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More and more energy accumulated. Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn, his composure dignified. To borrow the strength of so many Empyreans and manage such a high grade array formation, this was a tremendous consumption to his divine soul. If it weren’t for Lin Ming having adventured through the Soul World for over 20 years, experiencing the ancient galactic battlefield twice and grasping the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range, he would have found it impossible to persist.

“Heh! Here they come, they’re trying the same old trick again! Why not try something new!”

As the Asura Primal God Cannon began condensing energy, many saint Empyreans immediately noticed it.

“Avoid the muzzle! Have that blast hit empty space!”

“Those ancient race retards, while we’re worrying about how to consume their spirit ship’s energy they actually do something so stupid like wasting their energy to attack us. That’s just what we want!”

Although many saint Empyreans were speaking in a relaxed manner, the truth was that no one underestimated their opponent. They each used their own methods to avoid the Asura Primal God Cannon.

Some distorted space, using the Space laws to erratically drift from place to place and making it impossible to latch onto their position. Some people created layers upon layers of illusions, making it impossible to find their true body. Some people even took out hundreds of puppets to block the line of sight. There were even those that laid down illusory magic arrays to hide themselves.

The Empyreans present were all outstanding individuals even amongst elites. Before this, they had experienced two blasts already and had found out the general rules in order to dodge it. Thus, the methods they used to avoid became increasingly sophisticated, and even lower Empyreans with enough experience were confident they wouldn’t be sucked into the blast.

“These devious bastards!”

Seeing the originally distant and blurry saint Empyreans vanish or create layers of illusions, the ancient race martial artists all had ugly complexions.

Lin Ming remained tranquil as he watched all of this. His hands guided the energy gathered by the ancient race Empyreans as he carefully sensed the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation.

This array diagram was all-encompassing and included numerous Laws of the universe’s void.

Calming his mind, Lin Ming’s consciousness seemed to stand in the void of space. Beneath his feet was the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation. This array diagram spread out in his mind, covering the surrounding space for countless millions of miles, forming a comprehensive spatial projection in his mind.

And all life within this array diagram, including himself, including the ancient races, including the saints, was shown within this projection without a single omission.

Lin Ming didn’t hurry. He closed his eyes, his mind like a placid lake. His mind tightly wove together with the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation, rapidly catching the projection of every person.

Slowly, he locked onto a position. In this position there were nine saint Empyreans, and each one had a cultivation of a middle Empyrean or above.

“Here it is!”

Within the array diagram, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly flashed open, a cold killing intent bursting out from them!

From his body, the energy gathered by the ancient race Empyreans started to rush out without reserve!

With Lin Ming as the guide and the energy from the many Empyreans as the power source, he began to activate the Asura Primal God Cannon!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The entire Ark of Hope vibrated. Heaven and earth origin energy began to condense in space, forming innumerable spheres of light, all of various sizes.

These spheres of light came in different colors, each one representing different types of energy. Now, they all gathered into the Asura Primal God Cannon as they were inhaled into it!

For a time, the Asura Primal God Cannon emitted a divine light in all directions, as if a sun were being born within!

“What a death wish!” A saint Empyrean sneered. He could feel that the energy within the Asura Primal God Cannon was over twice as large as that of the two previous strikes.

“The more they consume energy the quicker they will die!”

“Everyone be careful, especially lower Empyreans! Make sure to avoid their attacks and have this bunch of ancient race idiots fail!”

The saint Empyreans communicated to each other with sound transmissions, rapidly flying back and forth in the distance. And at this time, the Asura Primal God Cannon erupted!


A terrifying explosion echoed out, as if a hundred thousand God Beasts were roaring out as one!

In that moment, the world seemed to lose its color. A beam of divine light millions of miles long lit up the void, seeming as if it would cause the universe to collapse. The brilliant light could even pierce through and blind a World King’s eyes.

For a moment, the saint Empyreans felt as if their five senses had been stripped away.

Their hearts shook. On reflex, they all drew backwards!

“This is bad!”

Some people realized that this cannon blast wasn’t the same!

The saint Empyreans present were all elites. Although their senses were eliminated, they still had their own methods to feel danger in the ruinous tide of energy.

However, as their divine sense touched upon the massive beam of light emitted by the Asura Primal God Cannon, all of them were left panic-stricken.


They watched as the beam of light split apart in the void. One divided to three, three divided to nine, and then each beam of light changed paths, separately veering off into nine directions, shooting towards their targets like the arrows of a divine god!

And in these nine directions, each place had an Empyrean that was locked onto by a divine light!

In that instant, no matter what illusion they used, no matter what technique or avatar ability they tried, no matter how they twisted the void, all of their attempts of evasion were utterly destroyed by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, leaving them without a place to hide!

Even those saint Empyreans that weren’t aimed at felt a sharp and severe light shoot towards their heads. It was like a person had pointed a cold sword at their heads, ready to kill them in the next moment.


An Empyrean cried out miserably. The divine lights were far too fast! The Empyreans had been able to avoid the cannon blasts not because they were faster, but because they had calculated the avoidance path ahead of time. But now that they were directly focused on by the divine light, this was a completely different situation!

