MW Chapter 1898

Chapter 1898 – Killing an Empyrean

“Enemy attack!”

Amongst the fleet of the saints, someone cried out loud.

Hundreds of sound transmitting talismans lit up together, rapidly passing down information through various channels.

“Who dares!? They are courting death!”

Over a hundred saint martial artists rushed out.

These people were mostly small battalion leaders and team commanders. They were originally enjoying themselves and playing around, and now that they suddenly heard the enemy was attacking, their festivities were interrupted and they naturally didn’t feel well.

These small group leaders were mostly all Holy Lords. As they saw a massive pure white spirit ship hurtling towards them, they all stared in a stunned daze.

“High grade spirit ship!”

The saint martial artist in the lead was a tall and fat man with a Great World King cultivation. All things considered, he had good eyesight and was able to immediately recognize that this white spirit ship was extraordinary. It was as large as a small planet and even though it was...

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