MW Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904 – Good Fortune Saint Sovereign

At the words of the old God Sovereign, the ancient race martial artists all began looking out the porthole.

Through the deep porthole, amongst the endless ocean of stars that was the universe, they could see a dim blood red light.

Then, they could clearly see a massive crimson sphere, one that was 70,000-80,000 miles in diameter.

On the upper part of the crimson sphere, dozens of blood dragons recklessly roared out. Only half the bodies of these blood dragons appeared; they seemed to have been bred from within the crimson sphere, making them look like tentacles.

The blood dragons roared, revealing red fangs.

As the ancient race martial artists saw this titanic and horrifying beast appear, they were all struck dumb.

It didn’t seem like any vicious beast or God Beast they knew of, and the aura it emitted was over a hundred times more terrifying than a God Beast!

Facing this horrifying monster, the ancient race Empyreans felt their hearts quiver!

The crimson monster was incredibly fast. It was originally far off in the distant space, but in just several breaths of time it flew close, like a blood red ghost.

Deep red filled the universe. This feeling was like a drop of blood falling into clear water, slowly spreading out until it covered everyone’s eyes.

“This is…”

Even To Bagui, the war-hardened Battle Sovereign that never chose to give up, began to feel fear.

On the side of the primal god race, the old God Sovereign sucked in a breath of cold air. His wizened features had turned completely pale. As he looked out the porthole, he was unable to say anything. His heart began to slowly sink.

He was able to guess just what the origin of this monster was.

Billions of years ago, the ancient races had also fought with the saints. In the texts of the ancient races there were records about this dreadful monster.

But according to the information written down in these ancient texts, this monster should have had its soul erased billions of years ago and plunged into a state of eternal slumber.

Why… why would it reappear here?

Recalling the terrifying description of this monster from the ancient primal god race texts, the old God Sovereign felt as if he were drowning in despair!

“Could this really be… our destiny… do the heavens really wish to annihilate my god race?”

The old God Sovereign whispered. His words were heard by many ancient race Empyreans. They all looked at him with shock, “Your Majesty, what is that?”

At this time, not too far from the old God Sovereign, the celestial Patriarch spoke up. His voice trembled, making him seem far, far older in this moment.

“That is likely… ‘Famine’, the totem holy beast of the saint race… billions of years ago, Famine rampaged through the universes, devouring countless lives, including even many True Divinities.”

“What? Devouring True Divinities?”

The ancient race martial artists all shook.

In the current 33 Heavens, only two races possessed True Divinities – the saints and the spiritas. Even so, the number of True Divinities they had was extremely small! Among them were those who deliberately retired to their homelands and didn’t wish to participate in the disputes of the world, as well as those mysterious True Divinities who people weren’t even sure were still alive.

“I never would have imagined that Famine would still exist…” An old man from the roaring bone race deeply sighed as he shook his head. Many of the Empyreans present hadn’t read the ancient texts, and there weren’t many records of Famine to begin with.

“With our current strength, if we wish to overcome this great calamity we must slay the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign… that was already a nigh impossible mission to begin with, but now even Famine has appeared…”

The roaring bone old man looked away from the porthole. He shakily slumped into a chair, listless.

He was the Patriarch of the roaring bone race and one of the leaders of the ancient remnant races. According to custom, he shouldn’t have said anything that would lower the morale of the troops. But, the gloom in his heart was simply too great.

The appearance of Famine caused him to feel as if the world was collapsing.

“Famine… is it even stronger than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

Someone asked. The one who spoke up was Lin Ming. He had taken the soul recovery pill and was sitting in meditation. He had also seen the terrifying monster outside the porthole.

“Yes… according to the ancient texts, it is likely stronger than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, and… it is absolutely more horrifying than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. It can swallow, swallowing a trillion lives, swallowing even a world. The more it swallows, the more powerful it becomes. The speed at which it can destroy a world is a hundred times faster than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!”

“I understand…” Lin Ming’s eyes darkened. Facing this new catastrophe, even he began to feel lost.

Humanity had to face the saints which were far, far stronger than them, and they also had to face the mysterious spiritas, whose goals were yet unknown…

The situation of humanity was becoming increasingly complex!

He recalled the strange conversation he had with Soul Empress Sheng Mei and he also recalled his meeting with the old youth, someone who he didn’t even know was a friend or foe.

With the arrival of the great calamity, all forces were surging upwards, everything becoming confusing.

As nothing but a little peak Holy Lord martial artist, no matter how many more lucky chances he had or how powerful his Laws were, in the end, without a formidable cultivation base he would be nothing but a tiny gust of wind in this great calamity. Just what could he do?

