MW Chapter 1901

Chapter 1901 – Blast Through the Void

“Damn it!”

In these past years, numerous saint Empyreans had fought through the Primeval Universe while suffering little damage.

But in this battle, three of them had already died before much fighting had even occurred. Moreover… they were all upper Empyreans!

Upon reaching the level of an Empyrean, wanting to defeat a similar opponent wasn’t difficult. However, wanting to kill one was a completely different matter.

After all, every person that managed to reach the heights of an Empyrean was an extreme talent that was blessed with a great destiny. They had experienced innumerable lucky chances as they grew and had countless life-saving cards hidden up their sleeves.

And their own defensive capabilities were particularly powerful, their life force almost unparalleled in tenacity.

But such characters had been instantly annihilated to dust upon facing the white spirit ship, killed without a chance to react. This left the rest of them frightened.

It had to be known that in the all-out war between the humans and saints 3.6 billion years ago, the saints only had several hundred Empyreans die, and most of them were lower Empyreans and middle Empyreans. Now, to lose three upper Empyreans like this, the losses were mind-boggling.

Several other Empyreans were also severely injured. Their combat strength had weakened. However, their mortal bodies were formidable and their regenerative abilities were outstanding. These wounds slowly healed.

“That spirit ship, how can it be so strong!?”

“Just what sort of ancient treasure is that terrifying!?”

Several Empyreans felt fear rise in their hearts. Before this, they were already accustomed to the ancient remnant races scattering to flee upon the beginning of a fight as they were all immediately routed. To the saints, invading the Primeval Universe was the same as beating up a crippled man; it was a completely overwhelming and one-sided battle. They had never experienced such frustration before.

“Slow them down but do not face them head-on, be careful of that god cannon! The ancient races have countless treasures, once they die they are all ours!”

A peak Empyrean sent out a sound transmission.

At this time, more and more saint Empyreans were catching up!

The saints possessed seven universes, each universe having Empyreans that numbered in the triple digits. With all the universes added together they had over a thousand Empyreans; this was an incomparably terrifying strength.

Compared to this, the ancient races were far too weak. Even with all of them combined together, they only had several dozen Empyreans, even less than humanity.

“In the cannon blast just now, how much energy was used up?”

The old God Sovereign calmly asked as he stood before the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation.

“Approximately 2%. At most we can send out 20 cannon blasts; we have to retain at least 60% energy for our protective barriers and the flight array formation. Moreover… if we fire the cannon too many times, we will also consume a considerable amount of strength…”

The Asura Primal God Cannon could burn energy stones to attack, but it needed an Empyrean to manage the array formation.

In order operate a Beyond Divinity level magic weapon, the pressure it placed on the Empyreans could be imagined!

“20 strikes…”

The old God Sovereign placed his palms together, rapping his fingers as he was lost in thought.

Without a doubt, there was a massive disparity in strength between the ancient races and the saints. It was impossible to make up for this difference by depending on the Ark of Hope alone.

Even if they sent out another 20 cannon blasts they wouldn’t be able to kill many more Empyreans. This was because the saint Empyreans were now wary and would avoid the direction of the Asura Primal God Cannon. This made killing these saint Empyreans far more difficult.

“Rush out. Don’t try to fight them.”

The old God Sovereign was incredibly calm. The Ark of Hope was the only thing they could rely on to escape, so they had to avoid the saints as much as they could. As long as they could break out of the encirclement and penetrate past the spatial barrier that surrounded the Chaos Star Ocean, they could use the Ark of Hope to warp forwards with a greater void shift. With that, they would be provided temporary safety.

But the saint Empyreans wouldn’t let the ancient races do as they wished.

In the void of the Primeval Universe, everyone was far away from each other. The low level martial artists had long since fled, leaving behind only the Empyreans.

Only an Empyrean level martial artist could play a role in fighting the Ark of Hope.

A blinding divine light wove through the starry void. Astral essence swelled forth, gushing out like a growing galaxy!

Many Empyreans attacked together. The scene was dazzling to the eyes.

“Slow them down, delay for time!”

Two peak saint Empyreans thrust out their hands. Golden astral essence transformed into giant palms that grabbed onto the Ark of Hope’s hull.

These two Empyreans attacked from a tricky angle. They avoided the Asura Primal God Cannon and chose a relatively safe area.

Soon after, another peak Empyrean summoned a magic tool. This magic tool was a large bronze bell. The bell rolled like an oncoming thunderstorm, smashing into the Ark of Hope!


With a loud explosion, the giant bell smashed into the Ark of Hope’s defensive barrier!

The bell collapsed and was sent tumbling away. Although the Ark of Hope wasn’t damaged, the ship had used up a great deal of energy.

“Everyone strike! Move as far back as you can to attack and use up the ship’s energy! This ship should be a peak True Divinity spirit treasure. Although breaking it is impossible, as long as we can exhaust its energy supplies then that ridiculous pack of dead ancient races will be nothing but a turtle in a jar! We will be able to kill them as we please!”

