MW Chapter 1902

Chapter 1902 – Guide

More and more energy accumulated. Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn, his composure dignified. To borrow the strength of so many Empyreans and manage such a high grade array formation, this was a tremendous consumption to his divine soul. If it weren’t for Lin Ming having adventured through the Soul World for over 20 years, experiencing the ancient galactic battlefield twice and grasping the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range, he would have found it impossible to persist.

“Heh! Here they come, they’re trying the same old trick again! Why not try something new!”

As the Asura Primal God Cannon began condensing energy, many saint Empyreans immediately noticed it.

“Avoid the muzzle! Have that blast hit empty space!”

“Those ancient race retards, while we’re worrying about how to consume their spirit ship’s energy they actually do something so stupid like wasting their energy to attack us. That’s just what we want!”

Although many saint Empyreans were speaking in a relaxed manner, the truth was that no one underestimated their opponent. They each used their own methods to avoid the Asura Primal God Cannon.

Some distorted space, using the Space laws to erratically drift from place to place and making it impossible to latch onto...

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