MW Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899 – Famine

Deep within the Primeval Universe, within the center of an icy metal planet –

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sat atop a massive blood red sphere that was 10,000 miles wide. This crimson sphere constantly wriggled. Fierce dragon heads jutted out from the bloody sphere before melting back into it with a rain of blood, repeating this process again and again…

At the same time, loud sounds rang out from within the center of the crimson sphere.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the thunderous roaring of the earth, the entire planet vibrated with this sound.

The terrifying sound echoed through the semi-sealed interior of the planet. If a martial artist with an insufficient cultivation were to stand in this space, they would be affected by the horrifying high energy sound waves. Their body and organs would resonate with the sound waves until they turned to mush.

In this environment, a young man knelt before the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, his hands splayed on the ground in reverence.

“Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor, your child requests to go to battle!”

This young man had already been kneeling here for a long time. He was tall, with broad shoulders. His facial features were sharp and fierce, a faint hostility creeping in his eyes.

This youth was the person who had been defeated by Lin Ming in the past – the Good Fortune Saint Son.

In that 100 year duel, when only 60 years had passed, the Good Fortune Saint Son had been defeated by Lin Ming. Not only had he been defeated, he had lost in a miserable fashion.

In the face of numerous people with the Empyreans of the saint race, human race, monster race, and demon race present, the Good Fortune Saint Son had been publicly cuckolded by Lin Ming. His fiancé was stolen and he was beaten to a pulp. This event would forever be the greatest shame in his life!

Now, 20-30 years had passed. The Good Fortune Saint Son had endured this humiliation, torturing himself, diligently training, all for the fervent wish he had of wiping away that shame!

But Lin Ming seemed to have disappeared without a trace; no one was able to find him.

It was only a few days ago that the Good Fortune Saint Son learned Lin Ming had entered the Primeval Universe. With this he could no longer sit still, thus he requested to be sent to the battlefront by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t respond.

And just now, he also learned that the ancient races were riding a top grade spirit ship to break through their encirclement. Because of this, the Good Fortune Saint Son volunteered himself for battle once more.

“Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor, your child can confirm that Lin Ming is riding aboard that white spirit ship. The reason Lin Ming came to the Primeval Universe should have been in order to form an alliance with the ancient remnant races. It even seems that Lin Ming has convinced the leaders of the ancient races. They should be trying to escape the Primeval Universe and flee to the Divine Realm to meet up with the humans!”

As Lin Ming’s rival, the Good Fortune Saint Son had somewhat of an understanding of Lin Ming. He was already able to guess part of the truth.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign shook his head. “You are not Lin Ming’s match. You have diligently cultivated for 20 some years, but even now… the disparity between you and him has only grown larger.”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s words were like a bucket of cold water tossed atop the Good Fortune Saint Son’s head.

“I…” The Good Fortune Saint Son gripped his fists. Although he didn’t want to acknowledge it, he was well aware of just how terrifying Lin Ming was.

In the past, Lin Ming was able to jump ranks to defeat him and he was younger, in the prime of his youth. Now, over the past 20 some years, the disparity would only have grown larger and larger.

The Good Fortune Saint Son grit his teeth, saying, “I might not be his match, but I do not need to defeat him head on. As long as I can lead the army to rout him on the battlefield and kill him there, that will equally restore my heart of martial arts! I beg Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor to allow your child to command the troops into battle!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son deeply bowed. But, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign continued shaking his head. “You don’t need to be so stubborn. Many times, when a peerless genius reaches the final stage of their growth and must comprehend the Laws of the heavens and earth and step onto the road of divinity, leading a smooth life without problems and bumps isn’t necessarily good…”

“Martial artists are creatures that need setbacks at times, just like a phoenix needs to undergo nirvana… your road has been far too smooth. Experiencing such a strike might not be bad for you. As for Lin Ming, he is the same. Although he had experienced some hurdles as he grew, compared to chasing after the Heavenly Dao, all his problems have been insignificant so far…

“You and Lin Ming both need to fail. However, you have me standing behind you, so even if you are defeated you can start over from nothing. As for Lin Ming, he has no one behind him. Once he is defeated, there is nothing but… death!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign spoke to here, the massive blood red monster beneath his body seemed to have become infected by his aura. The monster wriggled more and more, causing the entire planet to shake.

“Go, it’s time to end this charade. I will not allow a mere human boy to destroy my plans. Before he has grown, I will kill him!”

Killing intent erupted from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, recklessly gushing out like a tide.

The Good Fortune Saint Son who was less than 10 feet from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign felt his heart chill, as if he had fallen into the nine nether abyss!

Even he had never earnestly felt the horrifying might of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign like today.

Wu – wu – wu – !

The crimson monster wriggled more and more. The tiny remaining amount of the blood pond rapidly dried up.

The blood pond had been absorbed by the crimson monster, completely swallowed up!

On the surface of the monster’s body, massive runes began to appear. And, the divine light that these runes shot out all gathered between the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyebrows.

In that moment, a rune also appeared between the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyebrows. This rune was gold, similar to the runes that covered the monster’s body.

