MW Chapter 1903

Chapter 1903 – The Power of the God Decrees

The saint Empyreans were naturally able to see how strange the spirit ship was. If they freely allowed it to escape and use great void shifts then it would be even more difficult to chase after them, and because of this they would all be guilty of failing in their duties.

On the other hand, if they could keep the ancient remnant races from escaping, they would be able to obtain generous rewards from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. These past years, they had been busy guarding the Primeval Realm Ruins. And the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, as the most powerful True Divinity amongst the saints, his resources, whether in quality or quantity, were enough to make others drool with envy!

“The 12 of us can join together. We just have to be a bit more careful!”

A peak Empyrean sent out a sound transmission. The other peak Empyreans nodded.

“That blast just now must have consumed a considerable amount of their strength. If that cannon light divided into nine, there must have been an extreme degree of control behind it. With the soul force needed for such control, they shouldn’t be able to send out such a blast every time.”

A peak Empyrean analyzed the situation. He wore red robes and his figure was tall and wide. Amongst the 12 peak Empyreans, he held the greatest authority.

Magic tools were taken out one after another, forming a wall of light blocking out space.

They moved back, preparing to engage in a battle of attrition once more. They only wanted to delay the Ark of Hope and wait for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to catch up to the battlefield.

As the supreme commander of the saints’ war, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t stay near the Chaos Star Ocean. The peak Empyreans only needed to hold the battlefield until his arrival.

“These fellows!”

A titan Empyrean gripped his fists; it was easy to see what the saint Empyreans’ plans were.

They needed to flee from the Chaos Star Ocean that was blocked in by a spatial barrier and then cross through space using great void shifts. Then, they needed to fly to the nearest edge of the God Lamenting Wall that bordered the Divine Realm, and break through that God Lamenting Wall to enter.


The red-robed peak Empyrean took out a gourd. As he opened this gourd, billowing black smoke gushed out, covering the surrounding space.

“It’s Allheaven Demon Smoke!”

Some god race martial artists recognized this demonic item. This was a rarely seen type of spirit treasure. The spirit treasure was in the form of smoke, and once it touched a magic tool it could corrode it.

Chi chi chi!

The Allheaven Demon Smoke sunk through the protective shields of the Ark of Hope, slowly draining away its energy.

“This person is troublesome!”

The celestial Patriarch thoughtfully said. This red-robed Empyrean faced the head of the ship and also faced the Asura Primal God Cannon. To do this meant that he had sufficient confidence in himself, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to stand in such a position. The other 11 peak Empyreans all spread out in other directions, encircling the Ark of Hope.

“Break out from the right side, that is where the protections are the weakest!”

Diwuhen suddenly said. The right side was where the old man with the divine bell was standing and he had already been injured by Lin Ming using the Asura Primal God Cannon. His divine bell had lost most of its spiritual power and it had also become deformed; it was clearly weakened tremendously.

If they broke through on that side, the resistance they faced would be much less.

But now, they couldn’t yet use the Asura Primal God Cannon. Without Lin Ming using the Asura Laws to guide the cannon, it would be almost impossible to aim the Asura Primal God Cannon in the right direction and hit a target.

“Let me!”

Looking at the saint Empyrean holding the divine bell, a cold light appeared on To Bagui’s face. He slowly traced his spatial ring and took out a plain wooden box.

Opening the wooden box, there was a yellow symbol paper inside. This was a god decree left behind by an ancient upper True Divinity and was one of the treasures that the celestials were willing to take out to repair the Chain of Calamity in order to receive three spots to enter the Asura forbidden zone.

But because of Lin Ming, this precious god decree didn’t need to be used so it was saved.

Not just that, but in the past month, this upper True Divinity god decree had also been repaired by Lin Ming. It had recovered the damaged energies it had lost over 10 billion years, and now its power was incomparable to how it was just a month ago.

“Wuhen, Whitemark, go with the Battle Sovereign and assist him!”

The old God Sovereign issued an order. Whitemark was one of the peak Empyreans of the god race; it was only that he was considerably old and didn’t have much time left remaining.

In Diwuhen and Whitemark’s hands, they each grasped an upper True Divinity god decree!

These three upper True Divinity god decrees were the trump cards of the ancient remnant races. Once they used them in battle they would display a terrifying effect, enough to reverse the tide of a battle.

“Look for a chance and rush out of this encirclement!”

The old God Sovereign felt that they couldn’t be delayed for much longer. He was well aware in his heart that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would soon catch up to them and that when he arrived, that would be the true final battle!

“You wretches, come and get it!”

To Bagui stepped onto the bow of the Ark of Hope, facing the saint Empyreans in the vast starry space.

Behind him stood Whitemark and Diwuhen.

As the saint Empyreans saw these people suddenly appear, they felt dread coil within them. But, they didn’t stop their barrage, instead only saving more strength to deal with any dangerous situations.

“Be careful!”

A saint Empyrean reminded. But at this time, with a loud humming sound, a horrifying divine light began to bloom from around To Bagui, making him blaze like a sun!

The common-looking ancient god decree in To Bagui’s hand melted away into light. For a time, countless Law runes spun around. These Law runes fluctuated and changed, finally turning into the phantom of a primal god ancestor.

