MW Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904 – Good Fortune Saint Sovereign

At the words of the old God Sovereign, the ancient race martial artists all began looking out the porthole.

Through the deep porthole, amongst the endless ocean of stars that was the universe, they could see a dim blood red light.

Then, they could clearly see a massive crimson sphere, one that was 70,000-80,000 miles in diameter.

On the upper part of the crimson sphere, dozens of blood dragons recklessly roared out. Only half the bodies of these blood dragons appeared; they seemed to have been bred from within the crimson sphere, making them look like tentacles.

The blood dragons roared, revealing red fangs.

As the ancient race martial artists saw this titanic and horrifying beast appear, they were all struck dumb.

It didn’t seem like any vicious beast or God Beast they knew of, and the aura it emitted was over a hundred times more terrifying than a God Beast!

Facing this horrifying monster, the ancient race Empyreans felt their hearts quiver!

The crimson monster was incredibly fast. It was originally far off in the distant space, but in just several breaths of time it flew close, like a blood red...

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