“Could it be…” The Good Fortune Saint Son was shocked upon seeing this. He could clearly feel that at this time, the spiritual sea of the crimson monster had become one with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s!




With a terrifying explosive sound, from the crimson ball beneath the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s feet, dozens of fierce red dragon heads rushed out. These fierce dragons roared with overweening power, breaking into the walls of the metal planet!

The entire planet violently shook. The wicked red dragons tore apart the earth. Endless energy shot out, firing into the vast nothingness of space.

If one watched this planet from millions of miles away, they would see something horrifying occur.

The planet began quietly collapsing from within!

And in the cracks of the disintegrating planet, boundless blood red light filled the air, becoming thicker and thicker until the entire planet was swallowed!

This sort of feeling was like a monster being born from a mother, but because the monster was too powerful, it even swallowed the mother!

“This… this…”

Seeing such a vast and horrifying sight, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s mind shook.

The crimson monster was devouring a planet!

“The holy beast of my race… ‘Famine’…” The Good Fortune Saint Son gulped. “Your Majesty Saint Ancestor! Have you already established a spiritual connection with the holy beast? You can control it!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was panic-stricken. He had long known of the existence of their saint race’s holy beast.

Rumors said that this holy beast was originally an extremely terrifying existence even amongst abyssals. Its full name was – ‘The Abyssal Demon – Famine’!

And its special attribute was – to devour all!

The abyss of the ancient ruins was a dreadful place, so frightening that no one could understand it.

The entrance was blocked off by a terrifying enchantment. This enchantment was called the ‘Heaven Sealing Enchantment’.

The Heaven Sealing Enchantment was said to contain the phantoms of the Asura Road Master and the Holy Scripture creator.

Through any reasoning, even an abyssal that surpassed the realm of a peak Empyrean would be unable to break past the Heaven Sealing Enchantment.

But, ‘Famine’ had emerged. As for how it did so, no one knew.

There was only one truth – that after ‘Famine’ left the abyss, its strength had precipitously fallen. Even so, it still possessed a dreadful strength capable of swallowing most True Divinities!

The appearance of ‘Famine’ set off an unprecedented disaster for the saints!

It swallowed a massive number of saint powerhouses and countless saint martial artists, eating them up to make itself more powerful.

But finally, the saint race’s ancient Saint Sovereign had led many True Divinities to join forces and besiege ‘Famine’ with overwhelming strength.

Finally, ‘Famine’ was grievously wounded. Even 90% of its recovered origin energy had disappeared.

Even so, the saints weren’t able to destroy Famine.

In this situation, Famine then signed a contract with the ancient Saint Sovereign.

This was an equal contract. The saints would look for blood and food for Famine to devour, and Famine would fight on behalf of the saints!

Like this, Famine became the holy beast of the saints.

The saints were always ambitious. They wanted to rule the 33 Heavens. However, in the great war 3.6 billion years ago when the saints fought the humans, the saints had paid a dire price!

“Your Majesty Saint Ancestor, wasn’t Famine heavily wounded in the battle 3.6 billion years ago by Empyrean Divine Seal burning away his life as the price? Ever since, Famine has fallen into a deep slumber. How did you manage to awaken it?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son couldn’t believe his own eyes. More than one saint Empyrean had wanted to awaken Famine, but they had all failed.

But now, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had not only awakened Famine, but even seemed to have gained control of it. This left the Good Fortune Saint Son gasping in disbelief.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A series of terrifying explosions continued. From that giant spherical body of blood, more and more blood dragon tentacles stretched out, digging into the earth of the metal planet and recklessly swallowing its energy!

Strength streamed into Famine’s body. But, the entire planet withered away. Its origin energy dried up, the seas evaporated, and massive fissures raced through the world.

Even the dried-up land that had lost all spiritual energy was completely swallowed by Famine. Like this, a giant planet that was tens of thousands of miles in radius was eaten by Famine!

This process lasted less than a quarter hour of time. Such a drastic change in the world left the Good Fortune Saint Son struggling to compose himself.

Although he had heard that Famine possessed the ability to swallow worlds, stories were only stories. Now that he saw these stories come to life with his own eyes, he was utterly shocked.

To pierce through a planet wasn’t difficult, but crushing apart a planet was hard. As for completely swallowing up a planet, what sort of mighty power was that?

As a martial artist who wholeheartedly chased after the peak of martial arts, the Good Fortune Saint Son had a zealous obsession with strength.

If… only this strength was his own, how wonderful would that be!

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son discovered that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s feet had submerged into the blood of Famine at some unknown time.

Rather, it was more accurate to say that he didn’t submerge, but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s mortal body had already fused together with the blood plasma of Famine, sharing blood vessels.


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly sneered. On his neck, blood vessels rose up like red worms, making him look fearsome to the extreme.

“Swallowing a planet is nothing. 3.6 billion years ago when Famine was in its peak state, it even swallowed up the destiny of the human bloodline – in other words, one of humanity’s Heavenly Daos, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s words were stunning. The Good Fortune Saint Son was also shocked; he had never heard about this chapter of history before.


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