Chapter 190 - Samsara Martial Intent

Chapter 190 Samsara Martial Intent.


Chapter 190 – Samsara Martial Intent

Na Shui immediately paled as she listened to these men sexually harass her. However, Na Yi was calm as she cheekily sneered.

‘These fellows are such idiots, they really are courting death.’

Lin Ming’s fingers traced the treasure saber that was on the table. This was the medium-grade human-step treasure saber that Huo Gong had left behind after his untimely demise. Lin Ming had decided to use it as a temporary weapon in order to deceive the world. When he would assassinate Chi Guda, he would do so with a spear. Lin Ming didn’t want anyone to find clues tracing back to him because of the weapon he used.

Lin Ming sent a true essence sound transmission to Na Yi, “I had just wanted to listen in on them to get some information on Chi Guda, but it seems that’s not going to be happening anymore. How would you like me to punish them?”

Na Yi’s icy gaze swept across the five soldiers with a heartless killing intent. She frostily said, “If possible, I hope that Mister Mo can kill all of them.”

Lin Ming was shocked. Good heavens, this little girl was sufficiently ruthless. But today, if he didn’t do anything, then these soldiers would most likely go on to rape other girls in the future. The Fire Worm Tribe was a wholly barbaric...

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