing a terrifying aura.

A massive black Asura phantom began to slowly appear…


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