The Empyrean that cried out was punctured by a beam of divine light. His body instantly evaporated to ashes as he blew up in a cascade of fireworks.

Following that, more and more fireworks lit up the void. Saint Empyreans were killed off by the Asura Primal God Cannon one after another!

An Empyrean that hid in a spatial distortion didn’t even have time to cry out. The spatial distortion he hid in was pierced through. The space barrier he made simply wasn’t able to block the Asura Primal God Cannon!

Among the others, those that had used an illusory magic array or released puppets were all annihilated without exception, instantly slain where they stood!

Only a peak Empyrean, the one who had struck the Ark of Hope with the giant bell before, was able to use his terrifying strength to forcefully avoid the killing trajectory of the Asura Primal God Cannon!


The divine bell covered him. Half the energy from the shockwaves of the Asura Primal God Cannon were absorbed by this peak Empyrean spirit treasure.

The divine bell caved in and the spirit treasure nearly twisted in half. Within, the divine bell old man bled from every orifice. He rapidly retreated in distress. By taking severe wounds and almost ruining his spirit treasure as the price, he had avoided the final fatal blow!

In a brief moment, of the nine Empyreans that were locked onto by the Asura Primal God Cannon, eight had died and a ninth was severely wounded!

The eight Empyreans that died were all middle or upper Empyreans, and the one that was injured was a peak Empyrean. Lin Ming hadn’t bothered attacking the lower Empyreans.

Because… it just wasn’t worth it!

“This… this…”

Among the saints, many Empyreans were completely shell-shocked.

Even the divine bell old man who had managed to survive the disaster hadn’t managed to recover his scattered wits yet. His face was pale. No one had expected that the might of the cannon blast would reach such a degree!

In the blink of an eye, eight Empyreans had perished. Just what sort of concept was that?

Even the all-out strike of a True Divinity might not be able to replicate such an effect!

Within the Ark of Hope, the ancient race martial artists were all overjoyed by the cannon blast!

“Well struck!”

“That felt great!”

Currently, there were only 100-200 saint Empyreans on the battlefield. If a single barrage could kill eight, then they only needed to fire the cannon several more times to eliminate half of them!

Moreover, the key point was that the cannon blast just now had boosted group morale. The originally depressed ancient race martial artists began to burn with confidence once more!

“You were actually able to split the cannon blast into nine beams and have each beam attack a different enemy. Lin Ming, you’ve done well! In our hands, we’ve simply disgraced this magic tool left behind by our ancestors!”

The several ancient race Empyreans that spoke had already tried using the Asura Primal God Cannon. They were well aware of how difficult it was to control the firing direction of the Asura Primal God Cannon. Hitting people with it was already difficult to begin with, let alone dividing the attack into nine.

When they shot out a cannon blast, they wasted over 90% of the energy. However, Lin Ming was able to reasonably divide the energy of the Asura Primal God Cannon; the disparity was just too great.

Lin Ming forced a smile. His face was paper-white. In that cannon blast just now, although he hadn’t used his own body’s energy and had used the energy gathered from the Empyreans, he had still been the one controlling and directing the energies. And to direct the array formation along with that, this had drained Lin Ming. After all, he was only a peak Holy Lord and he had yet to consolidate his foundation.

“The Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation is too complex and there are highly profound Asura Heavenly Dao rules contained within it. I found it extremely difficult to control and barely managed to divide the blast into nine, moreover, I failed to kill one of those people. If I was a bit more skilled in the Asura Heavenly Dao I would have been able to enliven each beam of light with its own spirituality so that they could actively target enemies. However, that wasn’t what happened…

“I overdrew my soul force just then. I won’t be able to guide a second cannon blast for some time.”

As Lin Ming spoke, the ancient race Empyreans also saw how exhausted he was. Smokeless quickly handed a soul recovery pill to Lin Ming. Of the pills that the celestial race Elders refined without a care for the cost, she still had some remaining.

And at this time, outside of the Ark of Hope, the saint Empyreans had already begun to panic.

“How could that strike just now have strengthened by so much?”

“Could they have been lulling us into a sense of false confidence so they could cut us down at a critical time?”

“It shouldn’t be… the first time they attacked we weren’t on guard. If they were to use their strongest attack at that time then the effects would have been much better.”

Saint Empyreans rapidly passed around sound transmissions, a growing horror evidence in their voices.

Many middle and lower saint Empyreans felt a shadow cast over their hearts. Without a doubt, if they had been aimed at instead of those eight dead others, it would have been them turned to ashes!

No matter how great the heavens or earth were, they placed their own lives at the greatest level of importance.

After all, this wasn’t some critical life or death battle for their race. The reason they had joined this war was for the inheritances and treasures of the Primeval Realm Ruins and the many resources promised to them by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. However, if their lives were in danger or if there was a high chance of them perishing, it was inevitable that they would develop thoughts of fleeing.

However, even though ordinary Empyreans were frightened, the many peak Empyreans didn’t retreat. There were 12 of them together and they were the true commanders of the Primeval Universe war!


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