This primal god ancestor held a long scythe in his hands as it rushed forwards like a god of death!


The saint Empyreans were horrified. As people with extraordinary vision, they could naturally see how terrifying this strike was!

As the divine bell peak Empyrean saw this attack his face drained of blood. This attack was specifically aimed at him!

The two peak Empyreans standing on either side of the divine bell old man wanted to help him, but they were locked down by Diwuhen and Whitemark’s killing intent.

The two peak Empyreans could see that Diwuhen and Whitemark were also holding onto yellow symbol papers.

Moreover, Diwuhen and Whitemark were both individually strong to begin with. With their killing intent locked onto the two peak Empyreans, the two peak Empyreans were too busy thinking of protecting themselves; neither of them was willing to risk their life to help rescue someone else.

Now, the divine bell old man had to face this god decree that was activated with all of To Bagui’s strength!

This was an upper True Divinity god decree. Even though a glorious period of 10 billion years had passed, it still possessed an incredibly destructive power!

“Humph! Do you think I’m easy to bully just because I’m injured!?”

As a peak Empyrean the divine bell old man was arrogant to his bones. Even though he was injured and realized how frightening this strike was, he didn’t think he would die like this.

He formed seals with his hands even as he drew backwards. At the same time, he stimulated his protective astral essence to its limits. The divine bell in his hands also spun outwards, emitting a clear ringing sound!

“Nine Suns Illuminate the Void!”

He roared. From the divine bell, nine spheres of light formed by astral essence shot out, linking together in a line in the void. They were like nine suns that came crashing down at the phantom of the death god.

But at this time, the death god also slashed down its scythe!

Hu - !

With a nearly indiscernible sound, like a gust of wind blowing open doors, the death god phantom vanished. It had only appeared for an instant and made this single strike.

This strike didn’t seem grandiose at all. The death god had only slashed down his scythe, with barely the whisper of a sound following it.

But this faint trace left behind by the strike remained in the skies. Silence spread, and the void seemed to be cut apart like thin paper, leaving behind a clear rift. As for that divine bell, it struck the tear in space with a ring and was immediately sliced in half.

Seeing this, the divine bell old man was left dazed. From his left shoulder to his right rib, a straight line of blood appeared.

And then, blood sprayed out.

The old man’s body shook and almost slipped apart!

“Guru Gold Bell!”

The saint Empyreans were dumbfounded!

From behind the divine bell old man, several peak Empyreans flash stepped towards him like bolts of lightning. As they reached him, they discovered that the divine bell old man’s situation was extremely bad; he was dead soon!

Empyreans of the saint race all had extremely formidable mortal bodies; even after suffering a serious physical wound they wouldn’t die. But in that strike just now, the death god’s energy had pierced through the old man’s flesh and blood, directly extinguishing his life force!

This was an irreversible loss that could not be recovered from. In other words, this divine bell old man was done for!

A peak Empyrean had been heavily wounded with one strike and would die in the next moment!

And in frontal combat and in a situation where the divine bell old man wasn’t injured, his combat strength wouldn’t be much worse than To Bagui’s!

“What terrifying power!”

To Bagui gasped, amazed. As one of the leaders of the celestials, he definitely knew how powerful the god decree in his hand had been. He also knew that after being repaired by Lin Ming, its strength should have risen even more.

But he didn’t think it would rise to such a degree!

Ever since the war began, this was the first time a peak Empyrean had died!

Generally speaking, when one reached the level of a peak Empyrean they could freely wander through the universe with a wide smile, with almost nothing being capable of threatening them. But in this battle, a peak Empyrean had died!

“Break through!”

The old God Sovereign firmly acted and sent out an order. The Ark of Hope changed directions, hurtling towards the nearly dead divine bell old man!

And on the bow of the Ark of Hope, Diwuhen and Whitemark tightly grasped the two other upper True Divinity god decrees, glaring at the other saint Empyreans!

With the threat of the god decrees present, the two peak Empyreans near the divine bell old man felt their breath catch in their throats. Neither of them dared to stop the spirit ship.

The miserable fate of the divine bell old man was openly displayed in front of them and they didn’t think they were much stronger than he was. Once they were targeted by those terrifying god decrees, even if they didn’t die they would suffer heavy wounds and either directly drop in cultivation boundaries or lose a tremendous portion of their lifespan.

As for the other nine peak Empyreans, they were hundreds of thousands of miles away; they couldn’t immediately help.


With a thunderous rumble, the Ark of Hope used its dreadful speed and strength to break past the spatial barrier set down by the saint Empyreans and then rushed deep into the starry cosmos!

The Ark of Hope’s speed was astonishingly fast. With dozens of ancient race Empyreans joining forces to drive it, once the spirit ship broke past the blockade it would be difficult for Empyrean powerhouses to overtake them.

“Have we made it?”

An ancient race Empyrean held his breath. Did they really escape successfully?

Just as this thought passed through the minds of everyone, at this time, the old God Sovereign shook.

The old God Sovereign looked deep into the void of space. Within his old eyes, fear began to rise.

“…Heavens, what is that?”


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