The peak Empyrean who threw the bell shined with a golden light, his voice indifferent as he spoke.

“Haha, that’s right, we don’t need to frontally face them at all!”

The saint Empyreans all drew back, cold sneers on their face. They pulled out all sorts of magic tools and soon endless divine light enveloped the entire void for millions of miles!

The Ark of Hope’s energy was slowly consumed. The Empyreans managing the array formation also consumed their soul force.

The ancient race Empyreans were fighting an enemy with ten times their numbers!


The Asura Primal God Cannon blasted out once more!

The thick beam of light pierced through the void, causing a horrifying energy storm to roll up.

However, the saint Empyreans were already prepared. They could keenly feel the Asura Primal God Cannon gathering energy and were able to move away a step ahead. Only a lower Empyrean, because he was too slow and his sense wasn’t too sharp, was sucked up into that energy storm.

After being pulled into the horrifying energy storm, that lower Empyreans was immediately reduced to ashes.


One of the god race Empyreans managing the Asura Primal God Cannon pounded his fist onto the array formation’s altar. “The magic tool left behind by my ancestors has been shamed beneath my hands. Although the energy is powerful, my abilities are lacking and I cannot kill this damned pack of dogs!”

The Asura Primal God Cannon was too high grade a weapon. If the martial artists of the ancient remnant races wanted to operate it, they simply lacked the ability to freely use it. They were no different from little children picking up heavy axes and trying to wield them. It required far too much energy to lift the axe and their dexterity was lacking. As long as someone was fast enough and moved just a little, they could easily avoid the strike.

In front of the array formation’s altar, Lin Ming silently looked upon all of this. He was rapidly replaying the two blasts of the Asura Primal God Cannon.

The shimmering lights of the array formation’s runes reappeared in his mind as he constantly analyzed them…

Then, with another explosion, the hull trembled.

The saint Empyreans were barraging the protective barrier of the Ark of Hope.

Once the protective barrier was destroyed, the saint Empyreans could even invade the Ark of Hope and fight directly with those onboard. Once that happened, the 10 billion plus members of the ancient remnant races onboard would be slaughtered like lambs at the butcher, recklessly killed!

“The hull’s energy had been reduced to 95%...”

Someone reported. A gloomy cloud covered the old God Sovereign’s face. The leaders of the other ancient races also appeared ill. This was because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had yet to appear…

The truth was that all the powerhouses present had already decided to bet their lives on this battle and were willing to give up their lives if needed. But if they used up all of their strength before the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign appeared, then their sacrifice would be meaningless.

The ancient races had already come to this point. All the Empyreans present, especially the elderly ones, no longer feared death. Death was not frightening, what was frightening was dying without meaning.

“Let me try…”

At this time, a hesitant and slightly unsure voice sounded out. Everyone turned. The one speaking was the only person in the central control room of the Ark of Hope that didn’t even have a World King cultivation – Lin Ming.

“You want to… control the Asura Primal God Cannon?”

The eyes of some of the elderly leaders lit up. Lin Ming had conjured numerous miracles already. If he were to propose something like this, everyone’s first reaction was hoping that he could create a miracle once more.

Lin Ming slowly nodded, his eyes still unsure. While he had studied the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation before this, he hadn’t obtained any substantial results.

The array formation was too unwieldy and the Laws involved were far too profound. Moreover, the requirement of absolute strength was extremely high.

After all, Lin Ming had yet to study the complete Asura Sutra; he wasn’t omnipotent.

“I can only say I can try, and I will also need your assistance. My strength is far too lacking to activate the Asura Primal God Cannon. I can only try to steer the direction so it is more accurate.”

Lin Ming discreetly said after deeply thinking over it.


Hearing Lin Ming’s words, many ancient race martial artists immediately perked up, their lowered morale somewhat restored.

In a corner of the room, Smokeless watched all of this occur, a strange light flashing in her eyes. She discovered that unknowingly, Lin Ming’s status within the ancient remnant races had become invaluable. Every word and action he took could inspire morale within the Empyreans; this was almost unthinkable.

“Open the array!” The old God Sovereign looked at Lin Ming, a wizened and affectionate smile on his face. Like the name of this spirit ship, what the ancient remnant races needed was hope.

And the peerless elites of the younger generation were the source of this hope. With Lin Ming here, the old God Sovereign felt much more at ease. His life was already winding down to its end. Even if he didn’t live to see the day that the ancient races overcame the great calamity, he could still die in peace.

Weng weng weng – !

Beneath the constant barrage of the saints, the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation activated once more!

For a time, the scattered energy within the universe began to crazily stir. The energy in the Primeval Universe was thin, but these energies were varied and profound, with all sorts of origin energies contained within it. Like a whale drinking water, all of these energies rolled up towards the Ark of Hope!

To absorb as much energy from the universe as possible while keeping the energy use of the Ark of Hope to the barest minimum, this was one of the changes Lin Ming made to the Asura Primal God Cannon’s array formation while operating it.

Of course, this change was all based upon Lin Ming’s profound understanding into the Asura Laws.


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