MW Chapter 1898

Chapter 1898 – Killing an Empyrean

“Enemy attack!”

Amongst the fleet of the saints, someone cried out loud.

Hundreds of sound transmitting talismans lit up together, rapidly passing down information through various channels.

“Who dares!? They are courting death!”

Over a hundred saint martial artists rushed out.

These people were mostly small battalion leaders and team commanders. They were originally enjoying themselves and playing around, and now that they suddenly heard the enemy was attacking, their festivities were interrupted and they naturally didn’t feel well.

These small group leaders were mostly all Holy Lords. As they saw a massive pure white spirit ship hurtling towards them, they all stared in a stunned daze.

“High grade spirit ship!”

The saint martial artist in the lead was a tall and fat man with a Great World King cultivation. All things considered, he had good eyesight and was able to immediately recognize that this white spirit ship was extraordinary. It was as large as a small planet and even though it was still hundreds of thousands of miles away, it was clearly visible!

“Do they want to break through the defensive line of our Godstep Heavenly Palace!?

“Activate the defensive array formations and prepare to meet the enemy! Report to Empyrean Godstep what is happening, I think those god race bastards have finally become too bored!”

The fat Great World King immediately ordered. These saint martial artists had gone through numerous battles. Although they were all boisterous and rowdy, when they truly met the enemy they wouldn’t be lazy. They immediately opened the array formation to meet the incoming enemy.

However, the white spirit ship didn’t fire towards their battle array but hurtled in another direction!


The fat Great World King was stunned. That direction was where Godstep Heavenly Palace was!

That Godstep Heavenly Palace was personally guarded by Empyrean Godstep!

It had to be known that many Empyrean Heavenly Palaces were themselves top grade magic tools. Their combat strength was amazing.

“Are they insane? Do they want to commit suicide?”

The fat Great World King was dumbfounded.

The other group leaders laughed. “Nothing but trying to break a rock with an egg. They’re just looking to die!”

“With Empyrean Godstep’s status, he shouldn’t be willing to meddle in such a battle. But if they are going to run up to his doorstep to die, no one’s going to stop them.”

People chuckled as they spoke. However, the fat Great World King’s complexion was somewhat odd. The situation was too suspicious. That white spirit ship…

As the fat Great World King was thinking, something amazing occurred. The spirit ship shot towards Empyrean Godstep’s Heavenly Palace and didn’t seem to be slowing at all. From the current trajectory and speed, they were going to collide!


The fat Great World King was panic-stricken. Such a terrifying strike would absolutely cause a riotous detonation. After the array formation of a high grade spirit ship exploded along with the massive amount of energy stones within, the energy shockwaves produced would suck up every nearby Holy Lord and tear them all to shreds.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Floating in space, Godstep Heavenly Palace began to shine with the luminescence of an array formation. Divine light shot out from within the Heavenly Palace; this was the Heavenly Palace’s defensive array formation!

With such a large-scale array formation in addition to the personal management of Empyrean Godstep, even the all-out strike of a peak Empyrean wouldn’t be able to shake the barrier.

But the fragile-seeming spirit ship continued rushing forwards. It was the suicidal appearance of someone trying to crack open a stone with an egg!

“This is suicide!”

Many people waited to see that white spirit ship crash and blow up into countless fireworks in the starry void.

However, when the white spirit ship struck the array formation at high speed, the front of the spirit ship also shined with the light of an array formation. Infinite divine light gathered there, forming a massive blade!

The blade recklessly tore through all. With a loud explosion, the Heavenly Palace’s array formations were torn asunder!

This was like a knife tearing through ordinary paper, without the least bit of resistance!

Then, the white spirit ship fired forwards with unbelievable speed, straight into Godstep Heavenly Palace.


The Heavenly Palace violently shook. The walls were ruthlessly torn through by the white spirit ship. The white spirit ship broke through, crashing into the Heavenly Palace!

A monumental tide of energy swept out. In that single collision, countless saint martial artists within Godstep Heavenly Palace had perished!

Even the World Kings within were sucked in and injured.

However, the white spirit ship continued forth with unstoppable momentum. With nearly constant speed, it pierced through the massive Godstep Heavenly Palace, penetrating all the way from one side to the other, bringing with it a brilliant detonation of fireworks as it passed through!

This sort of feeling was like a javelin piercing right through a target!