Lin Ming felt a sense of morbid exhaustion creep over his heart. In his ears, Sheng Mei’s words unconsciously echoed, “Give up and leave this storm, because all of your efforts will be for nothing… Don’t you know the story of Empyrean Divine Seal from 3.6 billion years ago? He was a truly peerless character, a True Dragon of the world, but he also chose to shoulder the destiny of humanity and in the end he died in battle. What a pity, what a loss!”

Lin Ming closed his eyes. He clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles emitted loud cracking noises!

“Look at that monster’s back!”

An ancient race Empyrean said.

Everyone looked over; they could see that the crimson monster was carrying two people on its back.

One was a tall and middle-aged man wearing a gold cloak. The other was a handsome young man with sharp eyebrows and gloomy eyes.

Seeing these two people, the old God Sovereign’s complexion changed. “That man… is the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign! His body, how could it… has he become one with Famine?”

The old God Sovereign muttered with disbelief thick in his voice. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s legs had sunk into Famine’s body. Moreover, he could see that the flesh and blood of Famine was spreading into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, their blood vessels linked together.

As if Famine was swallowing the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

However, logic told him this was impossible. Perhaps it was the opposite… the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had swallowed Famine, or perhaps Famine had even become the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s avatar!

“So he… is the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…”

Lin Ming looked at the man wearing the golden cloak. This was the first time he had laid eyes upon the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. He could feel this other person’s eyes pierce through the vastness of space and gaze upon him.

This was a bizarre feeling. They were separated by a great distance of space as well as the Ark of Hope’s protective shields, so it should have been impossible for him to be seen. But for some reason, Lin Ming felt as if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was looking at him, as if there were no barriers between the two.

And standing beside the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was someone Lin Ming was long since acquainted with – the Good Fortune Saint Son.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son had a wild grin on his face. This was the smile of a victor, carrying with it a hint of pity, a hint of ridicule!

And then, beyond Lin Ming’s imagination, the Good Fortune Saint Son began to speak.

His voice spread through millions of miles of space using energy as a medium.

“Lin Ming! I know you are onboard that spirit ship! Today is the day you die, hahahaha!

“The day of our hundred year duel has yet to truly arrive, right? Unfortunately, you won’t have such a chance. Today you will be killed!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son raved. Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat; the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign knew he was with the primal god race!

But why would the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign know his whereabouts?

Lin Ming had carefully disguised and hidden himself away and was positive he hadn’t been discovered by the saints.

If his whereabouts were revealed in this sort of situation, then it was either because there was a spy amongst the god race, or Sheng Mei had informed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign of his location.

The chances of it being a spy weren’t too great. This was because the ancient races didn’t know of Lin Ming’s past history with the saints. Moreover, after the escape plan was finalized, all information was limited to the high level figures of the ancient races in order to prevent anything from being leaked out.

Then… could it be Sheng Mei?

Lin Ming faintly frowned. Although he and Sheng Mei were no longer friends, and might even be enemies, he still didn’t believe that Sheng Mei would betray him like this.

Perhaps, when he left the Soul World and entered the Primeval Universe, his location might have been locked down by the Soul Emperor. For the Soul Emperor, this wouldn’t be difficult.

“The Soul Emperor… does he want to sentence me to death?”

 But as these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, in the starry skies, that massive crimson sphere suddenly distorted!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Atop the blood sphere, dozens of fierce red dragons roared and came rushing forwards!

These blood dragons possessed an overwhelming killing intent. They tore through the void, manically racing forwards!

And their target was the Ark of Hope!

“This is bad!”

The Empyreans managing the Ark of Hope’s array formation began to panic. They did everything they could to control the array formation and change the direction of the Ark of Hope.

But with their abilities, how could they compare with Famine?


A loud explosion rang out. Dozens of fierce dragon tentacles smashed into the Ark of Hope’s protective shield!

The Ark of Hope violently shook, nearly spinning around. The Empyreans within were able to use energy to stabilize their bodies, but the common ancient race citizens were far worse off. They cried out in alarm, some of them even injured in the fierce impact.

“Damn it!”

To Bagui was incensed. They were originally about to escape into the heavens and break through the God Lamenting Wall, but at this critical moment they had encountered such a disaster! All of their plans were toppling over!

“That strike just now consumed 2% of the hull’s energy!”

A roaring bone race Empyrean reported. Famine’s attack had used up 2% of the ship’s energy; this was the same as a single blast from the Asura Primal God Cannon. If this continued, they wouldn’t be able to last too many strikes before the Ark of Hope’s energy was used up!

“Haha! Lin Ming, aren’t you strong? What? You don’t have the strength to fight back?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s voice reverberated in space, insolent beyond compare.

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