At that moment, the entire Godstep Heavenly Palace collapsed. Endless fragments were sent flying away as countless martial artists that were within Godstep Heavenly Palace were thrown into the cold vacuum of space.

As for the white spirit ship, it was like a phoenix flying out from an inferno, continuing to race deep into the universe!

Several hundred thousands of miles away, the fat Great World King and the others looked on with horrified expressions, all of them scared witless.

They thought that this was a futile battle and the white spirit ship would blow apart. But, the white spirit ship had actually come out unscathed while the entire Godstep Heavenly Palace had been destroyed.

The result was the complete opposite to what they had thought!

Heavens, what is that!?

“Who is it!?”

From within the ruins of the destroyed Heavenly Palace, an angry and thunderous voice echoed outwards. A skinny man with a mane of white hair stepped out, chasing right after the white spirit ship.

This skinny man’s hawk-like eyes blazed with a severe light!

He was Empyrean Godstep! His own Heavenly Palace had been ruined; how could he silently endure such an insult?

“Break for me!”

The skinny man shouted and slapped out his palm. His palm transformed into a thousand mile palm that shined with a golden divine light, grasping towards the white spirit ship’s driving array formation. He wanted to destroy the spirit ship’s power source!


The golden hand smashed against the white spirit ship. The spirit ship suddenly shook and slowed down.

However, the tremendous impact carried Empyrean Godstep forwards.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign!”

Within the spirit ship, the Empyreans managing the driving array formation suddenly felt the spirit ship slow down, receiving a great resistance. “An upper saint Empyrean is hindering our spirit ship from several tens of thousands of miles away.”

“Erase him, quickly and decisively!” The old God Sovereign’s voice was as cold as ice.


Three peak Empyreans received the order and flew out from the white spirit ship. Even for a peak Empyrean, wanting to instantly kill an upper Empyrean from tens of thousands of miles away was difficult. After all, even if the opponent couldn’t fight they could still run.

But this time, one of the three peak Empyreans held a yellow symbol paper in his hand. This was a god decree left behind by an ordinary True Divinity, but after being repaired by Lin Ming, its might could no longer be compared to how it was in the past!

Divine light sparkled and the god decree lit up. At the same time, the two other peak Empyreans also assisted in the attack.

Three beams of divine light cut through the void, hurtling straight towards Empyrean Godstep with inconceivable speed.

In particular, the central beam of light was overwhelming, tearing through the cosmos!


Empyrean Godstep was alarmed. He could feel a terrifying strength within that middle divine light. Moreover, the strength of the three people attacking him had far surpassed his imagination.

“This is bad!”

Empyrean Godstep cried out in shock. He rapidly drew backwards, but… it was too late!

The light that blossomed from the god decree was too dreadful. After it locked onto Empyrean Godstep, there was no way for him to avoid it!

The brilliant divine light swallowed up Empyrean Godstep.

Meanwhile, the attacks of the other two Empyreans also collided. The three attacks joined together, completely piercing through Empyrean Godstep’s body.


Empyrean Godstep howled pitifully. His mortal body was torn apart by the divine lights and his soul was annihilated.

Like this, an Empyrean, and even an outstanding person amongst Empyreans, had been erased from existence, instantly killed in a horrifying manner.


Hundreds of thousands of miles away, the fat Great World King’s heart shriveled as he saw this.

In his lifetime, this was the first time he had ever seen an Empyrean die, and an upper Empyrean at that!

In ordinary times, an Empyrean was no different from a god in their eyes, an unreachable existence!

But in that brief moment just then, an upper Empyrean had been instantly killed, turned to nothing but ashes and smoke!

This frightening scene caused the fat Great World King to freeze where he was, looking like a statue.

And beside the fat Great World King, the other martial artists weren’t able to withstand such a sight. They shivered and a cold sweat dripped down their bodies.

Just what kind of spirit ship was that!? With a single move it was able to erase an upper Empyrean!

“The ancient races… have they all emerged from their nest?”

The fat World King suddenly realized this possibility. The ancient races finally weren’t willing to resign themselves to being encircled and were planning to break free!

“Quickly report the news!”

The fat Great World King’s mind was in utter chaos. He began to realize that this opening salvo would be the fire that lit the fuse for the final decisive battle between the saints and the ancient races!

In fact, it wasn’t just the fat Great World King who realized this. From the destroyed Godstep Heavenly Palace, many World Kings had rapidly sent out news of what happened. This sudden change of events would soon reach the ears of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

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